Alignment is often an elusive buzzword in the spiritual community and often gets lost in translation. I wanted to shed light this week on What Alignment means in terms of how it affects your spiritual awakening. 

Personally? Alignment as a core concept has been an ABSOLUTE game-changer for me to understand Spiritual Awakening properly. 

Spiritual Awakening can often come with many different symptoms, but have you ever asked yourself why? Why do they keep showing up? or Why do they happen? 

When it comes to Spiritual awakening one of the most misunderstood things on the journey is learning the importance of Spiritual Alignment versus Misalignment on the spiritual path.

When it comes to alignment, the number one thing I want to emphasize here is: What the Heck is Spiritual Alignment?

So if you don’t know what alignment is, let me tell you. Last year or the year before, I created a video all about what is alignment. Let’s drop that below:

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What is Alignment put simply?

Let’s just say that Alignment is all about activating the Path of Least Resistance.

Okay, repeat after me Alignment is activating the pathway of least resistance. What is resistance? Resistance is the motion of resisting our natural desires. Resistance is quite literally, Negative emotion resisting what we want. So resistance is nothing more than your deflection or refusal to receive in ultimately what you desire. Take that one in.

So when it comes to really understanding alignment, we have to go a little bit backward here and ask ourselves: Well Alright, what is misalignment?

What is the difference between being aligned versus misaligned?

The short answer to this question is misalignment feels like a struggle. It feels heavy or as if you’re pushing against something and often it feels very negative. One of the Other Sneakyways it shows up is Indecision or the feeling of you’re constantly going back and forth with yourself, pushing and pulling against the tides. In Short, Misalignment creates the path of MOST resistance vs. least resistance.

So Why is Spiritual Alignment Important for Spiritual Awakening?

When it comes to understanding the difference between alignment and misalignment on the pathway of spiritual awakening, there is a huge difference! And As a result, it shows us so much more about who we are as a person.

For example, when it comes to feeling aligned, we are more in tune with our Intuition, and our higher self/authentic self. Our feelings of alignment on the spiritual awakening path will feel more like we’re stepping into our purpose and we have more flow in our life. We’ll be creating more ease and flow within our relationships in our life. Plus we may even feel more MAGNETIC as a natural outcome from that.

Likewise, when we feel misaligned in our spiritual awakening path, it will often feel the opposite and this often escalates the symptoms we experience. Misaligned symptoms can vary from hypersensitivity, drastic over-thinking, physical pain, self-doubt and so forth. All these symptoms are a Wake up Call from our higher self saying it’s time to heal, clear, and let go so we can be more aligned with who we truly are.

In this new episode let’s talk about Why misalignment happens, how it influences your awakening and what you can start to do about it. Enjoy!

What are your own thoughts about alignment in relationship to spiritual awakening? Let’s hear it in the comments! 

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