I am here to  Welcome you to Season 2 of Awaken & Manifest Your Best Life, the podcast experience. 

Happy New Year beautiful souls

I’m sure if you’re in the personal development space, right now you’re told:

Create your Master Vision & plan for the New Year
Have the vision board Party
Craft your New Year, New You outlook
And goal set immediately that resolution!

Eff it all! 

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed or frustrated by all the expectations you’re supposed to have in January?

It can be exhausting to feel like you need to have everything figured out in the first month of the year, when we’re mostly coming out of a holiday hangover. 

While we can say to ourselves, lets’ get started crushing our goals and going full blast into our resolutions. 

Let’s lay some truth: 

The game of ‘I need to figure it out before being ready’ 

The Stigma of “I need the perfect Plan and strategy before I get started” 

and I need massive clarity of Vision before I start the new year fresh

you will never have perfect clarity, 

you will find that clarity the more you move forward. 

you will never ‘quite figure it out’ because there will always be MORE to figure out’ lol

and even if you ‘master the plan and steps’ – chances are those are not even the ALIGNED steps because most over-thinking just comes from your ego! 

I get it, the “new year, new you” mentality isn’t always the best way to start your new year. 

However, if we’re going after our goals, there are healthier & often more aligned ways to go about it. 

There is nothing wrong with goal setting and  I always recommend setting Intentions regardless of what time of year it is. 

In this fresh new episode, I’m sharing some of the top Success tips i’ve learned when it comes to pursuing your goals & Intentions for the new year. 

If you’re someone who is ready to hit your goals, You’re just getting started with a new habit or you’re looking for an easier way to incorporate Change in your life, don’t miss this episode.

Over the years I’ve had a lot of help with streamlining my productivity and goal-setting process. I’ve learned a lot since I made Awaken your Aligned Vision Workshop which features some of my core foundational processes I do every Quarter for Successful Manifesting & Goal setting. Today I wanted to talk about what i’ve learned, how to get out of overwhelm & How you can make it easier for yourself by incorporating two things: Simplicity & The Power of your Focus.

Let’s Dive in.

<<< Episode #41. My Top Tips for Success in the New Year (Let’s get out of overwhelm) >>>

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