My Awakening started whilst on holiday in Barbados with my family. Before going on holiday I had made some different lifestyle choices.

I was eating healthily and exercising, I quit smoking cigarettes and I was generally taking more care of myself, in the run up to the holiday I even remember saying to my sister “wow, I feel like I have awakened….” Haha!

And I truly did feel awakened, it was like for the first time in my life somebody/something had turned the lights on, drew the curtains back and allowed this constant beam of light on me to allow my mind, body and soul to illuminate and radiate pure bliss and love.

I felt ALIVE for the first time in my life.

All I mostly felt was pure joy, bliss and constantly on a high. It was like my body was moving through clouds of love and light every day, morning and night.

In hindsight, I am able to describe and share what happened but at the time I was unaware of what was happening, I was just experiencing and enjoying it ?

Then a few days into the holiday in Barbados I was standing in the sea. The sea and beach were absolutely beautiful, the water was crystal clear and there was nothing in sight but waves and waves of beauty. Whilst standing in the sea alone bearing in mind that there was nothing around me, out of nowhere this beautiful leaf shaped as love heart just happen to float to me.


In that very moment it was like everything and I mean EVERYTHING made absolute sense to me and knew who I was, why I am here and who I will always be….. All that is love is me.

For me to be in the very spot of the sea whilst on holiday from the UK at that very exact time, I knew that it was a sign or symbol from universe, angels, source, god, angels and spirit.


And ever since then, there has been this fountain of knowledge pouring through me.

I have so many Knowings and it is amazing, all of it. This experience happened 2 years (earth time) and ever since then so many things have been making sense.

For instance, when I was little girl I was never psychic or I don’t think I was but I use to close my eyes and I could see the universe, all of it and it scared me sometimes or made me uncomfortable so I stopped doing it.


I was a quiet and introverted girl so I never shared that with anyone.

So many other things have happened too and now I am still following the signs not knowing what is to come but trusting all that is.

All there is, is love. All that matters, is love. All there will ever be, is love.

We are infinite beings filled with infinite possibilities, it is so beautiful.

And I am so thankful for the It just so happened that I stumbled across this site and have been drawn to it ever since then. Thank you for allowing to share this.

Yasemin Demir
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