Here’s my Unconventional money mindset Tips as a Spiritually Conscious Person Navigating Inflation 

I recently was having a discussion with my Mother in law about the effects of her customer’s mindset, their reactions to prices in her store & the Recession at large. 

and it really gave me some perspective on how flippin’ real it is right now – for many people. 

I felt guided to often some perspective and tips about it. 

While Manifestation is an amazing tool, I think it’s really of dis-service out there when I see teachers talking like we can just ignore Physical reality problems and say they don’t matter. 

Especially when, let’s be real – Not everyone has a background in Psychology, Past Conditioning, Neuroscience or How the mind works to create beliefs. 

It can leave a sour taste in my mouth – when we just stop and say ‘but that’s just a limited belief’ to say things like Universal Law surpasses inflation, real circumstance, and the financial market at large – while we’re over here buying eggs for $9 dollars. 

Yes, Universal Laws are always at work and Higher Truth Always is applying despite ANY circumstance. 

However – Most people are not going to buy into that when they feel REACTIVE (In a fight/flight response) due to our Physical world at large:

If you are caught up in the circumstance, dealing with inflation and most importantly subjected to feeling ‘reactive’ about the financial market right now 

Despite Universal Truth being real, it’s important to accept the truth –

You are on survival mode. and that’s okay.

I’m going to give you some tips to help navigate out of it. 

Survival Mode will look like:  

+ feeling Activated and triggered in their nervous system due to Seeing, feeling and witnessing Lack.

+ low self-worth, Beliefs and Boundaries around money 

+ Anxious about Spending, Prices because they haven’t trained their NS to focus on looking for the abundance, ‘but there’s always more than enough anyway’ 

+ Emotionally everywhere up and down due to the resistance they feel by  reacting towards their external environment. 

+ Talking like “this is expensive, everything is expensive, holy shit everything is ridiculous, the government ….” 

So I get it but here’s the thing – 



Because i’ve consistently trained my Mindset to Look for the Abundance and Good even in sucky situations.  

I have went from: 

Feeling anxious to buy diapers and crying because my card was negative at walmart where i couldn’t afford easter candy for my kids to….

feeling very very comfortable spending, receiving, investing in myself and simply being okay with prices. 


Despite what you might think, It’s not the money in the bank account. 

it’s the Acceptance of WHAT IS. 

It’s my PERSPECTIVE on it has shifted tremendously 

Let’s look at it this way, 

Inflation is real. It’s here and prices are high. 

We have TWO WAYS we can show up to the problem. 

a. React to the External World: We react emotionally, freak out, complain about money and blame the government. 

b. Conscious of External Circumstance: we accept what is, we are grateful for what we have, we spend in appreciation and look at our present reality – seeing all the abundance we already possess in our households and focus on the good. 

Some Practical Tips to create a kick-ass Money Mindset inside of Dealing with Inflation: 

Step 0. Nurture your Root chakra: Get yourself Present and Grounded – When you are reactive and triggered, the most important thing is to give yourself space to process that feeling and do exercises that Nurture your Root chakra such as physical movement, house chores, walks, exercise, visualizing connecting heaven on earth pillar, etc. 

1. Give THANKS to Money – 

Money supports us a lot but do we openly just say THANK YOU for that?

You receive money – Thank you for the abundance God/Universe/Angels. 

You spend Money – Thank you, Thank you Thank you, i know What goes out will multiple in return to me! It’s safe to let go of money and know it will come back tenfold into my bank account 
(my fav 😉 ) 

You Give money – In gratitude. 

2. “THAT IS EXPANSIVE” – Meet your New edge by playing with different words when you shop.

Rather than wasting energy on freaking out your focus on ‘this is expensive, everything is expensive’ everything is so expensive’ – what if you said, that’s an expansive #, wow that is expansive isn’t it – lol

OR You switch your Focus to look for the Deals, Discounts and Savings – rather than the ‘expensive stuff’ 

“wow look at all the money we saved honey?!” – your focus is now on – “we save money” 
vs Lack focused “it’s taking money from me because its expensive” 

Just that SMALL perspective shift can make a HUGE difference in your money mindset. 

3. Start to Look at what you actually Believe about Money.

Here’s the thing – most people are NOT walking around all day going “huh what do i believe about how i receive and hold money in my bank account?” 

  • What is your language around money? 
  • What do you say to yourself about money? 
  • What do you say to OTHERS about money and complain about with money? 
  • What would you like to say about money instead that would support you? 

    Some of my favorites: 
  • I am grateful and so happy there is always more than enough, money for my needs, desires and wants to be met always.  (that affirmation feels so safe in my body, the more i repeat it the more financial secure i feel) 
  • There is always more money coming in than going out. 
  • It’s safe to receive money as a spiritual person. It’s safe to desire money as a spiritual person because it supports my well-being and/or family.
  • I am grateful my income is always increasing in my bank account. 
  • It is fully possible to receive more and more money from all directions of the highest good. 
  • I Choose to see the abundance all around me, including money. 

    pstttt You can check out my money mug if you need help with this! 

4. Look for the Positive Fun Side of Money: 

find the coin and simply see it as a fun wink from the universe. 

Set this Intention: 
I Always find money in such random places! Isn’t it so weird I find money in all random places

And then watch yourself be aware and amazed when you start to find that money in random places – taking the edge off of not seeing money or thinking in lack. 

5.  Let’s Also Get Practical – What’s Even Going On with The Money?

1. Cancel subscriptions & memberships you don’t use (but maybe you got lazy and forgot to cancel…:P )

2. Look at your bank account and stare naked in the mirror at it – it’s okay. But oooh so empowering! 

3. Track your money MONTHLY so you have a constant focus on money coming in! Not a head in the sand, ostrich vibe about it.  this can produce unconscious lack when we may be totally find in our account but we don’t want to look at it – so we literally don’t know and feel triggered. 

4. Look at where the money is going physically 

5. Look at where you’re restricting yourself – vs treating yourself to something small to feel better about your money mindset in the recession.

Do you spend money on yourself?  even if it’s a coffee treat, candy bar or smoothie/tea – Do you treat yourself too?

6. Contemplate where you can make an extra Passive Income Stream or Extra Money on the side: Is there a book, course, physical product, Etsy shop, creative idea inside of you just dying to come out? Start a Passive Income stream for extra $$$

FINALLY – I recommend, Have Meal Plans to help with stress! This is so unconventional Momma bear in terms of a tip but – (I’m sure many of you are families out there?) 

we switched to getting a Meal Plan from due to the convivence and it’s actually saved us a lot of $$$ when it comes to going real grocery shopping –  

We eat healthier, there are always veggies in each kit. Plus everything is fresh, they also have veggie options if vegetarian which i thought was nice. 

Half the time people shop at the grocery store they are subjected to impulse end cap grabs, more junk than they actually need, over-spending and food that often goes to waste because they get extra hoarding out of a ‘scarcity’ mentality. 

Having a solid Meal plan is cost-effective, more sustainable, healthier, and SUPER fun. 

Here’s our Discount from being a year member, Try it out! Everyplate discount Meal Kit

Also here’s my TOP Blog/vlog Posts to help: 

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I felt called to share these so I’m sure someone in our community needs to hear them. I hope they help you so so much as we navigate these rough times. 

From my heart to yours, 

Wishing you abundance and good health, 

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