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Happy All Hallow’s Eve!

Devil’s night full of mischief, mayhem and a dark night of the new moon. This is  great time for divination, intention work and magick! Already feeling the energy of halloween in the air.

We began this mini discussion with talking about fears in the spirit world. I figured we’d close this discussion with  the concept of fear itself.

In our reality the main undercurrent we express in our day to day behaviors are driven by two main forces:

Love and fear.

This is the root of all human suffering and power.

It is also the root of divine bliss and sexual liberation.

These forces while they may seem separate are interchangably linked towards one another.

The idea here is that these forces are the shades of light vs dark. Good vs. Evil, Positive vs. negative or yin and yang. They are the polarities of human emotion. We are driven by love as a mechanism of connecting with the infinite force within us – The Divine.

We are driven by fear from power and survivalism of our connection to the material world – how we build our foundation into the world around us.

Whether we like it or not, these two forces are the containers of energy building our experiences.

Separation and the Ilusions of Fear - The Awakened State. Fear is the catlayst towards spiritual transformation. It is through the darkness that we find the light. Our fears are a tool into understanding ourselves. They are mechanisms into dismantling our past. Learn more about fear by clicking above.


Fear is the catalyst towards spiritual transformation.

It is through the darkness that we find the light. Our fears are a tool into understanding ourselves. They are mechanisms into dismantling our past.

If you think about how fear is created, it was due to something you experienced within your past. Now this could be since your childhood or maybe even a past life. This fear accumulated into your experiences due to a memory you experienced when you were young.

What’s fascinating about that is Fear is nothing but an old memory that triggers you unconsciously. It’s something that got attached to your soul blueprint and now you associate it with that memory imprint like a ghost.

An apparation from your past experiences.


Everything you see right this second is all there is, all exists in the NOW. The past and the future are illusion to our personal identity. This is because they are not grounded in the physical world.

When we keep moving our thoughts into the past and the future, we create a time displacement – a time gap. This gap creates interference between who we are today in the present moment and who we will become in the future.

The reality is if we’re constantly thinking in the past or the future, we are dissociated from our present experience. This is what creates resistance, illusions and delusions on our reality.

For example, constantly worrying about the future or being depressed about something that happened in the past, both of these thoughts are centered around the illusion of separation.

The illusion of separation is basically the separation of time between our present awareness. It is showing you the difference between what is real and what is an illusion.

The creepy thing about that is the only thing that is real is what you are seeing right at this moment, everything else is an illusion.


Everything is an illusion, it’s moreso a matter as a creator whether we choose to emotionally react or learn to consciously create outside of the illusions. This is through our beliefs and how we see the world.

Truth is ambigious to the subjective experience – the observer. If we continue to segregate good vs evil or light vs dark, we’re in a duality of them. Everything is connected and nothing is separate.

The light and dark exist within our internal mind, not the external world because we are the ones creating it through the projection of our own beliefs, words, thoughts and deeds from the collective consciousness.

Basically the forces of Good and Evil are states of consciousness within us.


Fear = The Limited Beliefs we place on our reality

When we are driven by fear, we create limited beliefs in our experiences. We tend to be feeding the illusions we create from our past memories or future reality that doesn’t exist yet. When we are constantly driven by fear we are no longer in alignment with our source energy. We become disconnected from our present experience.

We feel fear and anxiety due to the feeling of uncertainty. When we believe the negative entity might take our soul, we’re anxious about the food we eat or believe evil exists – we’re associating from our past identity. We are creating a mind trick.

Likewise we’re afraid of something that hasn’t even happened yet. An illusion of separation.

This the mind trying to trick you. Evil doesnt exist its merely a byproduct of the emotion of fear.


Our fears need to be teachers rather than slaves to us. The more you drag the fear, the stronger it builts into your experience. Thus you start attracting that fear and things associated with that fear into your world.

When we decide we are stronger than our fears, you start see the fear is merely a teacher showing you to be more courgeous and full of endurance. We must push past our fears. Ego isn’t the problem, it is our choice of how we feed the emotion into being.

Cognitive dissonance is a tool into the other side. Ego our faithful teacher. Question your dissonance to discover the new paradigm where we learn to dismantle the old thought constructs into the new world.

Fear is the illusion. When we’re able to push past our fears and surrender into the other side. We see it was merely a gate. A tool into understanding love.



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