After experiencing some intense vertigo and anxiety over the past few days, many people are saying we are indeed shifting. The energies lately could be described as a build up to the Equinox and they started roughly right after the peak of Venus Retrograde(August 23rd) which ended on Sept 6th. Its a peculiar energy that we seem to be facing that is a massive influence on Venus. We just came out of Venus retrograde and now we’re in the shadow of Mercury which is in Libra also ruled by Venus. So this energy is screaming heart chakra shift.

In general the energy feels like a build up because we not only have a lot going on astrologically but we are at the ending of the season. The Equinox itself always brings with it a very abrupt transitional energy that is towards change. However before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s stop and look at everything that is going on this September.

  • Autumn Equinox: Sept 23rd
  • Mercury retrograde: Shadow phase August28th & goes retro Sept 17th
  • Square between Mars and Saturn plus Pluto direct(very high tension astrology days): Sept 24-25th
  • Saturn moving in Sagittarius: Sept 17th 2015 to Dec 19th 2017
  • Eclipse season: Partial Solar Eclipse – Sept 13th & Super Bloodmoon Lunar Eclipse – Sept 27-28th
  • Wave X: September 23-24th
  • 1/3 Awakening predicted by Matt Kahn(for kicks & giggles): Sept 27th

All is bubbling down to a cosmic intensity at the middle of September!

This energy is something we need to see happen as a new gateway opens. I recently did a tarot reading and the card that struck me the most was the Death card. I think this card shows a great symbolism for what we are about to embark on as the death card is about CHANGE and most importantly new cycles. One thing that blatantly keeps coming up is I feel this energy we’re about to enter into is all about growing stronger especially spiritually. This gateway is about initiation, for some that could mean the start of Awakening and for others who already here going through this, it means Strength and building the new. As the Equinox is all about new cycles it is also bringing with it some intense new energies. I feel the accumulation of what we are experiencing is quite similar to the shifting energy in 2011, it’s very strong.

View of earth at equinox
View of earth at equinox

We seem to be doing a bunch of shadow work as the window of the eclipse/ equinox gets closer. There are patterns of various symptoms arising that many are facing right now including: vertigo, nausea, sinus issues, hot feet/ hands, a feeling as if you’re in a tunnel or spinning, recycling issues, emotional purge, ego death, and possibly for some even triggering dark night of the soul. I have also noticed there is this theme of past issues resurfacing, things from your childhood, past trauma/ wounds or even dark issues you faced in the past that helped spawn your own Awakening. There is also this occurence where you may get triggered from a memory or a subconscious fear you have had in the past may sudden trigger you back to that place you thought you already healed. This is all about becoming stronger so we may start revisiting some of these shadows in the underworld of our subconscious that act as “triggers” to help awaken you much further. I would even dub that for some you may experience a dark night of the soul recap. The big word im feeling is “catalyst” people are going to start having abrupt triggers that act as a catalyst to grow stronger spiritually.

This is a strange energy because it is all about releasing and letting go of the old energy. This is because a lot of new energy is coming so in order to integrate the new, we first need to rid ourselves of the old. I mean this can manifest deep internal work to the surface to be cleared and many will start feeling it. So this retrograde is all about facing our deep past issues and releasing all the knots that no longer serve us. We could imagine this like you went through your awakening in the past but now in order to grow stronger and integrate these new energies coming, we need to do some time traveling. We are revisiting the dusty corners and cleaning up what was left behind. We need to cleanse in a way where we completely heal and are ready to move into higher frequencies of transformation. So what I deeply feel from this shift is about remembrance and embracing who we are. My guides mentioned to me last night you need to release all this baggage in order to be back on your “A game” with this shift. So what many are going through now is essentially a time where we are cleaning up all these extra knots we missed when first awakening.

This is going to be hard for some because this will require a lot of compassion, self work, and acceptance for letting go but if you begin surrendering to it the process will become easier and easier. This is a beautiful crystalline energy and we need to be ready for it.

Initiation. Integration. Synthesis.

