Have you ever wondered why Intention Setting Works? Or How it can work quickly when you do it right and actually truly believe? In today’s episode, let’s talk about it.

Sometimes we can dismiss the simple power of doing Intention setting work and think it needs to be more complicated. Truthfully, this is just your ego making it more complicated than what it actually is!

Have you ever had an experience where you decided to make things much harder and unnecessarily a struggle than what it actually is? That’s what we can sometimes do with manifesting.

I wanted to really hone in on some deep truths in this episode. 

I used to think that manifesting was this big aloof mystical concept but half of the battle is simply unapologetically claiming what you desire as already real and yours, knowing it exists for you – That’s IT.

It’s about Choosing your outcome – If you can’t get clear on what you want, you don’t know what you want because the ego mind is heavily clouding up the pathway of seeing clearly, you’re distracted by everyone else telling you what you should do or should want or should BE, then yeah –

manifesting will feel complicated AF, super confusing, overly Hustle-inducing and you will quite simply feel like a horse on a treadmill stuck chasing a carrot.

But the complications – are quite simply You refusing to admit, what you want and choosing it!

We often think it needs to be complicated, a huge process, a big leap of healing – no honey that’s just the ego or everyone else telling you ideas and you’re running off with them, entertaining them

so you dance around what you actually want, you sidestep by it, give it a little flirt towards what you want or completely put yourself last and refuse to give yourself what you want.

But if the Complications are just an illusion – then really it’s still just a matter of you deciding fully – No, This is what I choose. Either way it’s literally your choice. you either see manifesting as simple and easy or you don’t.

What are you choosing?

What do you want to Choose for your outcomes & results?

As I mention in the video, the end of the year is a great time to create a desire list towards what outcomes you’re choosing. 

It’s good to see that manifesting can be easier than you make it out to be.

It can also be about seeing that Manifestation is a choice you’re making all the time.

Intention Setting is one of the most easiest ways to manifest and manifest faster.

In today’s episode I’m taking you behind the scenes in telling you WHY intention setting can be so powerful, How to start easily learning the ability to choose your outcomes and How you’re making it way more complicated than it actually needs to be.


Let me know how this episode resonates with you by dropping a comment. 

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