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3 Steps to Manifest Your Dream Job

How do I manifest my Dream Career, my Dream Business, or my Dream Job? A Question I’ve asked myself a million times 😆 I imagine if you’re reading this article, you’ve felt the same. Well it Starts with a Solid Foundation of your Career Blueprint Today in our How to

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From Lost Empath to Mastering my Mindset

Have you ever wondered about the journey of transformation and what it looks like to Shift your Mindset? I wanted to bring awareness to the process of Transformation. Often, when we think about mindset, we are probably not considering the process itself, more likely we think about the end result.

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How to Manifest More Fun & Manifesting games with your Kids.

Let’s stop sucking the fun out of manifesting and talk about how “Fun” is the vibe you’re actually looking for because it helps you get into alignment the fastest! hehe  The new Manifesting series has been so fun for me to explore and give you awareness on how much we can take Manifestation out

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The Mission: Stop Suppressing Your Intuitive Power

The Podcast is Officially OUT! Welcome to a fresh season of Awaken and Manifest Your Best Life, the Podcast experience. We’re kicking this episode one with an Unfiltered talk on What The Awakened State’s core mission is about: Stop Suppressing Your Intuitive power and Start Learning to Embrace it. This

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3 Tips to Manifest an Abundance Mindset (Works Fast When Applied!)

Introducing A New Series on the Youtube: How to Manifest _______ Let’s discuss all the beautiful and endless possibilities about What you can Manifest with the law of attraction.  This week our focus is on **Drum Roll please** Abundance! Let’s Explore one of the most important aspects of Manifestation, Rooting

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3 Tips to Manifest Divine Health & Empower your Healing Journey

Hello Beautiful people,  This month on the channel we’re entering into a How to Manifest series by TOPIC.  A fun Summer Series to discuss how there are sooo many different areas you can use manifestation to your personal advantage.  One of the MOST important areas I find is Manifesting Great Health and Vitality. Due to my own Background on

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Hey There!

I’m Ashley, As an Empowerment Mindset Coach & Manifestation Expert, I support Spiritual empaths (or Lightworkers) Struggling to Manage their Symptoms of Spiritual awakening. I teach them how to Emotionally heal & Change the way they Think & act, so that they  can confidently Own their Intuitive gifts, Believe in their own Success & Manifest a Soul Aligned Life they are obsessed with

 The Awakened State is a place to help Empower You on your spiritual journey forward. 


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