What I wanted to talk about today is How you can begin increasing your Conscious Awareness. 

Ever since I read the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle in college – I’ve been a little addicted to how much I can increase my Awareness and Present Focus. 

When it comes to your Spiritual Journey, I believe Conscious Awareness plays a HUGE role in our Healing journey. 

Awareness, I deeply believe is the starting seed to all success whether we’re talking spiritual, physical, emotional, or even manifesting. 

Here’s the thing, If you aren’t aware, you simply can’t change things. think about a bad habit like eating too much junk or pop – unless you’re conscious of it, you can’t change it!

Once you’re conscious of it – you now have a CHOICE. Do I change it or Do I stay the same & continue the habit? 

But Until you’re aware – you will keep enabling the habit.  Your healing journey is very similar. 

Conscious Awareness can also play a huge role in Healing, when we’re more aware of our Energy, Emotions, Mindset, Beliefs, and Looking at Emotionally what we need – We can increase: 

+ Our self-care
+ Our self-love
+ Encouraging ourselves
+ What we need to actually work on vs ‘not knowing what is wrong’ 
+ What chakra needs nurturing 
+ What belief is holding you back

and so forth. 

How I’ve increased my conscious awareness?

Tracking. Recording, Journaling and Planning!

I’m BIG into Journaling as a writer, it’s part of my own spiritual practice. But another way I stay consciously aware is with Tracking and Planning. 

I find tracking to be revolutionary with How to EASILY create more Change. 

For example, 

If i see myself slipping on my journaling – I pick it right back up because I physically see when i fall off. 

Same goes for Working out, self-education time, Etc. 

Also Due to  Energy & Emotion Tracking with the Moon, I find myself way more Aware of my Own Energy Levels and How my body Works with Human Design.

Before I knew I was a manifestor in HD, I used to beat myself up for not being consistent &  always needing deep rest times to recalibrate my energy. Especially when my partner is a generator who can keep going and going forever – While i can’t LOL 

Now I don’t do that anymore because I easily see when I’m super high energy, When I need breaks/rest/self-care and when I peak in explosive energizer bunny bursts. Due to Tracking, I’ve found easier ways to schedule my Life and work balance. That’s a HUGE difference. Vs. being Unaware of my own body’s energetic dynamics. 

Knowing how your Body’s energy works is a MASSIVE SIGH of relief – because you can give yourself more grace – “oh this is literally how my body operates, interesting.” 

Anyway – 

Today i want to share with you 5 Ways I’ve personally increased my Awareness by Tracking my Spiritual Growth. 

this is especially for you if you, 

have a hard time following through with your spiritual practice

Or Staying Committed to showing up for your Healing journey with personal development

Maybe you’re the person that buys 10 personal development books, reads a chapter, flutters to the next one, and forgets to pick it up and apply it by next month….

I see you 😉

I get it – 

Let me introduce you to how you can bring more conscious awareness into your life with this week’s episode: 

Let me know how this video lands for you and share your biggest soul takeaways in the comments!

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