Mindset Monday - Only Love is Real. Okay I admit I've been becoming a bit of a Spirit Junkie the past few months. I've been deeply inspired by the core teachings of Gabrielle Bernstein especially her main motto from A Course In Miracles, "Only Love is Real" The Main Objective is this: We need to start becoming Loveatarians. A loveatarian is a coined term from Gabby, "The definition of a loveatarian is someone who commits to thinking with love over fear in all areas."

Okay I admit I’ve been becoming a bit of a Spirit Junkie the past few months. I’ve been deeply inspired by the core teachings of Gabrielle Bernstein especially her main motto from A Course In Miracles, “Only Love is Real”

The Main Objective is this: We need to start becoming Loveatarians. A loveatarian is a coined term from Gabby, “The definition of a loveatarian is someone who commits to thinking with love over fear in all areas…(of their lives).”

In reality Fear is an illusion and the more we continue to digress into fear-based thinking we end up creating a cycle of chaos and struggle within our lives.

If you ever think about the last time you were angry, you probably mirrored that anger into everyone you came into contact with, you felt out of control and unconsciously in a state of fear. However when we allow our energy to stop reacting from fear, we begin creating better choices in our lives. Our energy starts relaxing and attracting even more fun situations.

 We instead align with love and choose to act from a place of surrendered presence.

For instance, one aha moment I’ve been thinking about is what is the difference between creating and co-creating your reality? We’re always natural creators but we’re also working with the law of polarity, the law of balance and unity.


Our energy is always co-creating with other beings and working with the universe. The balance is that there is always negative and positive, up and down, above and below. So your energy is always conspiring with the universe through the mirror reflection of your mindset. The balance we create is honestly more about divine alignment and aligning with our energetic vibration than it is about hustling or getting the job done.

There is an interesting balance between allowing and taking action. If you allow your energy to open up and listen to divine guidance you’re more likely to act from a place of surrendered presence vs. acting from a place of fear. When we choose to manifest a desire, our intentions must be met with aligned action otherwise you just get stuck in a wall of resistance.

In other words when we act from a place of fear, we end up straining, pushing, controlling or even trying to force something to happen, instead of letting ourselves get out of our own way by opening up to the receptivity of the universe.

One false belief that a lot of us carry is that “Success only comes from hard work” but in reality this is a false perception from the ego.

When we push and strain the energy, we’re actually acting from a place of fear. In reality we don’t always need to continuously push or strain ourselves through struggling by hard labor, we need to step back and let the universe meet us halfway.

This is when people randomly show up,  a book happens to come into your possession, doors start opening, and synchronicities begin falling in your lap.  The universe works with you not against you. Our job is to ask and start aligning with the universe so we can get out of our own way.

Therefore it’s really interesting to ask yourself:

  • Are you acting from fear or are you acting from love?

  • Are you merely emotionally reacting or are you consciously creating?

  • Am I trying to control/push the energy or Am I allowing everything to unfold naturally?


Here’s a Passage from Gabby To reflect on:

The crucial ingredients to workin’ the Course’s mind cleanse are the following concepts:

“Nothing real can be threatened”Translation: Only love is real.

“Nothing unreal exists”Translation: All fear is an illusion.

“Herein lies the peace of God”Translation: Choose love over fear and you will be way more chilled out.



The Ego Identity teaches us that we are all separate beings and that none of this is connected. However a lot of that is from our past experiences created from fear. Fear is really about being separated from our divine source.

Think about the time, you said no to a date because you were afraid you would get hurt again from a past relationship. It’s exactly that type of thinking that creates energetic walls in our lives. Our fears are merely the reactions from our past, it is this resistance that creates the brick wall of fear. Therefore whatever is disempowering your reality and influencing your energy in a negative way, say through feeling overwhelmed, struggling, drained or stressed out it’s actually rooted from fear.

In reality our fear is an illusion due to the separation of our past experiences, when we experience fear we’re really getting a focus on who we were, not who we are today. A lot of fear comes from reacting due to our past experiences. Next time you find yourself falling into a fear trap, ask yourself: Is this from my past or part of my present?

I would say about 99.99999% of the time, it’s usually due to your past.

You are created through love and it is only the ego’s identity through the law of polarity that creates fear. The problem is we choose to listen to our fear and play small. What if we started doing the opposite?

What if you decided to listen to love instead of reacting from fear, how would your life change? What would you create and  how would you feel?

It’s exciting to think about right?

The real truth is that only love is real.

Every mindset that doesn’t’ empower you is actually a falsehood you created through the ego’s false projections of Fear. It’s like a real weight has been lifted when you step out of fear and instead begin listening to the loving guidance in your head.


from “Spirit Junkie” by Gabby Bernstein

This exercise is meant to raise your vibes. It’s so simple but powerful in it’s own right.
I actually thought this was very therapeutic especially if you’re just feeling a bit off or need to raise your energy.

Think of all the negative thought patterns you’re having right now.
“Name each one as it occurs to you, then call it out. Deny it’s reality by following the fearful thought with the loving response, “Love did not create it and so it is not real.”

Here are some soulful examples:

Ego Thought: I never feel good enough
Loving Response: Love did not create the belief that i’m not worthy and so it is not real.

Ego Thought: Money never comes easy to me
Loving Response: Love did not create lack and so it is not real.

When we start acknowledging these very simple, subtle shifts in our awareness, we begin opening ourselves up to more loving vibrations.

This creates more higher vibrations in our daily life, especially when we allow our energy to surrender to the receptive flow within us.

Think about how you let your energy respond to situations:

Are you allowing or resisting the current flow due to fear?


If we decide to consciously choose love over fear, we can empower our mind daily and learn to create miracles within our life.

What are some ways you have responded to love instead of fear? Tell us about it in the comments!




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