I wanted to take you a little bit behind the scenes of my Inspiration behind Why I created this book. 

I remember it like yesterday, 

It was around 2013-2014, I was on Maternity leave after just having my son, Godric.  My love came home really upset. 

he said he just lost his job and we had NO CLUE how we were going to make it now. 

Both of us not working, living at my parent’s at the time and a newborn – so we were also sleep deprived on top of it LOL. It was messy. 

We were both deeply upset, I remember that holiday we didn’t buy presents – My mom bought us a few things for the Baby we could give from ‘santa’ and that was really it. I felt devastated…

Around Spring – I was really desperate for Change, and I was tired of feeling panicked about depending on others and having chronic money anxiety. 

I was telling myself ‘I just need a SOLUTION. Some type of Change or perspective shift, i cannot feel this negative and hopeless.’ I need hope! 

And with that simple intention, one of my internet friends and i were chatting.  She told me she wanted to share a book with me on her Kindle, it was called “The Magic” – Maybe you’ve heard of it? 

I was desperate for just a shred of hope so I read this book daily religiously and followed along – It was a 28 Day Gratitude Challenge to teach you how to Attract what you want Via the power of Gratitude. (featuring the early teachings of the law of attraction) 

This was my second introduction to Manifestation. I knew of the concept of ‘thoughts create reality’ BUT – I never really experienced it before. 

my gratitude jar from 2014

I set intentions each day and I put them in what I called ‘My gratitude jar’  – i didn’t even have a journal! Lol it was tiny pieces of post it paper that i wrote on and put in this jar. (sidenote, that jar got broke when i had a massive money uplevel, 2 apartments –  years later ) 

this book gave me hope, wonder, inspiration and I started experiencing a 360 degree shift in my mindset. 


I went from feeling really bitter, annoyed, desperate and slightly negatively depressed to focusing on ALL the good in my life. 

I was so positive out of nowhere, appreciating the food I ate to nourish my body, appreciating the bills & checks I paid, grateful to have a warm house for my baby, instead of feeling resentful that i didn’t have my own home –  and so forth! 

My perspective started shifting and as a result from that – My reality started changing.

Within those 28 days, things got WEIRD – 

the more I set gratitude intentions – I started having big shifts physically: 

+ I started losing a ton of my baby weight and easily fit back into my pre-prego jeans. 

+ I started attracting Free things LIKE CRAZY – giveaways, discounts, Free Gifts, random encounters, Money in the street, Random money. Like money everywhere. 

+ We Attracted my Love a good-paying job to help us start to save money

I felt inspired that if we really wanted to make something happen, we had to start saving money – We started Saving money for our own apartment, startng with literally $20 a month. it was nuts lol. 

So many crazy things happened during that time period in such a short amount of time. 

– resulting in us finding a crazy affordable 2 bedroom apartment for only 550 for rent special the entire year including water and most utilities – except electric ( which is pretty cheap considering how nice it was) most places around town were starting at 990 or $1020 )

– I started the website! This website. which resulted in starting the business. 

– I discovered Digital courses for the first time – which is a big part of my business. 

And From all of this – I became OBSESSED with trying to figure out Why, That very simple gratitude challenge produced such a 360 Mindset Shift. 

I needed to know WHY. 

I was literally obsessed with figuring out Manifestation and how to get better at it,

I started questioning why could i manifest some things easily but not others? 
Why could I manifest a New Car but Not a house? 
Why did it work easily on non-resistant things – but not as easily on BIG things like, owning a house, six figures or millions of dollars!

And As my experiments grew – I started creating my own Mindset Challenges – that worked FASTER, Easier and as a result Helped me Believe in Manifesting. 

In the beginning, there was a ton of disbelief, 
“like HOW did i even manifest that?!” 
“How did i manifest that money, what even happened?” 
How did i move out soooo fast once i applied gratitude?!” 

I was out of the house in a MONTH – after setting intentions about it. 

I was in so much wonder, disbelief, and doubt – at the same time I was obsessed with doing it with bigger things. 

And I knew my problem was Self-belief. I didn’t BELIEVE I could do it. So I started playing with Challenges and it flipped the entire game for me. 

I made it similar to what i learned in the 28 day Magic days of gratitude challenge – but I changed all the exercises to actively support my Self-belief. 

And My First one I called it, 
The Awakened bliss Creator Challenge – a 30 Day challenge to Awaken your BLISS as a co-creator of reality. 

Here’s the thing, most teachings completely dismiss this step and yet it’s the most important piece of the puzzle. 

It isn’t that you can’t manifest. 

It isn’t that you can’t manifest BIG things. 

It’s your DEGREE of BELIEF towards BELIEVING you can attract and have that thing. 

It’s your self-belief. 

What I started to realize, very quickly was the more i did challenges – I was consistently building up my self-belief that I could manifest what I want. 

And As I kept doing it – It became easier and easier to manifest. 

Part of the Journey of creating this book and sharing it, is the realization that, 
I know what it’s like being on the other side of that! 

In Self-doubt, Disbelief, confused, Hopeless and Lost on your direction in life – not really sure if you’re going anywhere. 

I totally Get it, 
The origin of this book – is made so that anyone can pick up these pages and learn to manifest within 30 days or less. 

Anyone who is willing to discover the magic – will experience it themselves and most importantly, you will begin to know and experience – You are more powerful than any situation, circumstance or obstacle in your pathway.

Your Belief is what will take you far. 

And When you Believe in yourself? 


You can do anything. 

but first, it starts from within, 

it’s an inner game

and that means, 

If you’re not changing your perspective, no one will do that for you either. 

Don’t you feel it’s time for real new beginnings? 

Grab your Copy today and see for yourself 😉 

Awaken You Power to Manifest: A 30 Day Manifestation Challenge 

Transformation is Always Possible,
Change is only a moment away for the highest good of all,
But you have to get intentional about it. 

it’s bizarre how much life can change when you start to get more intentional on WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOUR LIFE.  🙂 

Dec. 2013 June 2022.

A lot can change in 9 years!

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Thanks so much for your Support!

Happy Manifesting 😘

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Awaken Your Power to Manifest: A 30 Day Manifestation Challenge



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