Over the last few days this is what I’ve been feeling, September will be an initiation energy as we are pulled into the Eclipse window and Equinox amongst everything else going on. Then once we enter this gate there will be another come 11.11 which will be about the integration of those energies which slowly builds up into the Solstice where there is always a profound shift in the energy, this will be lead into a synthesis. I think what is going down is an accumulation of new energies that are starting to build up more and more. Some would call this an upgrade or downloads as the ascension symptoms are more prominent. See more about the symptoms here: Symptoms of Awakening Post-2013

However what this is doing is creating a big opening for growth. I had the strangest thing happen a few weeks ago, we accidentally smashed a mirror and while most would view that as superstitious I saw the symbol of breaking the reflection, breaking the illusions. Mirrors are basically a symbol of the illusion of our reflection, they are gateways into how we view ourselves. Our relationships are our deepest mirrors of all as they reflect our subconscious back to us so I believe what the universe is showing us is there are no barriers anymore. What you are generating from the inside is going to start projecting outward into material reality. All of your issues from the past or the present are going to start surfacing. The phase i have always stood by and I believe our guest author also mentioned this one as well: “All illusions will be revealed about awakening, as above so below as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul.” – Hermes Trismegistus. So I think what this is doing is we are beginning to dismantle these illusions we place on ourselves and go deeper into the unknown. With the Equinox/ Eclipse/ Mercury retrograde our subconscious is going to be much much stronger which means our manifestations and what we think is going to be more powerful so we need to really raise our vibrations and try to stay in a positive place.

THIS is what this energy is creating we are becoming stronger with our new-found abilities, telepathy is becoming stronger, energy reading is becoming easier and your intuition is becoming much more powerful than before and this is all to do with finding that inner strength as these new energies come. We are here to help the others not only see their potential but be a guide on their path as they struggle as you once struggled through the ripping away of illusions. As more and more people begin to wake up we as a collective are starting to change reality and this is something that is going to start accumulating more and more as we enter this gate.

I feel this so deeply it is all around us, observe people and reality everyone is starting to go through this cataclysm because the barriers are down. If we begin to see this opening we need to surrender and embrace it because what is coming is new but will also be about building the new cycle. Your new manifested cycle. A question to ask yourself right now is what are you building currently in your own life and what can you start to create to make your life be what you desire?

Eclipse Seasonsun-eclipse-sunning-abstract-digital-art-hd-facebook-cover

Eclipses can be felt up to SIX MONTHS after they occur so what is happening now is only the entrance of what the energy of eclipses can manifest. Eclipses work like a Yin Yang. Solar Eclipses are the Yang energy. They are the Masculine force building external change and motivating us to push forward into new territory. The Lunar Eclipse is Yin Energy. The feminine force transcending our emotional boundaries and inwardly focused. Especially during lunar eclipses you will notice you will suddenly be very introspective and thinking about your choices. Regardless the theme of any eclipse is CHANGE. Eclipses can affect our bio-rhythms and send us out of our natural order of routine. Deep feelings, emotional truths, and feeling can run rampant as the energy of eclipse nears.

Solar Eclipse
A Solar Eclipse is when the moon is exactly between the sun and the earth and blocks the light of the sun from the earth. A portion of the complete disc of the sun(as viewed from the earth is temporarily shadowed. It is as if the shadow is blocking out the flow of the sun’s energy to the Earth. Solar eclipses are very powerful New Moons and are known to herald significant endings and beginnings. A metamorphosis is beginning to take hold and if you are in direct alignment with this eclipse your life will change forever in magnificent ways(whether you like it or not ;)) Eclipses are about endings and beginnings. Ultimately the changes in how you see yourself will affect how you’re perceived by others thereby affecting all of your relationships both personal and business. This is all good as you review your life, let go of past aspirations recommit to what works and plant seeds in a new garden of personal goals.

Theme of Your Eclipse: To find out which house in your natal chart will be affected go here, Finding the house for an Eclipse

Saturn Moves Into Sagittarius

Saturn is finally leaving the brutal energy of Scorpio(sex, death, root karma, rebirth, money) where we won’t encounter this alignment for another 29 years, WHEW! and entering into the wisdom years of Sagittarius(philosophy, beliefs, faith). Imagine moving from the restrictive karmic materialism of Scorpio into the spiritual expansion of Sagittarius. It will feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. What’s interesting here is Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, mythic god of optimism, hope, knowledge through growth which is quite a contrast to self-disciplined Saturn. These two opposing forces could start an interesting balance of growth and spiritual expansion in the making. We shall see.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra

We all hear something different when retrograde appears but the traditional advice is “Don’t travel, Don’t sign contracts. Don’t marry. Don’t touch electronics!”

Mercury Retrograde is a special time that happens about 3-4 times a year and lasts about eight weeks total with a preshadow phase, retrograde phase and post-retrograde phase. The planet mercury doesn’t literally slow down and start moving backward, it’s moreso an optical illusion. Mercury Retrograde occurs when it is moving backwards, into its shadow, which causes communication, scheduling, transportation and judgment to become cloudy or error prone. Mercury travels through the two hemispheres of our consciousness going into the underworld of our psyche, the subconscious. Our Right brain is more in tune with the spirit world and is controlled by the our intuition, psychic sensitivity, long-term memory, and emotions. Going into the underworld of our psyche is often challenging but needs to be done for clearing and healing. If you were to summarize Mercury retrograde, it is teaching you to slow down and reevaluate your situations right now. It’s a tremendous growth period especially for your inner relationship with yourself as well as your relationships with other people.

