Everything You Know is True – What are you making your truth?

What are you making your truth?

It’s a little bit of a confronting question but also a much needed one.

So many of us walk around saying ‘thoughts create reality’ while at the same time, we’re walking around speaking about things that


Marinate in this question – What are you making your truth right now?

Don’t you love when you receive spiritual downloads from the most obscure places?

That’s how I felt lately when I began hearing this quote in a tv show I was watching called Britannia. (really good fantasy show btw) 

The Quote was talking about the point of Life and the three things you learn: He mentions

“Everything you know, you everything you ever learned, is true”

It got me thinking a lot about the concept of truth and how it applies to Belief!

In the true space of neutrality, we can take on new beliefs from the roots of settling on our old beliefs.

What an empowering thing to think about!

Beliefs can be changed. What you are making your personal truth IN your personal world, can be changed. It can shift. it can mold, it can change shape, the more you begin changing your beliefs and habits with your own sense of mind discipline.

What naturally followed is a very flowy deep dive discussion on the Power of belief and what we make truth in our reality.

I’m not even sure what happened as this flowed out of me but it got me thinking about how our Language patterns dominate our vibration and our natural point of attraction. Which started a snowball conversation on going deep into how we can change our paradigm by changing what we see as our truth.

The focus point I made on neutrality was soooo groundbreaking for how we can see beliefs more simply and learn that we’re the ones driving our own ship so to speak 😉

This is the type of stuff i absolutely love to geek out on and teach because belief work is where it is at.

This was recently featured on a FB live I did last week.

Enjoy the Discussion, 

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Remember, the universe is inside of you
and you hold the power to design your life,


P.S. I deeply believe we must be Unapologetic in our focus towards our True Desires of our Heart and actively decide what we know to be true for ourselves!

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Love ya! 

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