It’s the end of the year beautiful souls! Surrender your Vision board this December and instead try out my Top 3 End of the Year Rituals for massive success in the new year!

One thing I love about the end of the year is, it allows us to dream really really big and open our eyes to more Possibilities. 

I find this time of year so magical, we have the holidays giving us TONS of children believing in Magic 😉 and then we have the end of the year, bringing us 

the beautiful energy of HOPE. MAGIC. MYSTERY 

and putting us on the edge of possibilities. 

This energy is always a good time to give yourself a sacred pause, 

Slow Down, 


and Dream. 

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year is set up some Rituals around carving out my Master Soul Map for next year. 

If you check out the youtube Video I just released below, it goes into my top 3 rituals for the end of the year. These 3 rituals are taken from my popular course Awaken Your Aligned Vision Workshop where you learn how to Set up a Potent Vision, Intention and Manifestation Game Plan for your New Year. It’s essentially a Visioning Workshop for your New Year goals, intentions and Aspirations.

This episode we’re going to go over how to do the framework of each part of the process that I find the most powerful for setting yourself up for success in the New Year.

Here’s a little view of what I mean: 

I love to Spend time reflecting on the Year and give it a good Closure, By honoring my growth, Looking at where I need to continue to grow and then Also where I had amazing accomplishments rather big or small victories all year.  

After Reflection, 

I step into Deep Visioning work, I love to plan by Quarter, Not always yearly. However I will use this time to set up some Intentions around what i want my next year’s focus to be. 

I don’t focus on my vision board, “word of the year” or my “one-off resolution” because i don’t think that’s always practical or goes deep enough.  

Instead what I do is I go deep into the heavy process of DREAMING and allowing myself to really step into My Next Level Self, The Vision beyond the Vision – and Ask higher self, 

What do I see here? How do I feel? What feels like the intuitive next step? 
And I’ll allow myself to start creating what I call MY Soul Mapping Process 

I spend time honoring both Masculine goals and Feminine Goals. 

Masculine – more structured physical Goals 

And Feminine More Self-care, relationships, inner work goals. 

Then I go even deeper into Identity Work 

and Ask Myself: How can I step into more Possibilities Next Year? What Can I change in my habits, and routines or where do I need to shift next in my life? 

Then I’ll go into the practical side – What in my habits should I shift? 
What solid quarterly goals can I start to set up for next year? 

This is part of the process I go extremely deep into in my Awaken Your Aligned Vision Workshop, which is now half off in the Holiday sale for only a few more days. 

This Process is more than just laying out a “plan” or ‘steps’ – Eff the steps and plans! 

It’s about realizing – If you don’t claim your Life for what it’s given to you for, 

Next Year – You’ll wake up with the same resolution, same word and same goals – but you’re one year older. 

and While everything may be great on the surface. 

Your Soul, 

your Desired longing for the dreams of your heart, 

And the more you deny yourself of that pleasure – You feel it. you start to feel it in every area of your life. 

When I take this time out of my last few days of the year – I allow myself to Create NEW experiences, New memories, New Goals, Fresh Vision so i am Born Again in the new year. 

While that may sound a little dramatic. 

When we take the time to get super intentional with our Life, we are bound to see a shift occur because you decided in that moment: 

I am not choosing to settle – I choose to own my co-creative power – and Walk forward towards my desires Instead of settling. 

I choose to go for it anyway despite the crazy talk in my mind. 

I choose ME and my dreams, not the dreams I inherited, not the limits I set, not the conditioned opinions of what people ‘expect of me’ 

I choose to do things my way, In my energy of highest good and Know that – When I take the Time to Vision, 

I’m not just writing words on paper – 

I’m choosing to re-code and write my reality. 

And to me, 

that’s one of the most powerful things you can EVER do for yourself. 

Because you’re finally telling the universe – 

No – more. 

I’m writing this story, 

And I’ll show you how it’s going to go 

And that, 

Is the start of everything, 

To Dreaming of Fresh New Beginnings, 

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Have a Happy New Year from The Awakened State!!! 🎉🎉🎉

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