If you’ve been following me for quite some time you know how I feel about the Equinox. Equinoxes have a very special energy this is because they mark a time of balance where day and night are equal. The autumn equinox is one of the most powerful energy apexes of the entire year. It sets everything in motion and starts the point of transcendence of the shadow.

It creates a ripple of new energy pouring in that opens gateways in between worlds of consciousness. It is the start of cataclysm of change. It is a time where day and night are in balance before night takes over day,  bringing the winter spirit. Equinox is the bringer of harvest, a celebration of abundance, and appreciation of hearth, home and family. It is all about entering the new cycle where it brings change and new beginnings. Now with eclipse season in play this is a perfect time to release the old and start planting new seeds of hope or regeneration.  The equinox is the  preparation stage before the point of encountering spiritual rebirth where we begin anew. It’s essentially the real spiritual new year as it gives birth to the new cycle.

fall-orange-mother-natureWhen the veil lifts, it starts the descend into the subconscious,  where we face the darkness to be reborn into the light. This is especially true for this year since this is a very strong energy portal ready to lift off many into new territory governing cosmic awakenings. For some this could be the beginning and for others this is about evolving our consciousness through strength. The barriers are down and this can be a bit alarming at first if not prepared for this transition. It’s really pushing us out of our comfort zones (that’s the eclipse energy for ya).

When the solar gates align with the galactic poles, an intergalactic doorway opens. This timing allows for a window to open so new energy can come through the gateway of the sun. This is also a huge time when solar flares are more present right in between the gateway of the equinox.

Some say we are just now entering 5th dimensional consciousness,  however from my understanding 5d consciousness has always been here it is the earths main frequency. Although now people are becoming consciously aware of this perception of reality. It’s like a sudden Epiphany or a wake up call that somehow everyone missed.

For me this has been happening since 2012 and it seems like these new ripples are helping more people over into a 5th dimensional frequency. It’s always been here. My beef with the dimension talk is that it’s important to remember dimensions are not necessarily places they are states of consciousness. So we technically can go to all sorts of dimensions depending on the frequency output you are emitting from your emotions.

If you begin operating from the heart center you can feel this space very clearly and energy reading becomes much easier. Anyway this is good to keep in mind as I see more articles stating dates or sudden shifts about how we’re suddenly in 5d. It’s always been here. Ascension is not a date or place it’s a state of consciousness and it will be a different process for everyone given their soul path. Dimensions are much easier to access than you think considering they are merely various states of consciousness. You are like an elevator going up and down with your frequency therefore we are already ascending here in the now. The first wave of ascension is a bit silly considering it will be different for all, it won’t be a single date in time.

This equinox is important because it’s showing us an opening and this opening is ourselves. We are the door and we have the key all this time. We have always been the one guiding this ship. This gateway is here as a remembrance of who we once were and are as human beings evolving. This gateway is here to show you that our once internal alchemy is transcending into an external alchemy within the material plane. Our thoughts have action and our minds perception of reality is shifting in extreme ways where it is becoming much easier to perceive interdimensionally. Get ready to release,  emotionally purge the old and cleanse your spirit as the time nears. This is truly an exciting gateway to enter.

Ways to honor the Autumn Equinox

Autumn Woman sparkly

  • As the equinox is a time where day and night are in balance find the balance within your own life. Strive to find balance in the areas of your life that you feel are at odds with each other. Seek inner healing and balance.
  • Set your intentions for the new cycle
  • Go apple picking
  • Spend time in nature observing Earth’s transformation
  • Express gratitude
  • Do yoga or meditation invoking peace for the Earth
  • Make an apple or pumpkin pie!

There are many ways to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox, use your imagination and have a blessed Equinox!




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  1. Hi Ashley
    I have felt the pull of this Autumn Equinox, and wrote a round.
    Day and night are equal
    Time to restore
    Energy flows to the roots
    Darkness embrace

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