Your mindset can influence your success when trying to attain your goals—and this includes difficult ones like weight loss. Registered dietitian Sara Riehm states that it will be difficult to start your weight loss journey and achieve your health goals if you don’t have the right mindset. Your mindset will correct your inner resolve and set your intentions for your journey, which is why it can greatly affect your success in losing weight.

So if you’ve been struggling to lose weight for a long time, you may need to program your mindset for your personal goal. Here’s how you can shift to a mindset that can help you achieve weight loss:

Use a gratitude jar to attract what you want

It may seem odd to express gratitude when you’re still far from your health goals. However, practicing gratitude can actually teach you how to focus on the good in your life and align yourself towards your goals.

To achieve this, you can do the 28-day gratitude challenge wherein you set a gratitude intention at the start of each day and place them inside a jar. This 28-day gratitude challenge can help you lose weight because it teaches your mind to actively support your self-belief. With a gratitude mindset, you are more likely to believe that you can achieve your goals, so you end up being more motivated to do the tasks that can align you with your dreams.

Surround yourself with supportive people

Are you struggling to motivate yourself or to stay optimistic about your journey? You can boost your mindset by joining a community that can support your weight loss journey.

The people in your circle can greatly influence your journey, which is why weight loss programs encourage people to join communities where they can get tips, recipes, and solutions for weight loss challenges. Meeting these community members in person or even just messaging them can help you get out of a negative mindset and find insightful solutions to your struggles. By being active in a weight loss community, you can seek advice and adopt the mindset of people who have already achieved remarkable results.

Seek help to overcome mental barriers

Aside from joining a community, you can also seek professional help to address mental barriers that may be affecting your mindset. These experts can provide effective strategies that will help you overcome self-limiting beliefs for good.

To illustrate, one of the most common psychological blocks to losing weight is an all-or-nothing thinking, also known as “cognitive distortion”, because this makes you think that you are either a complete success or a total failure due to your food choices. Negative body images are another psychological block because it causes you to associate your worth with the food you eat or the shape of your body. These persistent negative thoughts can slow down your weight loss efforts, making it crucial to seek professional help for these blockages.

Follow your intuition as you eat your meals

It will be easier for you to lose weight, especially once you’re more attuned to your body’s needs. You can achieve this by listening to your intuition whenever you’re consuming your meals.

Instead of following a rigid diet plan, you can follow the intuitive eating practice by tuning into which eating habits work for you and following those habits more often. You can also listen to your intuition more by paying attention to how your body feels when you’re trying out different food portions or including various nutrients in your meal. For example, while others may feel better with no carbs in their meals, you should continue consuming carbs if they make you feel happier and healthier.

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Your mind can either be your biggest enemy or your strongest tool in your weight loss journey. To align yourself with your dreams, check out our resources at The Awakened State. Our challenges and articles will help you achieve your goals, trust your intuition, and boost your confidence throughout your weight loss journey.

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