What Is Moon Charting for real now? Moon Charting is a process where you can track your emotions and healing journey as you chart your Menstrual cycle with the Phases of the Moon. This unconventional practice has revolutionized the way I show up in Home, Business, and in Self-care. Today I’m sharing how you can get started with Charting your own cycle.

How I got Started with Moon Charting

First off this conversation is for the Ladies this week, Sorry Gentlefolk 😉 But if you want to keep reading for the woman in your life or to be more acknowledgeable about this unique practice, sure 🙂 

A few years back I was working really heavily in my healing journey, in particular, I was working a lot on healing my Throat Chakra. It was a cross between growing up as a very shy kid, people deciding for me and often being afraid to be heard. Through this same time, I stumbled across a book that was talking about the power of Charting your Menstrual cycle with the Phases of the moon. 

It was called Code Red by Lisa Lister. I was fascinated and hooked! this book truly was a gift on understanding better my intuition and divine feminine wisdom. Lisa talks a lot about the different phases of a woman’s cycle are very similar to the working phases of the Moon. Each Phase of our own cycle creates a different energy in How we Show up in each season of our lives. A lot of the book breaks it down – but the best part was trying an experiment for myself on how it really worked.

So I experimented and Tried it out – for roughly six months up to a year, back to back. 

This unconventional practice was completely Life-altering for my Emotional Healing and taught me a TON about Energy Management in a new way. 

The Benefits I’ve experienced with Moon Charting:

Through Moon Charting I had: 
+ Radical Ego Awareness
+ A deep Understanding of my Ebb and Flows as an Empath
+ Emotional Connection to myself 
+ Understanding of my Productivity Cycles
+ Knowingness of when I was high energy vs low energy which allowed me to reschedule my life/work balance accordingly. 
+ Deep Body Awareness and firm reconnection to my body and feminine wisdom – aka intuition increase. 

This process changed completely how I show up to THIS DAY. 

It Changed How I show up By:

  • It allowed me to Change the way I make Content for The Awakened State
  • It gave me the confidence to switch to video over strict writing.(writing is full-on my comfort zone)
  • Change my Self-care practices and increase them.
  • Understand how to schedule and plan meetings/live challenges so i don’t burn out
  • Know what is coming up for me and Heal it immediately (gamechanger)
  • Have more Body Awareness which taught me to shift both my diet and Caffeine intake – resulting in lower symptoms in PMS time. 

For example, One of the hugest things was Lessening dairy and caffeine in my diet around the second half of my cycle. Don’t get me wrong – I still LOVE coffee, expresso, and a good alfredo.

Above all, I noticed if I eat more fish and vegetarian-type meals around the Luteal phase(PMS time) I have fewer symptoms of PMS like bloating & anxiety due to the crash of estrogen and rise of progesterone.

I could seriously go on – (Also Sidenote: If you’ve never been aware of some of these hormonal shifts, I highly recommend checking out the App Stardust.) For instance, this app gives you a very similar practice to Moon Charting but it focuses more on keeping in touch with your symptoms vs emotions. It’s an incredible app for Moon Charting or streamlining your Moon charting.

My journey into Body awareness all started with this exact simple practice, Moon Charting!

Alright, so In last week’s episode on 5 Ways to Track your Spiritual Growth, I talked a little bit about Moon Charting.

This week I wanted to talk more in-depth about the practice and why you should give it a try for yourself 🙂 

Enjoy the Episode: 
>>> What Is Moon Charting? >>>

Prefer Listening? Check it out on the New Podcast: What Is Moon Charting?

What do you think, Do you chart your cycle with the Moon? Would you like to try it for yourself? I’d love to hear about it in the comments! 

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