Here are some Awakening Tips and Spiritual Lessons I've learned since starting on this crazy breathtaking journey. I wrote this list if you ever need a spiritual pick me up or just need a breath of fresh air on your Spiritual Awakening. Let it lift you up, so you can step up, show up and rise up :)

Awakening Stories comes from different perspectives and experiences. It’s what makes learning about them so beautiful. There is so many different types of Awakenings that can happen once Kundalini has been woken up.

At some point as a lightworker or Awakened one we feel the intense need to rise up and share our message with the world. This is very empowering to me because we all truthfully have a message, a story to share with the world.

That is what makes you uniquely you. We feel it within our soul to share our truths with the world and speak up against the conformity.  Awakening stories came about because I felt it in my heart to help bring awakened people together by empowering one another through our stories, questions and experiences.

You’re not alone in this. There are so many of us experiencing what you’re experiencing right now.

This is a miraculous thought. You are co-creating and your message is impacting the world.

The world is waiting for your story.


Here are some Awakening Tips and Spiritual Lessons I’ve learned since starting on this crazy breathtaking journey.

I wrote this list if you ever need a spiritual pick me up  or just need a breath of fresh air on your Spiritual Awakening.

Let it lift you up, so you can step up, show up and rise up 🙂

Here are some of the  Spiritual Lessons I’ve observed that have impacted our community over the years and especially within my own life:

1. We are our strongest Teacher

So many of us listen to “them” when in reality we need to listen to our heart, our own soul and realize that innately we already know what we need to see or do. It’s about learning to spark to life our intuition and follow the divine guidance within.

2. Gratitude is truly a magnet for miracles.

Gratitude is the key to happiness, fulfillment and divine abundance within our lives. When we live with our heart filled with gratitude, we start to realize not only is there magic in this universe but we are magic.

3. Our Wounds are also our Wisdom.

Through understanding our darkness, we will inevitably find the light. Your wounds are your strength, they are what you can share with this world. They are a part of your story and how your story transforms into what shaped who you are today. We all are full of wisdom it’s about honoring our story.

4. Awakening to the truth is about realizing we create our own truths through our mindset and beliefs we fuel into our reality.

There is absolute truths such as a square is always a square or the color blue is always blue.

Then there are relative truths which is created from our beliefs, and  mindsets we use to program our paradigm. In reality it’s our choice whether we decide to live by society’s cultural norms or learn to empower our own beliefs for how we see the world. It starts with realizing we are the one creating our reality thus creating our future. What focus are you giving to fuel your reality right now?

5. Ego is actually your friend in disguise showing you new opportunities

We cannot get rid of the ego instead realize it is a teacher, not a slave to us. The Ego is the spiritual Catalyst transforming your soul awake. When you make friends with the Ego your life gets a lot easier because you’re no longer in a battle with yourself. Acknowledging yourself through self- acceptance and self-love will always free the ego from it’s grasp.

6. Awakening is more than an inside job, it’s about learning to create the balance between the two worlds.

A lot of people get torn on this idea that we’re only spiritual energy having a human experience but we’re also humans creating experiences in the physical world. Rather than wanting to beam out to another dimension, it’s important to see Awakening is bridging the gap of both worlds. Kundalini is meant to be brought back down into the earth to experience in our physical bodies not only an internal healing job.

7. There is no separation. What we feel is separate from ourselves is actually an illusion of our ego identity

We are a co-creating collective consciousness as one. Everything is intertwined frequency, there is no separation. What we project externally is coming from our internal world. There is beauty in everything. We are all abundant and full of love. We are all one.

8. The easiest way to succeed is to learn how to get out of your own way.

Success starts in the head, the easiest way to disable the problems in your life is to learn to ask for help and stop resisting the problems! It’s important to see the easiest way is to learn to get the hell out of your own way and let the universe finish the job. 😉

9. We already carry the answers inside of us.

The Universe is inside of you. it’s been my tagline since I started this blog. You already carry the answer you seek.

10. Awakening isn’t necessarily about learning, it’s moreso about remembering who we truly are inside.

A lot of people myself included come into Awakening as if they need to learn everything from books, gurus, classes, etc. while they do help trigger us. What these books or gurus are doing is shaking our soul awake through subconscious triggers we already know. The awakening isnt a learning process it’s a remembering journey. It’s a journey of remembering who you already are and your unlimited potential.

11. Every time you feel resistance you’re on the threshold of opportunity.

When resistance aka cognitive dissonance builds it creates a snowball effect. When we are ready to let go, we open the door to possibility. Your fear is the stepping stone to opportunity. When we decide to push past our fears, our mind is waking up to a conscious shift in oneness.

12. The uncomfortable while we don’t always like it, is the place where we make the most growth and transformation.

In the Awakening journey, it’s really about learning to get comfortable with the uncomfortable because your mind is pushing you into new territory. Naturally that makes us feel resistance or even the possiblity that we’re going crazy. In reality your higher self is teaching you to get out of your comfort zone, so you can transform and grow like a butterfly coming out of it’s shell.

13. Your Fears you create are actually a mindset and they can be dismantled.

There is a lot of new age propaganda out there usually created around duality or fear consciousness. In truth, everything is created through your mindset. Your fears are something you created through your beliefs and they can always be dismantled.  Where we fail is when we let ourselves let fear run the show, instead of learning to choose love instead.

