This is the True Moment of Healing…

I can do this. 

But the criticism hold strong in my mind. 

I can do this. 

But my ego keeps telling me all the ways I’m a failure and it will never happen for me. 

I can do this. 

But my mind keeps guiding me to look for all the things that are actually wrong with me. 

I can do this. 

Because Actually I love my self so much that I Choose to Encourage myself, instead of constantly beat myself up for my choices. 

I choose to trust myself. 

I choose to focus on Believing I always make the right decisions because I am tuned into my intuition and my soul. 

My soul is guided by my alignment, my magnetism, How could that actually lead me astray, 

When i Know in my absolute CORE, My Alignment always guides me to activate my power in the path of least resistance – it can’t NOT. 

Once I activate it. 

I can do this. 

But who are you to have that?
Who are you to teach that? 
You’re still not doing it right?!
Who are you to do that, you’re obviously just a beginner. 

Who are you, you’re just selfish anyway, a spoiled brat, 

A person who only things of herself. 

But I can do this. 

I’m actually doing a great job being me. 

I actually love and accept I am not Perfect. 

I actually accept my power today to choose. 

I choose to love my shadow and what it teaches me. 

I can do this. 

I am over shaming the voice of my past. 

I am over HATING, the voice of my past. 

Instead I choose. 

To walk in the face of duality. 

Instead I choose, 

I Can do this. 

I can let my encouragement be stronger than my criticism. 

I can do this. 

I can recognize a Life built on CRITICISM and JUDGMENT has been destroying my path of success, receiving and refusal to let go. 

But I can Love, Appreciate and Accept that encouragement CAN change my Life. 

And so the Mind fights for comfort, 

While the Soul soothes  us into Change. 

So the ego fights for safety, 
while the Soul whispers us to change. 

So the mind fights for familiarity and stagnation, 

While the soul guides us to step into the unknown of present infinite possibilities and true self expansion. 

Liberation can only be found by holding the hand of shadow, while walking with duality into the light. 

Are you willing to walk with duality to recognize your own Emotional Liberation? 

Alignment occurs the moment we decide to Activate our Power in the Path of Least Resistance. 

Alignment is often the glue that is missing when we are looking for:

making our life easier
Healing our negative emotions spiraling in our minds
Receiving in our manifesting, 
Managing our emotions so they are healthier, 
Taming the Voice of the Ego so we can hear soul more clearly, 

This is the True Moment of healing…

How do I know?

Because what you see above, is exactly how I started healing YEARS of conditioned criticism and judgment, that constantly held me in a cycle of self-sabotage, emotional neglect, connection and keeping at arms length, healthy channels of true support. 

This work sometimes isn’t always easy, but it sure as hell is worth it. 

To diminish emotional meltdowns? 
To have a Life you’re grateful to wake up to in the morning? 
To have outstanding boundaries that you know who the fuck you are and you won’t allow people to eff with that. 
To understand your worth sooo deeply, you stop settling across all areas of our lives. 

We can say spiritual concepts are fluffy and woohoo 

or we can start to realize that understanding the energetics that makes up the core foundation of reality, 

is inevitably how we Rise in our Personal Power and begin to take our Life back into our hands. 

mmm sooo beautiful to see the world in the true liberation of YOUR PATH OF LEAST RESISTANCE. 

It exists within you. 

And it becomes more accessible, 

when you learn to activate your own personal channels

of true Alignment 

inside of you, 

Ready to Join us? 



 This for those of you who are feeling:

Are you Over Being constantly in “do mode” over-working, over-achieving & sacrificing as a result?

Are you feeling stuck, frozen or letting fear keep you in inaction?
Do you find yourself being more reactive emotionally and seeking approval in your relationships?
Are you obsessing about those damn hows and getting stopped on what to do next?
Most importantly are you not following through and putting yourself last?
And are you ready to end the self-sabotage for good?

If I am hearing a hell yes – then it’s time for an Alignment Reset ?

This Challenge is designed to get you out of Misalignment and teach you over the course of 21 days the unique ways we can access our personal energetic alignment.

The challenge will also teach you some powerful techniques to Shift your Mindset & reprogram your mind so you can stop letting fear run the show.

This will be a 21 day Journey together with mini-coaching Lessons each day  where you will learn:

  • How to Cultivate More Awareness to Remove Resistance Patterns 
  • Manage your Energy to Shift your Mindset & environments 
  • Raise your Vibrations Naturally to Re-align with Higher Truth & work with your body 


  • Manifest with more ease by exercising your Co-creative Power from a place of Alignment.

How it Works: 

This challenge will be self-paced with a free fb support group to share your journey and engage with other members through the challenge.

Receive immediate access to the challenge and day 1 upon purchase so you can dive right in. receive day 2 the next day and so forth. 

You Receive: Each Day You receive a Video Lesson, Journal Prompt, Mantra, Action step or exercise as your challenge assignment. Also with the option of a fb mini assignment to share your journey and keep you in the excitment of the challenge. 

Potent Soul work:  Journal prompts, mantras, exercises & Action steps to get you pumped into applying this information immediately. 

Combining the Spiritual and Practical together.
Keeping it real here with raw unedited video, 
a couple of meditations thrown-in.

BONUS 2021 UPGRADE LIVE TRAININGS HOT SEAT Q&A COACHING CALLS ADDED: Receive Three Live Trainings  with me, on New Alignment Lessons i’ve learned since I last released this class.

Some of the Topics included:
Activating our Power in the Path of Least Resistance,  How to Listen to Your Own Alignment to create more ease & flow in your life and
Understanding Alignment in terms of Being Magnetically You and attracting from this space.

Lots of fun new topics to cover as my understanding of Alignment has grown.
(If you’re previous alumni of the program, you receive this upgrade automatically & can attend the live training, because why not! )  

One thing i’ve learned with challenges & community is a challenge helps us stay on our toes,
it keeps us accountable to keep going, and
when we stray we lean on community, pick ourselves up and just keep going! 

Also I just love to mention this is literally my best-selling program and I haven’t launched it officially since June of last year. So many people have been telling me about it lately, so I decided it was the perfect time to relaunch it. 

If you’d love to take the challenge, 

Learn more about all of this Below: 

The Alignment Reset 21 Day Challenge >>>

(Also I gotta say I love the new branding style I picked out for the challenge, I was drawn to pictures of a sunset and this happened,  check it out ? )

Challenge closes on Sunday

July 18th at midnight CST 
(or until i get the sales page down :P) 

We start Officially on Monday July 19th. 

Sending love, good health and abundance your way, Blessings! 

Any Questions about the Alignment Reset contact me or comment below.  



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