As I recently Stated in the January episode, I will be working hard to bring you NEW fresh Episodes of the Podcast every month and today we’re launching a brand new episode about DREAMS & manifesting.

Lately, I’ve been doing my own Visioning work for my Life and biz, which has been bringing up some deeper questions for myself. today I wanted to share some of my advice when it comes to going after your dreams.

I think there’s a big part of me that has been coming to the conclusion that initially my purpose was to help guide others through their spiritual awakening which I still love but my ABSOLUTE PASSION? Is helping people go after their dreams and bring them to life.

Let’s Talk Dreams

I know first hand that this concept is often scoffed at, not taken seriously and for many – feels like a lost cause.

it can leave us defeated, disappointed, or even hopeless in pursuit of what we want.

Here’s what I truly believe, on the other side of Emotional Healing – Is you stepping into your dreams, desires, and goals creating a soul-aligned life for yourself.

We go into this journey believing it’s all about coping with symptoms, emotional healing, and trying to find nirvana or peace or some shit like that

but REALLY – the power I’ve witnessed?
Is who is the YOU – beyond all of that – What does that person dream about? What do they want for their life?
How do they Wish things were?
To go into that place,

it’s both exhilarating and scary,

it can sometimes be a lot to take accountability for where you are now and where you want to be.

Emotionally it can bring up a lot to the surface around our worth, our sense of value, our enoughness even acknowledging: WHO ARE WE TO DO THAT, BE THAT, SAY THAT, WHAAA.

It can freak out our ego, our parents, our partner or even ourselves – when we realize our dreams are BIG and that shouldn’t be something to be afraid of – rather it should be something to lean into,

to celebrate and get excited about,

And I know what it feels like to navigate that space, when you want to go after your dreams but you’re also flying blind in the dark, not sure where you’re going or where you’re land.

Which is why I really wanted to address something important in this episode.

I want to go into the depths of Why you may be having a hard time manifesting and

how if you pay attention and apply what i’m about to share,

these little tweaks might just completely change the game for you, making you more magnetic than ever.

Let’s talk about Locking in your true aligned Vision

Specifically Let’s get into the nitty gritty of Why you may be having a hard time manifesting those dreams, desires & goals of your heart.

In this episode, I’m sharing the top 5 reasons why you have a hard time manifesting and what you can do immediately to start creating mini-tweaks in your manifesting process.

Enjoy the show!


The Journey of going After your Dreams, Desires & Goals requires Support!

Not just physical support, while that does help but also Mental wellness,
Emotional Empowerment,
Encouragement, Mindset Support

and Most importantly A System to Help you Increase your Attraction Power.

So you can Learn how to Navigate the Ego, the Resistance as it comes up,

The Reason so many people DONT Achieve what they want, – it’s not because they aren’t capable!

It’s because the Voice of Doubt,

the Dread of Rejection,

the Shrinking feeling of Fear, Exhaustion and Overwhelm – keeps them Frozen in INACTION.

I know EXACTLY what Sabotage looks like;

it looks like an endless amount of excuses to go get up and do the thing.

OR a lot like complaining about all the reasons WHY YOU CANT HAVE SOMETHING.

Perhaps, Shying away from trying something different because you’re afraid of what different might mean,

it looks like, running Naked in the wind!

Okay maybe not that last one, but that’s how your EGO feels everytime you attempt something new.

As the guru Tolle says,

the pain depends on the degree of resistance to the present moment, and this, in turn, depends on how strongly you are identified with your mind.

When you’re struggling consistently to meet your goals or manifest your desires,

What you actually Need are Mental & Emotional tools that help you manifest easier & more effortlessly

What you deeply require is Support on the road to going after your dreams & desires.

STOP DIYING your goals when you don’t change anything on the inside first!

love ya

P.S. Final Day for Awaken Your Aligned vision workshop!

When you have a Mental and emotional Support System for Your Manifestation journey, You get off the struggle bus of Over-thinking and Over-compensating your Efforts.

Let’s END the Doubt of feeling you can’t manifest successfully.

And STOP feeling it’s hard to overcome a block or limited belief.

You START becoming more Magnetic naturally with the right headspace to go after what you want.

FINALLY, YOU OPEN up to more and more Confidence, Clarity and Conviction towards Believing in yourself and Believing in your Manifestation! (isn’t that really half of the battle anyway)

As you start to use my tried and true method inside of Awaken Your Aligned Vision, You may find yourself experiencing less resistance, & feeling MORE Attractive towards ultimately what you desire, want & crave.

it’s time to create massive momentum forward and Craft your own Aligned Vision for 2023!



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