Affirm: Today I Choose love over fear.

14. Our Children are the evolved version of ourselves. Everyone is our divine Mirror reflection looking back at us.

Isn’t it strange how we can never actually see our real face,  only in the mirror? Everything you are is mirrors.  Your children are your mirror, your lover is your mirror, every relationship you have is a mirror of who you are. Your internal mind is a projected mirror reflection of your physical reality. Look around you, what are you  creating right now through the mirror?

15. Everything you experience every second is memories.

You are created through memories. Every cell in your body is holding the memories of your past ancestors.  Pretty trippy right?

16. The universe is infinite, abundant and we are all awakened creators made of eternal energy.

Energy never dies, it transforms into the next best thing. We are connected to the vast expansive universe with jillions of people, co-creating realities simultaneously. Abundance is our birthright as we are connected to the God-supply the divine plan within us. Everything is meant to be, is. We’re all just being together.

17. You are made of love, you came into the world through love and you’re technically made of a cosmic orgasm of love. You are Love.

Need I say more? 🙂

18. Whatever is bugging you or offending you is your missing link towards transformation.

This was a big aha moment for me, why do we sit in the problem and continue to feed it? Why do we continue to feed the pain or annoyance? If something is actively bugging you, you gotta start learning to change it. What are you ready to change?

19. Let go of what is limiting you, Focus Instead on What is Empowering You.

We tend to focus on what is limiting us, the negatives, the worrying, anxiety or fear when instead what if we started focusing on what empowers us? How would your life change? It’s changed my life pretty drastically. Learn to focus on what is empowering your reality instead of projecting the focus on your limitations. You’re already infinite, what is there to lose? except your limits

20. When I allow myself to surrender to the Flow without judgment or resistance, everything starts falling into place.

Allowing is the real key to getting out of your own way because then you surrender to your present reality. We are always go.go.go. which moves us out of the flow, it’s only when we slow down that the big shift occurs. Allow yourself to surrender to your present awareness and all naturally falls into place.

21. Ask to Receive, otherwise how can the universe know how to answer you?

Whenever I get stuck or need some clarity, I just ask for some help. Why struggle when you don’t have to? You gotta pitch to the universe and set that intention otherwise how can the universe know how to answer you differently?

22. Your Mission isn’t about saving the world, it’s about becoming the change to change your reality.

It’s really not about “saving the world” this idea is something outside of personal control, it’s actual futile to think this way. Instead becoming and embodying the change through personal growth – This is what changes your reality and thus creates a ripple to start changing the world. Be the Change you wish to see in the world.

23. The Other Side isn’t over “there”, it’s within you. You are the other side. Embrace it.

The other side isn’t some mythical dimension out in faerie lala land. It’s here. Right here. The other side is so close it’s right underneath your glasses. It’s within you. You are the other side. Stop searching, begin going deeper.

24. There is no “reaching” enlightenment it is not an end goal. It is eternity within the present moment.

Many individuals start on this journey with an idea that we need to embark on a quest to “reach” enlightenment, but I’ve actually found through various ego death experiences. It’s the opposite. It’s about learning to appreciate the beauty of the journey happening right here. Enlightenment is eternity within the present moment of NOW. This is where peace and bliss live. Right here.

25. Awakening is life. You cannot turn the light switch off, you either enter a state of remembering or forgetting.

I get this question a lot: Can I fall off the path or can I turn my awakening off?  I don’t like it today” You can’t turn off an awakening. If you fall into a dark pattern or negative habit it does not mean you’re suddenly off the path. In fact this is the part where we need to not beat ourselves up and instead find self-acceptance through love. You are never off the path because you are the one creating it.

26. We’re meant to live in the Higher Vibrations, we just don’t always realize that’s possible.

Our Natural state is living in the higher vibrations of peace, love, abundance, harmony and joy. However we need to create that balance of living in both worlds. Our negative emotions are not bad, it’s how we’re viewing our negative emotions and beating ourselves up about them. Our natural state is a higher vibrational state, this is how we were born, everything else is an illusion we created through our identity growing up through beliefs and the thoughts we used to fuel our reality. It’s really about seeing we always have a choice to decide how we wish to create. It’s all play.

Today  I choose peace. I choose abundance. I allow myself to choose joy.

27. Your Ripple Is Stretching Millions.

Your Voice matters. Repeat after me, You are Enough. You are the universe and your ripple is expanding outward, growing and rippling out effecting lives everywhere you go. Your ripple of consciousness is expanding into people’s lives whether or not you realize it. It is your ripple that is stretching millions especially as someone who is experiencing evolved consciousness. In fact, your frequency is vibrating so high you’re effecting everyone you come into contact with, remember that.

It’s time to Rise up  and let your light shine on the world.

Have you had a Spiritual Experience or Awakening Story of lessons You’d like to share?

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Here are some Awakening Tips and Spiritual Lessons I've learned since starting on this crazy breathtaking journey. I wrote this list if you ever need a spiritual pick me up or just need a breath of fresh air on your Spiritual Awakening. Let it lift you up, so you can step up, show up and rise up :)



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