I want to talk about FREEDOM and the Feeling of emotional Liberation we often seek…

When the World is up in fire – Please know

FREEDOM, JOY, PLEASURE, Is a Choice we all can make in each moment.

And it is never separate from us.

This is the true power of Vibration that you always hold at your finger tips at all times.

I’ve been celebrating my daughter, my firework baby’s birthday this weekend, did some free climbing for the first time(at skyzone I’m not THAT crazy, maybe 😉 ) , jumped on giant trampolines and watched fireworks all weekend in the sweet summer sticky air.

I think it’s important to really create spaciousness sometimes where i stop posting, recharge, celebrate, spend time with family and omg have FUN. Sometimes I almost feel guilty about this, like i should be doing more right? But actually it’s when i create the spaciousness to breathe more deeply, to cut back, to do less, I have so much more to give when I return.

When you fill your well – you always have more to give, vibrationally this is absolute law.

I was reminded today that the Feeling of freedom and spaciousness we crave from external things – is really a State of mind.

I think as we get older – we can lose sight of the simple pleasures that once used to grant us freedom – like a day of fun, simple pleasures like being excited you get to run-up to the ice cream truck, catch fireflies or play in the sand at the beach.

Instead as we grow up – we enter a world of obligation, responsibilities, rules, and our time for play, pleasure and fun gets smaller and smaller – making us feel – less free

less like our true selves and because of that we keep focusing more and more on the things we don’t even want, and as a result – we tend to push down our desires, our dreams and often keep them on a shelf –

And on our days off – we try to focus more on doing and work and house chores and more ways to feel that doing is enough.

Most of us as we get older – we have lost our ability to dream.

Our ability to really step into our imagination and see the world of potentiality and possibility

Our Inner Fire gets SNUFFED out – and our real identity falls beneath the cracks

If we’re not careful and we don’t rekindle this part of ourselves – we Tend to show up for a life we didn’t sign up for, a job we hate going to and health issues we didn’t really ask for but settled for so long – we forgot our spark and tumbled down the rabbit hole of struggle, obligation and striving –

We forgot ourselves along the pathway.

And we built it around a brick wall of excuses, complaints and blaming the world for who we are and why we’re unhappy….

But our FREEDOM, our sense of Joy, Pleasure and Fun is a CHOICE –

It’s a Choice to wake up and remember that you hold the power all along.

It’s a choice to feel free in the moment.

To be grateful for what you already have and Hold the Fire within yourself to remember that the real secret to joy and bliss is truly

to KEEP choosing it and creating it for yourself.

It’s to stop a minute, pause and choose joy. Choose pleasure. Choose Slowing down to speed up.

To Choose to have Fun even as an adult.

To choose to have the moments that you bring you absolute joy and happiness so you stop focusing for a minute on what you don’t have, the excuses around what make you unsatified with your life or chasing the next thing to get there and begin to create yourself

RIGHT HERE – in the moment of True living

In the NOW

It’s time to stop Focusing on what you DONT WANT

and start creating the Life you do want.

Which is Why I’m Bringing out my RARE WORKSHOP:

Introducing – AWAKEN YOUR ALIGNED VISION WORKSHOP – A 3 Day Workshop to tap into your Mid-Year Vision.

We are at the half point of the Year – and It’s time to Awaken your true unapologetic Vision!

Let me ask you something:

are you happy or are you settling?

Have you stopped and asked yourself:

+ What do I truly want?

+ How do i deeply desire to FEEL?

+ And what about, What am I putting off because I keep telling myself When I get….When I have…When i am….When I feel….. ?

If you are struggling to meet your Resolutions.

If you are having a hard time staying committed to your goals or deeply desiring change.

If you are OVER throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks –

This workshop is made for you:

Let me teach you how to truly wake up and claim YOUR Vision with my potent manifestation Process that Gives you A Breakdown how to END the sabotage and Start Accelerating Your Desires back into your life.

This workshop is designed to teach you how to

+ Craft a Vision for your Entire Life so that you wake up in the morning feeling grateful for who you are and the life you’ve created.

+ establish a “Plan” that is built purely from Soul so that it taps into your Natural Integrity and values of who you are so you’re not creating misaligned Decisions or visions from ego – just pure soul

+ Receive my potent Reflection and Yearly Review process so you can tap in fully to Manifestation from a energy of Solid Ground.

+ Go into a 3 Day process where you can Set your Mind, Energy, and Habits up for Success with what you desire to call into your life.

+ Learn How to Solidify Your Beliefs to become a Vibrational Match towards what you truly want and desire.

+ Step into Deep Diving Visioning Work to Learn how to Intentionally Soul Map your Vision with Empowering Questions to hone your focus like a laser beam

+ Learn a Valuable step by step process to Goal Setting, Setting up your schedule, to actualize your goals with divine ease by being in the right headspace (sooooo important for Action taking)

+ Get Committed Fully to your Vision by setting up Habits, Systems & routines to help you sustain your vision

+ Bonus, Learn how to take this process with you, so you can apply it throughout the entire year, simplify it towards what most resonates with you, and apply it to a planner, schedule, or journaling practice with absolute ease.

We all carry the ability to go after and live our desires and dreams,

Some of us can spend our entire lives, going after a life we don’t even want,

I don’t wish that for anyone, the more you wake up to who you truly are – You begin to realize that

You ALWAYS hold the power to change your life

because you are the one

creating it.



Want a crash course in setting up your blueprint for success?

Sign up for Awaken Your Aligned Vision Workshop here


My rare workshop that only comes out roughly 2 times a year!

This special Sale closes on July 10th at Midnight.

Sending love, abundance and blessings,

Hope you’re having a beautiful holiday weekend 🙏



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