Guys, you know how I feel about starting a new series, these are my favorite because we can cover such a broad scope of new topics. I’ve got summer on my mind and I’m hella inspired. Welcome to the Home Spiritual Series: Creating a Spiritual Life!

This will be the first topic out of six where we talk about how to start bringing spirituality back into your daily life through balancing our Spiritual Self with our Material Self.

We will be covering the topics of Home, Career, children, Manifestation, Relationships, & raising our vibration in our daily life.

I keep seeing how many people having a hard time coping with their real life while spiritually awakening, so let’s touch on some fun topics around that. This is a foundation of what I really stand for, practical spirituality.

We need less intergalactic and more Practical Application of Spiritual principles in our day to day lives because that’s where it matters the most.

So Let’s start with our Home Life!

In today’s vlog, I talk about some ways we can start to bring more mindfulness and Spiritual practice into our day to day lives. Let’s face it, the majority of our spiritual growth is within our daily routine and our Home Life. This is how we connect with the world around us.

So if we’re automatically feeling a disconnect between our spiritual self and material self, checking in with our physical space is the best place to start.


This idea of making our spiritual life separate from our real life is separating from one of the basic principles in the Spiritual Community: Oneness.

The realization that our Spiritual self is unified with our Material World.

However, I see this as a common problem in the spiritual community. We often feel overwhelmed by life after awakening and we have a hard time navigating our energy body because we feel such a disconnect.

The Secret to overcoming this disconnect is learning to bring more spiritual principles back into our daily routine and ultimately as I’ve learned into every area of our life.

The more we start merging our Spiritual Identity into our Real life we can learn to create a spiritual Life which in my opinion is much more than just a meditation practice. It’s truly a way of Life where we learn to embrace our spiritual nature and our power as a co-creator of reality!

Let’s get to it.

So How we do we start Bringing more spiritual principles into the Home?

Well to start we can begin setting up our environment to Raise & lift up our energy.

Let’s Start Exploring:

  • Our Physical Space
  • Our Support Systems – Who do you surround yourself with?
  • Our Daily Routine

Did I mention this series is semi – Action oriented?

In today’s Vlog, I go into how it’s super easy to start bringing more spiritual principles into the home.

Here are my Tips on how to start setting up your environment to Raise & lift up your energy:


Do you feel Peaceful Living where you are currently at?
Do you currently feel safe, supported and Secure in your Physical Home?

This can be an indicator of whether or not we feel disconnected at our Root Chakra or not. If we don’t feel this way, Try this older meditation I made which gets you into the frequency of Peaceful Living.


The easiest way to begin to move energy is to literally begin changing your environment! That starts with evaluating your physical home. Is your home incredibly cluttered?

Does your space fully express you?
What do you need to get rid of that no longer serves you?
Go through your rooms and get rid of things you no longer need, leftovers, clutter, extra papers, old clothes, etc. Purge baby
Then Organize, decorate, & watch that energy move

(can you establish a weekly, monthly or seasonal decluttering session? Decluttering can bring up a lot of resistance but it’s sooooo powerful when we actually just get up and do it, you’ll thank me later 😉 )


Who do you surround yourself with? Are they hindering you or empowering you?

We learn fastest and experience the most growth when we surround ourselves with the people who are constantly rising us up instead of cutting us down!
Proximity is power:

Feel into the support and connectivity all around you.

Do you need a new support system?
come share your experiences in our soul tribe fb group


When we start incorporating more spiritual principles into our daily routine, it helps influence our vibration.

How can you start adding more mindfulness and spiritual practice into your daily life?

Schedule your Daily Joy Practice into your Daily routine


Create a morning ritual
Journal every night or morning
Be Open & mindful in your relationships
Listen to Podcasts or High vibe music as you do the dishes
Create a High Vibe playlist to play in the morning
Dance More
Movement Breaks
Physical exercise

What lights you up the most about a spiritual practice? What would nourish you the most? Then start scheduling that like a date into your daily routine and show up as much as possible.

The secret to getting committed to a spiritual practice is making it into a habit that is as simple as brushing your teeth. The easiest way to make it a habit is to try to do it daily for maximum results.

The fun thing about spiritual practice is you can also shake it up, like I don’t meditate every day but I love journaling. Sometimes I do yoga, sometimes I meditate, sometimes walks in nature, find your flow 😉

Do you have other ways you incorporate more Spiritual Principles into your Home? I’d love to hear about them in the comments,

Have a beautiful day

p.s. Next in the series we’ll be talking about spiritual tips for being a conscious & mindful parent – for all the conscious momma and pops out there 😉



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