When it comes to manifestation there are honestly so many misconceptions and myths out there that can completely block your flow to receiving in more of what you want.

In this week’s episode, I’m breaking down some of the most common ones I’ve repeatedly seen in the spiritual online space that can unconsciously block you from receiving.

This Video was inspired after I heard someone in the spiritual community completely “Hating on” The Law of Attraction without even properly understanding what manifestation actually is. They were under an impression that The Law of Attraction is about Thinking excessively positively all the time and creating an “I want” list is too ego for their spiritual enlightenment to handle.

While I do believe everyone has their own path, philosophies, and opinions about how they view spirituality. To each their own, It was still a very narrow perspective on the Law of Attraction. However, This is VERY common for people who are either new to the law of attraction or simply have not practiced manifestation consistently. Many circles teach manifestation with a half-truth lens, toxic positivity, often shaming emotions & some don’t even include magnetism!

Which quite frankly drives me a little crazy because isn’t that the whole point? LOL

The main thing I was concerned with when i first heard this was, thinking to myself: This person will never change their old past programming, they won’t be as willing to have an open mind towards their intuitive magnetism (attraction power), and most importantly – It’s possible they aren’t even focusing on the world they desire to see!

They may be blocking how they are receiving in their life.

Which to me personally is devastating because Manifestation has completely transformed my entire life!

I think we can often miss the magic of manifestation or perhaps we don’t even see the magic! Let me shed the light for you. Ever since i first learned about how to manifest, I’ve been practicing the principles since roughly 2011 and haven’t stopped. Why would I want to?!

I’ve used manifesting principles for all sorts of things from my health, my body, my relationships, money, house, cars, peace of mind, self-care, even potty training! Especially potty training – that was a life-saver. haha.

The thing is many people are only seeing Manifestation from one single lens of focus. If you’re new to manifestation, I highly recommend you spend some time in my Magnetic Manifestation 5 Day Challenge or Pick up a copy of my new Book Awaken Your Power to Manifest: A 30 Day Manifestation Challenge to learn to manifest in 30 days. Both are great Introductions to the power behind Manifestation and how to get started immediately to practice it in your own life.

The Worst Thing About Limiting Your Perspective on Law of Attraction

Here’s the worst thing about some of these Manifestation misconceptions. When we say:
“manifesting is too ego’
“desire is bad” or

“law of attraction” is just for new agers who don’t commit to the real spiritual path” – we’re also completely blocking our Attraction Power with unconscious Judgment and Deflection of receiving.

We are literally deflecting our ability to manifest! What if Manifesting was as easy as using your arms and legs? Bet it wouldn’t be so abnormal to you then.

There is also some people who say that the Law of Attraction goes against numerous religions, that may be true however Manifestation is 100% in the Bible. These Misconceptions are nothing more than belief systems we latched onto and some of them, may be completely blocking your flow of receiving.

It’s time you decide how YOU see Manifestation & Receiving.

So Let’s Start Debunking and demystifying some common manifesting mistakes so you can begin amping up your Attraction power!

In this video, I wanted to address some of the most common misconceptions about Manifestation and How you can immediately begin to Open your Perspective to new ways of seeing the law of attraction.

Some people think that law of attraction has a lot of rules attached to it or the Law of Attraction can sometimes get a bad rap for its reputation as being more materialistic and Ego-driven.

However don’t let that persuade you away from the fact that Manifesting is also highly spiritual, Soul-driven, Your desires are safe guidance from your heart/soul and often part of your Soul’s personal Evolution.

Let’s talk about it so you can Unleash the floodgates on your Receiving. If you stay to the end I share some Soul Work to help you immediately create a shift.

Happy Holiday Season! ❄️🎄

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