We have now completed the first spiral of Cycles of Healing (32 articles), laying the groundwork for linking the new moon with the Great Year Ages and all that involves. This second spiral will look at the new and full moon charts. If you are new to Western Sidereal Astrology, please read this articleI am using charts drawn up for Washington, D.C. and use sidereal whole sign houses. If you want to know how to use Cycles of Healing with each new moon for deep healing, read this article.

The forecast, as always, will affect individuals with natal planets or points in aspect to the planets and points covered below. To determine if these aspects will affect you personally, check your sidereal natal chart (the common tropical chart degrees will be way off and therefore useless – not apples to apples). To calculate your sidereal degrees, subtract 24° from your tropical degrees; this will be close, not exact, but good enough for our purposes. Sidereal astrology is where the planets actually are if you take the time to look up at the night sky.

July 4, 2016 New Moon in sidereal Gemini
July 4, 2016 New Moon in sidereal Gemini

The New Moon is at 18° 48’ conjunct Sun in 12th house Gemini and Sirius at 19° 20’; also conjunct Mercury at 15° 32’ and Venus at 26° 22’. Lots of personal planetary energy focused on the subconscious realm and the longing for divine communion – our relationship with the inner realms (multi-dimensional dream realms). We are being sent messages. Are we quiet enough to receive them? This is a very important time to reset our trajectory and reaffirm what is important to our highest truth. 

12th house Gemini Mercury will give us the best possible clarity, but we need to focus on, be free from distraction, and want it. Its not a given. Take care with mental over-rev. We do those things that we know bring peace, calm and steady focus to the mind.

12th house Gemini Venus will help us to identify important earthly values and to look at them with our deep inner wisdom. We can have a significant realignment of values toward authenticity if we use this time wisely.

Sirius adds a deep, ancient focus on the use of our consciousness within the subconscious realm. Are we positively focused or fearful? Whatever it is, will be amplified. We can retrieve important subconscious material and bring it into the conscious realm if we release fear and open to flow.

The Ascendant is 2° 48’ Cancer. We will want to pay attention to a balanced nurturing of others vs. ourselves. A balance between inner life vs. outer activity (we may feel like hibernating a bit rather than partying). Our trajectory is nurturance: cozy, comfy experiences that make us feel safe, with a dash of healthy nostalgia for good measure. Note what comes up. Trine retrograde Chiron at 1° 8’, there could be some unexpected healing to go through, so don’t be stingy with the nostalgia and cozy comforts.

Jupiter at 23° 28’ is conjunct the North Node at 21° 42’ in 2nd house Leo. Our security will come from our ability to find creative solutions to our personal insecurities. Creating for art’s sake will get the ball rolling. We don’t need to have a reason to create – it must become a well-used tool in our personal bag of healing strategies. Jupiter and the North Node now will continue to separate. We’ve had the opportunity to realign our destiny with creative exploration and joyous fun. What have we discovered?

Mars in 4th house Libra at 29° 6’ is on the cusp, heading back into Scorpio and a conjunction with Saturn later in the summer. Our desires for a balanced home life and roots with fair play all around will start to express itself with a stronger will to know what we want in life as Mars moves into 5th house Scorpio. We take care about the slow burn when we are angry and address things straight on as soon as we become aware of irritation so that we don’t strike with the Scorpion’s tail when it has all become too much. We can find our highest truth through enjoyment, creativity, the arts and entertainments. Take yourself to a film, enjoy a summer outdoor symphony, or star gaze on the beach and track the movement of Mars and Saturn in the beautiful constellation of Scorpio. It is a magical time!

Saturn at 16° 54’ is still retrograde in 5th house Scorpio conjunct Antares, the heart of the Scorpion. Saturn is helping us take our time to reflect on what our deepest truths and desires are. Are we congruent with where we are now in our lives, are we still in self-mode or are we expanding to include All Our Relations, letting go of preconceived ideas and not holding onto any situation pleasant or otherwise? We let life flow through us and then discover the magic of synchronisicty. Antares adds power.

Pluto at 22° 12’ Sagittarius 6th house opposes the entire stellium of the 12th house exerting a potentially powerful transformative quality on that collective dynamic. Trine Jupiter and the North Node, all this can bode well for changes in our inner lives that will show up later in our outer lives after we integrate, through reflection, how we want our lives to look now that so much has changed within. There is a long-term wave of transformative changes that we are still riding. Everything points to radically different ways of being eventually becoming the norm within each one of us. Right now it is all still dramatic and unknown.

Neptune at 17° 50’ Aquarius 8th house is still squaring Saturn. So, we still don’t expect to know what we are doing, or going to do. Its all up in the air and with Uranus/Eris in Aries quintile Mars, it compounds our potential frustration when trying to get a workable plan together. Let it be. We develop our trust and faith in our own process and don’t worry so much about how things need to look in our lives (or specially anyone else’s if that is something you involve yourself with). We may feel unclear what our deepest truth is. We may feel very spacey a lot of the time, and unable to ground. However, the up side to this is that we can be open to something completely different. Take steps to ground when out and about, specially when driving, and take care if making life changing decisions, but otherwise, enjoy this dreamy quality of life for now. Things will become clear after this square, so don’t be alarmed.

What I have found to be particularly magical is to 1) let go of all preconceived ideas, 2) really be ok with what is (things often rearrange themselves anyway when we are not invested in a certain outcome), and 3) decide to enjoy yourself no matter what shows up. It’s hard to describe the difference between apathy and just letting life flow through one. The difference is in feeling the energetic signature. Apathy feels like resignation and defeat; letting life flow through us feels engaged with life while simultaneously knowing that everything will be taken care of and we don’t have to strive, angst or worry when things don’t seem to be what we would most wish for. Weird and wonderful things happen when we get into this mode of being (showing up and letting go) and this is a great time to practice.

Uranus is in the first arc minutes of Aries 10th house: 00° 10’. We continue to see many examples of the powerful, history-making Uranus-Eris conjunction.

  • The Pope elevated Mary Magdalene’s status, after 2000 years of being a prostitute, to Christ’s first disciple.
  • England and Wales voted to leave the European Union while Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain. The United Kingdom has split in more ways than one. This will have huge repercussions for the world. Will we see a rise in fascist rhetoric and legislating in Britain? Recall the Beltane Astro-article where I noted that the last time this conjunction took place was in 1927 and set the stage for Hitler’s rise to power.
  • Rome, Italy, has just elected a woman as mayor after nearly 3000 years of male dominance. A thirty-eight-year-old lawyer, Virginia Raggi’s first plan of action is to clean up the rampant corruption in the city. Raggi is from the small populist party, the Five Star Movement, whose goals are: public water, sustainable transportation, sustainable development, the right to internet access, and environmentalism. May she be protected and helped to achieve her goals, and in the overwhelming position of being an agent of positive change.

Tenth house Uranus in Aries conjunct Ceres and Eris will bring an individual imperative to our public personae. If Uranus is aspected in our natal chart, we may meet a sudden shift in our career position.  Globally it will show itself as sudden, often shocking, changes in the business-as-usual flow of events, and our relationship to technologies as individual privacy is sacrificed for continued distractions. How can we use technology positively? This is one of the key issues of this important aspect. Keep watch on the global stage for developments.

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