I was reflecting a lot on something I said in the recent Chakra Activation training about How Soul Alignment Works and its influence on energetic holding patterns.

It got me thinking a lot about Receiving.

I’m ready to just crack this one open,

We’re influencing our ability for how we’re manifesting and a big piece of that is how we’re setting the boundaries and standards in our life for what we’re receiving.

Think about that,
We all have a certain level of energetic boundaries and standards we have in place for how we receive and attract into our life.

In the personal development world, we call these Beliefs and Limited Beliefs.


The thing is this term that floats around in the spiritual community, “ego” gets a lot of bad rap.

Over the years i’ve heard all sorts of crazy things:
The Ego is bad,
I achieved enlightenment by getting rid of my ego. (suree)
I need to know how to get rid of my ego.
Positive high vibes all day long, I never experience negative emotion,
She/he is just full of ego and isn’t awakened.
etc. etc.

I call Bullshit. haha.

It’s time to make peace with being a human,
Our Ego doesn’t disappear. It’s part of our Identity.

The thing is our ego isn’t bad at all. It’s our survival mechanism, It’s How our Identity came to be and its job is to keep us safe.

When we Shame the Ego, we’re basically shaming our identity.

So whenever we threaten the ego, it’s the literal equivalent of throwing away it’s comfy blanket because it’s suddenly in unfamiliar territory, it unleashes it’s wrath and goes into fight/flight mode.

What the Ego also does is it creates our Energetic holding patterns and keeps us in those holding patterns of contracted energy.

Naturally, the ego is never satisfied, it must stay in its comfort zone so it feels fear, lack and scarcity. It teaches you to stay in these holding patterns really putting us in Autopilot mode – recycling and recollecting the old paradigm mentalities

Therefore the Resistance we feel only comes up when we’re threatening our identity OR it’s there to keep us safe so we you know… don’t touch hot stoves, walk down weird alleys or be a bad driver.

You feel me?

The ego isn’t bad at all. It’s a tool for Teaching you How you desire to feel and shows you your energetic holding patterns for where you’re getting stuck.

So Let’s test the boundaries of what we think we know, 

I want to open up your mind to limitless possibility

Awhile ago someone did that very thing to me, She asked me:

What if it was just normal to receive everything you want? What if it was just easy, no-brainer, oh yes I get to receive because I do? 

So much came up for me, in that moment. 

It went beyond my boundary line of how I thought I had to receive. 

It made me question a lot of things that were going on in my life. 

In many ways that question, changed everything for me. 

Because I wasn’t receiving what I wanted, 

I was exhausted, stressed, burnt out, putting myself last, until….

I started connecting the dots between Manifestation, the limiting beliefs and the chakras…

Everything suddenly began to click for me. 

The thing is our desires are already here

You want the man, the woman, the house, the career, the money, the freedom, etc.  etc.  but our beliefs are saying the exact opposite. 

Our paradigm is built around saying things like: 

  • It’s not safe to receive,
  • Who am I to receive that? 
  • I’m not good enough to receive that? 
  • What do I need to do, do, do to earn that? 
  • How can it be possible for me, I’m not that kinda person…
  • Or my favorite: But i’m a prisoner of my reality, free will isn’t real, ancestral karma has cursed me, blahhh

and so forth, we begin to block our receiving capacity by staying stuck in ideas, limited beliefs, upper limits, self-sabotaging patterns and what I like to call energetic holding patterns. 

These energetic holding patterns are really all interconnected to what areas of our life, we’re deflecting or reflecting how we receive in our life. 

It’s a bit trippy to learn this information because suddenly you begin to question the whole damn paradigm: 

What if receiving my desires could just be no-brainer easy-peezy? 

What if healing could naturally just be my birthright? 

What If abundance was already real in my life? 

What if struggle and sacrifice were no longer an option and I was finally willing to just accept and allow in the good in my life? 

What we must realize is that our energy is influencing our results all the time, whether you’re conscious of it or not.

In this video Clip taken from the Chakra Activation Training, I explain how Soul Alignment works and Why our Feelings are the emotional road map that is influencing our results.

So Begin to ask yourself:

How do I desire to feel?
how is that directing my life and my results?


When it comes to understanding our energetic foundation, our chakras can really help us understand: 

what the heck is going on with our energy, 

What our body is communicating

How we’re deflecting in our life

Where are we taking away our power

And most importantly why the heck are we not receiving what we want and desire? 

This means we suddenly have a map for how all this *limited belief, manifestation, loa, healing* stuff
truly works. 

the Chakras can be like a map or a guidebook into where we need the most work on ourselves. This is part of what I discovered,  

and a big piece of what i shared in the chakra activation training: 

we have hidden gems in the chakras to activate our potential to heal and empower our life. 

When we Tap into Healing we can fully learn to start: 

Root – Activating our abundance mindset 
Sacral – Open up our Receiving Capacity and balancing the masculine/feminine flow
Solar – Reclaiming our Confidence & Own our personal power

Heart – Reconnect to Worthiness, Love and Strengthen our Relationships of trust 
Throat – Awaken your authentic highest truth and walk out that truth. 
Third Eye – Making decisions with ease and tapping into our Visioning process
Crown – Transcending our limits and reconnecting/embodying  Higher Self.  

Here’s the thing, each of our chakras contains access to our gifts and potential. We can learn to heal, open them and utilize them to our highest advantage. This helps us activate our gifts

It brings us into Alignment 

and most of all it gives us a map to navigate and empower our life. 

This is why many people who come to me and say meditation isn’t cutting it for me. 

The reality is meditation is just the start of it. 

These tools are just amplifiers for what’s under the surface. 

It’s about learning to step in fully to Soul Alignment and Activate each of these centers so we can empower every area of our life! 

So When it comes to Alignment, where do you feel yourself getting stuck?

Let me know in the comments or subscribe to my new youtube channel!  




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