Here are 3 Tips to get more Intentional with your Daily Rituals!

Here’s what I like about Daily Rituals, they teach us to ingrain things into an automatic habit so it naturally becomes easy to get more intentional with our lives. Whether we are talking about a daily spiritual practice, a manifestation ritual, healing work or even an exercise routine, when we incorporate daily rituals we make it so much easier to create momentum for what we are desiring to accomplish.

The truth is it all adds up!

I think if there’s one thing I’ve learned since starting daily rituals is at first it may not seem like you’re doing anything to change your life, but the more you show up for each bite-size chunk, day by day eventually that momentum begins to snowball back into your life.

Its funny when first starting any new practice or habit, it may feel challenging at first or as if you’re working on carving out a new path for yourself, that is because you are!

Showing up consistently is challenging to the ego, it requires resilience, it requires honoring your emotions when you don’t want to show up and it also requires awareness to know that your energy foundation is everything when it comes to habits.

Without a solid energy foundation, it can feel like we’re everywhere in terms of our energy and even our habits, a solid foundation is built with Intention.

This is why I’m gifting you my free intention setting guide book with prompts to help you set potent aligned intentions. You can receive that below at the link.

Intentions are one of the starting foundations to setting up daily rituals in your life regardless if we’re talking about a spiritual practice or an exercise routine. I believe the number one thing we can do to get more Intentional with our habits is to first establish that solid foundational practice with our Intention behind that habit.

These are a few of my practical tips to make a practice stick, a ritual stay a ritual 😛 and know that the key to any daily ritual is to show up for it, the same way you would for a hot date!


Tip 1. Habit Stacking

If you haven’t started using habit stacking but you’re one of those people who have a hard time committing, you will love this Tip! Habit stacking is one of the easiest ways to start establishing a new habit and stick with it. It’s actually one of the easiest ways i started to floss more or get more consistent with my journaling practice. Begin to think about what is one habit you already have established in your daily routine? Now Stack that habit next to your new habit/practice/ritual that you want to have.

Tip 2. Free-Flow Journaling with a Stream of Consciousness Brain Spill

The easiest way to get clear with your intentions is to first do a classic brain spill stream of consciousness free-flow journaling session to release all the noise and monkey chatter going on. Sometimes it’s much easier to set intentions when you first clear your mind and get out of your head so you can much easier drop into soul. Try it sometime!

Tip 3. Honor your Heart-felt Desires with Setting Pure Aligned Intentions

Do you know what truly drives you? I mean REALLY drives you? or is it only a surface level desire that is cool or you see others have. Intentions can have many different flavors in how we set intention. Not just a general statement of desire but looking at how can i make my life easier? Set intentions that connect back to your daily rituals, such as maybe you desire to feel more confident in how you take action. Are you setting Intentions around Action taking? or are you just stating that ‘when i feel more confident, then i can finally take the action for ….” Game changer!

I’d love to know what are some of your own daily rituals? Share with me in the comments!

Always remember the universe is inside of you
and you hold the power to design your life

p.s. Before you Go,


The first step to true Manifesting is to Activate your Intention

Intentions are everything,
They teach us to OWN our co-creative power.

Manifesting is our natural birthright.

I’m Sharing my breakdown of Intention Setting with you

& my sacred 8 step process to amplify your intentions into alignment.

Let’s go over:
▷ How to set intentions so they are extra potent for your manifesting game.
▷ What are different ways we can create our own ritual for intention setting
▷ The breakdown of Misalignment vs Alignment
▷ How to Apply my sacred 8 step process

Journal prompts to Activate your desires

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