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Hello Beautiful Soul!

I'm Ashley Aliff, creator of The Awakened State


I Believe that True Healing is created from Liberating our Emotions & learning to Transcend our own Shadow so we can personally begin Empowering ourselves from the inside out.

As an Empowerment Mindset Coach & Manifestation Expert, I help Soul-Led Leaders Who Struggle with Mind-body healing to Master Manifestation and Emotionally Empower themselves from the inside out so they can Lead a Life Built from their Desires and Finally Attract in the Dreams they are obsessed with.

The Awakened state stands for creating a better world from the Roots of the New Paradigm Teachings through Emotional Mind-body Healing, Mastering our Energetics & Learning powerful Manifestation Principles to apply back to our daily lives. 

After Experiencing a Kundalini Awakening, I created The Awakened State to teach others how to navigate through these changes and the insecurities that it brings as you battle two different worlds, The Spiritual Self & The Physical Self.

It is through these changes that we can consciously learn how to Heal & Manifest in our lives from the inside out. I believe that all healing is rooted in the body and how we begin to understand it is through knowing how to Shift our Energetics through the Mind-Body Connection. The Awakened State serves as a resourceful community to help you learn how to bridge the gap between the Spiritual Energetic side of you and your Manifested Physical Reality. 

Welcome to the Awakened State

Okay but What is the Awakened State?

The Awakened State means officially to be Aware or Conscious of one’s reality. After a Spiritual Awakening happens, we began experiencing an inner evolutionary process of our personal Identity.  After many years studying Awakened consciousness, I define this as to be consciously aware as a co-creator of Reality firmly rooted in Emotional Intelligence and mind-body Healing.  Our brand is built on Cultivating awareness and learning how to navigate through these changes on a solid, practical level  even in your daily life. For instance, what happens afterward? How do I deal with these changes? How do I manage my energy?  What can I began to do to Heal & Manifest after experiencing an awakening? This is what The Awakened state is all about…

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Are you feeling a lot of doubt with manifesting? Throwing things at the wall hoping it sticks? Check out my Value packed Masterclass on How to Remove the surface level Fluff and start increasing your Attraction Power! 



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Develop your own Healing Tools, Manage your Energy with the Energy Management Toolkit, Bootcamp your Mind, Learn powerful processes & Systems to help empower & learn to Manifest. Check out our Shop To Learn More.

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A Core Foundation of my work is about understanding The mind-body disconnect happening in relationship to heal and manifesting in our lives.  The Awakened State provides many Mind-body healing tools, courses, and techniques to help you create extraordinary results in your life. 


The Law of Attraction isn’t like it used to be, not when we approach it from Quantum Intelligence and learning to create Embodied Authentic desires of our hearts into reality. Manifestation is a core part of the Awakened State’s Foundation, showing you that anyone carries the ability to Design their life from the inside out. It’s time to create Authentic Intentional Living in your Day to Day Life.

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