For our first fresh video of the Year I wanted to talk about probably the most common problem for anyone on the pursuit of their next project, goal, habit or manifestation:

Navigating Your Own Resistance to Getting shit done.

over the years I find that understanding resistance is a little bit of a skill and art form.

Half of the Battle towards ANY GOAL, NEW HABIT or Result you seek involves mastering Resistance and seeing it for what it truly is.

At the beginning of the year, it can sometimes be hard to get that mojo going, it can feel like you have the entire year to plan and manage, or maybe it simply feels overwhelming to even get started.

Perhaps you’re even lacking the clarity on HOW to get started and get that car out of park.

All of these feelings are so valid especially in January.

Whether you feel the overwhelm, The Low Motivation, The Lack of consistency or perhaps just that fatigue feeling of knowing something is misaligned.

I get it – which is why i wanted to specifically talk about how you can learn how to navigate and overcome your own personal resistance.

Resistance is not a topic that I shy away from – I find it to be a critical conversation in the Transformation space.

Mainly because if you’re in this space – You will meet the monster of Resistance at some point or another – The battle cry of Resistance may even be a daily battle.

If you’re suffering writer’s block, lack of inspiration,


Whenever you’re feeling negative about change,

This is when resistance likes to show up.

In this week’s video drop, I’m giving you my top tips on how you can begin navigating Resistance easier in your day to day life.

Whether looking to heal something,

Start a Spiritual practice,

Hit those goals,

This is a crucial piece of the puzzle.


Tune in to the video Below:

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