misalignment and not know it

Do you know you can feel disconnected from Higher Self and not even know it?!

Some of these Tips are some of the strongest things I’ve personally overcome and today I want to share with you the Top 5 signs you can be experiencing Misalignment without even knowing it.

Sometimes I feel it’s better to identify things, have a name for them, or also simply to know that it may also just be NORMAL.

What is Misalignment?

When we feel disconnected from higher self, we are usually misaligned with who we are or what we want. Misalignment is the path of most resistance. I mean, there’s no way to sugarcoat this. Okay?

So alignment is often the path of least resistance and when we feel misalignment we’re usually on the path of most resistance. It’s the path of pushing and pulling. It can feel like trying to push shit up a hill essentially. Misalignment can sometimes feel awful in our bodies. It feels heavy, draining and often can make us feel low. Inevitability we really try to justify the struggle.

You will know when you’re misaligned because it feels very much like a ton of discomfort, emotional triggers, and as a result, you might just feel extra negative than normal.

Sometimes fear, uncertainty, dread, and feelings of doubt are normal on the path – then there are other times when that feeling in excess builds more misalignment than we would like to experience.

Naturally causing more mayhem, discomfort, negative emotion, or even physical symptoms that we don’t want  Sure –  we can argue misalignment is a journey of growth and we’re always where we’re meant to be.

At the same time, it doesn’t always feel good to be disconnected from your spiritual power, gifts, higher self or intuition. I totally know how that feels. 

So Let’s talk about it 

Enjoy the Episode: 

Are you feeling Misaligned? Here’s How can you get started:

What I’ve learned over the years is the easiest way to start to become more aware of the sneaky ways that misalignment happens is to literally start questioning it. Why am I in lack mindset? Why is this coming up for me? And to start questioning that ego. And inevitably when you start to question the ego, you can start to see differently.

As a result, you begin to heal.

I know Feeling Disconnected is a little bit of a heavier topic, it can bring up feelings, drop a question if you need deeper support with this.  

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A 21 DAY CHALLENGE OF MINDSET HACKS – back into Alignment

this is your time to start  making serious changes to your life and Mindset. The world may be changing – but wouldn’t it feel better if you knew you OWNED your Spiritual Power through them? And you now walked forward with such a SOLID foundation with your Mindset? 

Imagine if in just 21 Days you started experiencing a Massive Energetic Life Shift involving: 

  • Feeling More Present Minded – having way better control over your Over-thinking mind and Rooting into your Alignment 
  • You Achieve Goals Easier with the Mindset to ROCK IT: You can Begin Moving Forward with your Goals & Intentions with ease and flow aka alignment.
  • You Trust Your Intuition: You can Trust yourself more and make decisions from a place of Tuning in to your intuition not the ego! 
  • Know your Own ENERGETIC FLOW:  Most people suffer because they aren’t simply knowing how their energy works. You will put your NEEDS & DESIRES FIRST unapologetically  knowing when you need to rest and when you need to take action by balancing your masculine & feminine energy 
  • GOODBYE TOXIC B.S. : You cultivate Healthy Boundaries in your relationships full of connection & support
  • PEACEFUL VIBES AHEAD: Begin to Have More love, Acceptance, fulfillment, joy and flow bringing more Peace of mind into your life
  • Confidence like woah: You start to Show up more easily with motivation, focus & direction
  • Spirit Strengthened  Communication: Experience a stronger Connection with Spirit, your guides & higher self.
  • Increase Your Self-Awareness: Tap in Fully to your Authentic Self, increase your knowledge & enrich your personal practice of Alignment
  • BUST LIMITED BELIEFS THE EASY WAY: Know how to Shift your  Energy & Mindset, Ditch your Excuses and Stop letting Fear drive the show – Let’s stop letting the survival mind get in the way of your true Aligned purpose-driven Life. 

And that’s really just what i can think of off the top of my head, when it comes to alignment.

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