This month on the channel we’re entering into a How to Manifest series by TOPIC.

These will all be featured in a playlist series just like Mind-body revolution!

So here’s the Thing there are SO MANY WAYS to Manifest in every different area of your life.

there are no limits when it comes to manifestation,

You can get intentional with potty training just as much as you can get intentional with manifesting 50k+ months of financial abundance or get intentional in the bedroom or get intentional in your career or get intentional with giving yourself more love and self-care

There. is. no . limits. here.

Manifestation is a topic where we can manifest immaterial things like more confidence, happiness, and self-care for ourselves or we can manifest more material things like: money, career, houses, physical items, chocolate 🙂 Whatever you want.

sometimes when i get bored i focus on manifesting really random things because it always increases my self-belief and attraction power – I talk about this in my new book Awaken your Power to Manifest.

Anyway, I thought this would be a fun summer series on the different ways we can manifest in sooo many different areas.

The first one we’re talking about today is LOVE & Attracting in a Relationship.

A lot of people ask questions around: manifesting a text, manifesting a specific person, manifesting a relationship, manifesting a twin flame or simply just being more magnetic when it comes to relationships.

From my own personal experience These are my top 3 tips when it comes to Manifesting Love and what to immediately focus on when it comes to amping up your attraction power in your personal relationships.

Warning – If you actually apply these 3 tips you will definitely start to experience a shift 😉

In this video i share:

  • 3 Effective Tips on how to use manifestation when it comes to Love
  • How to Crack open that Heart chakra
  • Going into the Skeleton of what really influences your Attraction Power when it comes to relationships(this is BIG)


Tune into the Video for the full download:

Sending love, abundance and blessings,


48 Hour Left – Out of the Vault – Visioning & Manifestation Workshop: AWAKEN YOUR ALIGNED VISION WORKSHOP 💞💃

TRUE Commitment is about learning to work WITH yourself – instead of against yourself.

that’s the real secret to alignment.

So many of us confuse manifestation, goal setting and setting intentions with the moon with these BIG massive elaborate processes, karmic healings and even romantic rituals –

and other people will lament until the cows come home that you need to excessively look at your limited beliefs & heal traumas before you can manifest anything.


Your True Power Lives in your ABILITY to Override the Past and Create a NEW VISION in the Now.

The real Secret is the MISSING PIECE is YOU.

You Creating Your Vision, Success on your terms.

You stepping into your Magnetic Self

your innate quantum magnetism.

Your personal alignment.

When we desire to manifest sommething, we often think about all the things we need to DO

but rarely do we step back and ask ourselves:

But Who do i really need to be to embody this Vision?

Alignment is usually the missing piece for so many of us.

Alignment meaning Being an Energetic Match – a Person who is intentionally locked into their Vision.

we think we need all these things, but in reality, what we’re really looking for is our Personal Alignment

In this 3 day workshop, Awaken Your Aligned vision, I go over How to create an Intentional Vision that keeps you commited fully to your dreams by creating potent systems to sustain your vision.

Want a crash course in setting up your blueprint for success?

Learn How to:

✅ Receive a Crash Course in Crafting a Vision For the Second half of the year

✅ Craft a Game plan that is built personally around your own Alignment, working with your energetics and learning how to Create a goal setting plan that ACTUALLY WORKS WITH YOU.

✅Begin Your Manifestation Journey by doing a 3 day workshop on Goal Setting made from Soul

Merge the Practical and the Spiritual, done are the days of strict goal setting, Craft your vision from SOUL😎

This is a rare workshop that only comes out roughly 2 times a year!

Enroll at the Link below 🔥48 hours left.



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