Why I stopped Believing in Negative Entities

Continuing with our fear discussion – We’re dissecting some of the fears people have about the spirit world. The worst one that causes the most paranoia and cognitive dissonance is our fear of negative entities.

In fact when I was a child, I was terribly afraid of ghosts.

Our house was always creepy being an older home. I used to have many strange experiences since I was quite young, Pillows randomly falling, hearing voices, black shadows, seeing lights across the floor and a few bizarre times with the quija board.

These experiences used to terrify me for weeks…

It wasn’t until later in life after awakening, I realized I was basically afraid of myself.

Let’s back up, i’ll explain.

One thing that most of modern society gets hung up on is the fear of evil and the fear of the unknown. In the spirit world we call these beings Negative entities. There are all sorts of stories such as:

  • Parasites that attach to our soul
  • Entities who drain energy
  • Even some say they can control thoughts or emotions

We call them evil spirits, demons, shadow people and the like.

A lot of people who are dipping their toes into the spirit world immediately freak out because they believe they can be possessed if their tap into “unknown territory”.

This is what makes individuals afraid of astral protection, meditation, magic, and various spiritual practices. It’s the work of the devil, supposedly…

Honestly, I blame hollywood and religion. We have all these stigmas about the concept of good vs. evil ingrained in us since we were practically born. Evil is a construct created from Religion. It’s a topic that get passed down in literature, biblical texts, hollywood films, and mythology.

Religious dogma has us believing in all sorts of mixed messages about Good vs. Evil.

Personally I believe Evil is a state of mind.  I don’t believe in it, I find it to be another illusion encased on the mind.

This is created through fear tactics to keep us disconnected from exploring the spirit world. It could even be said this is why new age topics, occult rituals, paganism and many other practices are either shunned or ridiculed.

They question Reality and the fear of the unknown.

Why I Stopped Believing In Negative Entities - The Awakened State. Continuing with our fear discussion - We're dissecting some of the fears people have about the spirit world. The worst one that causes the most paranoia and cognitive dissonance is our fear of negative entities. I used to be afraid of ghosts, but then later I realized I was afraid of myself. Let me explain.


As spiritual beings many of us use the term “namaste” or “we are one”. This concept is not a new one, it’s been around for centuries and has even been proven in new theories such as Biocentrism. Everything is connected through consciousness and various layers of perception.

We are observers of consciousness.

There is no separation or division. Everything is connected back to you. Past lovers, Mythologies, friends, family, strangers, TV shows, and naturally the things we fear.

Everything you experience externally is connected beautifully to a symbolic guide map of your inner mind.

This means that the illusion of separation we create by separating one person from the next are really the Identity’s way of associating itself. I call it the cosmic mirror. Everyone is a reflection of you and you are a reflection of them as we are one. Namaste?

So basically when we say this statement – we also need to realize we’re meaning EVERYTHING is one.

Not only some type of people or a hierarchy of people, everything is connected as one.

Including negative entities, the illuminati, dark ones, shadow people and demons.


A negative entity is basically a projection of your fears and insecurities from your internal mind.

Basically what happens is your Ego associates everything as a separation. So when we have these fears and insecurities, our ego creates a scenario for us to mentally understand and identify our fear.

This is a natural survival mechanism of the personal identity.

The tricky part is learning to see this, accept it and especially get out of the denial of it.

You would be surprised how many people will argue about how “evil” and negative entities are real just to keep their ego comfortable.

Our fears and insecurities are crafted around duality – the perception that we are individual beings having a separate experience. This is what shapes our individual perspective from the next person.

However when we do this without realizing the connection, our perception is still stuck in duality producing:

Us vs. Them.

This is what creates the fearful scenarios such as being afraid of ghosts or needing protection from negative entities.

It’s an illusion of separation created from unconscious fears.


If we continue believing negative entities or evil forces are real, we must also come to the acceptance:

This negativity lives within you.

 For example, being afraid of negative entities while you astral travel is an unconscious fear you have within yourself about the fear of the unknown.

This is being projected into your experience as a mental scenario you understand through your ego. We create a separate being who is “negative” and  can leech your energy because we’re afraid of what’s “on the other side”.

The truth is no one else can be in control of your will power except for you. This is free will. You are the one always driving the car and steering the ship. This is because you are the person experiencing and creating those experiences.

In short, everything is internally connected towards a projection you are emitting from your internal mind.

No one can leech your energy, steal it, possess it or control your thoughts without your permission. You are the one directing the experience and creating it.

When we feel this way, this is you experiencing yourself in a dualistic perception – creating a separation between you and the entity. Technically the entity is a symbolic representation of your fears.

If we think something outside of ourselves is controlling our reality, experiences or will power this is an illusion of separation. It is created around the perception of the Ego {Separation of Identity}.

However we’re a collective consciousness experiencing life together as cosmic mirror reflections of the other.

We are a unity collective consciousness! Nothing is separate or disconnected from you. So these spirits you feel are attacking you, are actually a PART of you.

They are  represented as symbolic attributes of your fears and insecurities you feel within yourself.


Psychic Attack is nothing more than a delusion you create around your insecurities and illusions of fear brought on by separation. Regardless everything is connected back to you.

If you’re afraid of evil or negative entities, you’re essentially afraid of a part of yourself.

I see ghosts as energy imprints of ourselves.

Once I had this strange experience with the tarot cards when I first bought them. I touched them and all of sudden I heard this static noise coming from my dead ipod on the desk next to the cards. It was so bizarre but then I realized that was MY energy flowing through the cards. Nothing else.

It’s an energy imprint we are putting out there – usually as a reflection of fear or insecurity we have. It’s us. nothing more. Everything is a perspective connecting back to ourselves.

Later I realized the experiences I had that terrified me were basically feeling my own energy imprint and seeing into the unknown.

Seeing into myself.

 So do you believe in ghosts?


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