11359709_lMercury is the ruler of Communications, therefore when retrograde prepare for miscommunication, Things get lost, your mail goes to the wrong person, arguments, car rage, people act batshit crazy, electronics go haywire. “Mercury stations retrograde from Sept 17 to Oct 9 between 0º and 15º Libra. During the retrograde Mercury will square Pluto and conjunct Black Moon Lilith. There is certainly a strong occult and fated feel to the Mercury Retrograde. It feels very shifty too as Mercury stations direct while at the same time the North Node enters Virgo. Not only that but there is a blood-red Lunar Eclipse at 4º Aries which throws more emphasis on the shadow.” [Dark Star Astrology] MERCURY is in Libra ruling planet of Venus. The themes here are partnerships, balance, love, truth, equality,beauty and luxuries.

You tend to use “RE” actions such as reevaluate, reinvent, renovate and reform. You revisit old patterns, old wounds, old relationships and people from the past randomly show up all to help clear and heal.

Many people dread retrogrades because not everyone likes seeing behind their own face and what lays hidden underneath their mask.It can bring up discomfort, old wounds, old relationships and even fights in relationships. It is sometimes a difficult period for people but through their struggles it is also a rewarding challenge-based period for growth and renewal. Mercury teaches us to slow down, let go, release and go within to heal. So we can integrate these new revelations and reinvent ourselves.

Autumn Equinox

The equinox is also a powerful time for change. ALL of these astrological dates have a reoccurring theme of pushing us out of our comfort zone, be ready for change and transformation. It’s really peculiar. Well sum up with an image I created last year:equinox

The Super Blood Moon and Wave X

Finally we have to discuss what all spiritual enthusiasts are talking about the Super blood moon and the date of Wave X. Super moons as we know are treated like extra potent full moons so add a lunar eclipse to the mix and you have a very strong energetic day. Lunar eclipses are more retrospective and internalized. So whatever you may have been processing or dealing with from the solar eclipse comes into a full circle with the lunar energies. Lunar eclipse is a feminine energy and it can bring about emotional and mental issues that need to be worked on for healing. Now what makes this lunar eclipse so special is that it’s the last one out of a tetrad series of eclipses since 2012. A lunar tetrad is when the four total eclipses occur at six months intervals from each other. This is pretty significant considering how 2012 opened the gates during the precession of the equinox in December. Also in numerology a 6666 could be a 12.12 , 33 or 9 meaning endings which is interesting bc the 27th is also a 99 day. So there’s even some interesting symbolism happening.

Many channelers, healers, and the like are all starting to talk about this mysterious date and gateway of energy called Wave X. Wave X is a term coined by Dr. Simon Atkins where he predicted an acceleration and heightening of electromagnetic energy from the sun and other cosmic energies will build over the course of late August into September specifically peaking into the 23rd-24th of September which he describes as a ‘frequency shift’ in consciousness. This frequency shift will affect people in multiple ways including: heightening metaphysical abilities, sudden weather changes, multiple CMEs, kundalini like behaviour, and many other events. Learn more here: In5d Wave X Predictions

skupinove-leceni_55e819b5761ffThere is also Matt Kahn, an intuitive healer/channeler who made a prediction that each of the four blood moons signified an initiation into the 5th dimensional frequency which leads to the first wave of ascension. Personally i believe you can’t put a date on “Thee Ascension” because it is not a date or place it is a state of consciousness that can happen to any individual who is ready. It’s important to remember dimensions are not physical places they are mental states of consciousness. Also there is this theory bc it is the last initiation moon it will cause a ripple for 1/3 of the world to awaken. There are a lot of predictions floating around so it’s hard to say what is or isn’t true at this point in time. However I do feel it signifies a lot more people are going to start awakening to the truths of reality. Also awake doesn’t necessarily mean spiritual awakening at first, it could mean people are going to become more in tune or conscious of reality. There may even by a point where people start becoming more conscious of their bodies and starting to heal them. It could also mean people are going to start changing how we view the planets’ resources and it could even mean changes for political or economic growth. Its kinda a stab in the dark. I do feel with everything else going on astrologically we are going to be pushed into many new directions as a whole. All of these events are creating new energies and drastic change within the populace only time will tell what this means for the collective as a whole but I honestly believe intuitively it’s bound to be outstandingly good for our future.

What are your thoughts on the coming astrological changes and Wave X? Let us know in the comments!



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