When it comes to making your life easier, what we are actually talking about is Alignment.

Alignment is quite literally the moment we activate the path of least resistance and enter a place of flow or effortless ease in our lives. There’s a moment in our journey when we start to realize when were not in alignment we often are going against ourselves. It can usually feel like we are pushing against ourselves, perhaps even our own values, personal sense of integrity, or even our intuition.

This can mean we may find ourselves in an Integrity breach with ourselves where we are dismissing our own values. If we look at this from a manifesting standpoint, if we are in an integrity breach with our values, we will usually block our own receiving because it goes against who we are as a person.

Misalignment is something that feels like overly complicating things, making them harder in our minds, and usually, in this space, we overcompensate ourselves.

Then strangely as we are in misalignment, depending on the DEGREE to which we are in misalignment this overcompensated energy will start displaying itself in all areas of our lives, including our relationships.

It’s bizarre how our body is frequently telling us how to make things easier but we’re too stubborn to listen, usually because we need to prove something to ourselves.

Our body is naturally intuitive. This means the more we tune inward by listening to our intuition and our body, we begin to naturally hear our own alignment.

However what happens instead is a mind-body disconnect happening in the body, where we focus stronger on the misalignment and start to give that a solid momentum. The misalignment grows and grows and grows, then we start attracting really bizarre things that often cause us to WAKE UP to who we truly are.

Sometimes misalignment when held to a certain degree, can lead us down dark paths of self-neglect, eating disorders, illness, and cause the body to be screaming for us to get back into alignment. Other times misalignment is more mental and subtle, where we are dealing with negative self-talk, criticism, judgment, and cause cycles of self-sabotage.

Regardless of what is going on is misalignment will often highlight and strengthen the illusion of separation keeping us replaying a loop in our nervous system that is justifying the beliefs of “let’s make it hard and complicated”.

Rather than making it simple, we’re going to exaggerate it. Because when we bring more emphasis to the pain – the body says I must continue to push away from that fear. I must push away from that anticipation of pain so therefore I RESIST

more and more and more,

and in the resistance the degree strengthens and grows deeper still, then in the momentum grows, building the lack, building the separation, building the doubt, strengthening the uncertainty, trapping our minds in how we’re actually seeing the world – through the lens of duality, through the lens of giving pain a purpose.

And that misalignment is now so big – we unconsciously purposely make things hard, we overdo things, we over-give, we over-complicate the issue, we DRAMATIZE the problem, we give it more weight in our minds, than necessary, we make it grow bigger inside of our minds than our actual desires and dreams. Then as it grows stronger – our minds say…Well, this is OBVIOUSLY impossible now. This is obviously just not happening for me. This feels completely impossible —-

So we overcomplicate it, we listen to the noise. We stay in our heads and REFUSE to hear the alignment that was guiding us the entire time.

Instead, we decided to give pain a purpose even strongly, and in doing so – we overcompensate the energy, we turn it over in our minds, we allow the justification of why we can’t have it begin to grow bigger. and then we wonder why it’s so hard to believe otherwise.

Resistance has a momentum. The reason why it’s hard for it to be easier is because you have built too much evidence in the opposite direction – so you’re walking around feeling like a broken compass, not knowing if you should turn right or left anymore.

But that momentum can dissipate, that lack can grow smaller and smaller, the more you stop feeding it.

And begin to Listen to your own Alignment.

And stop going against yourself.

In today’s vlog, I share a quote that has been on my mind this week “Unclear boundaries are simply unclear decisions”

Let’s unpack what this actually means in terms of understanding Alignment and the ways we overcomplicate things for ourselves.

Let me know what thoughts this brings up for you below or subscribe for more Tips on youtube

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