Manifesting and healing are part of the same conversation. Healing is a moment to remember you are always stronger than your fear, doubt, insecurities and we have to learn to be bigger than our b.s. to create real sustainable manifesting.

When we bring awareness to our healing, we literally cannot unsee it – Which means Change is inevitable.

Your Magnetism will move back into Alignment.

Your energy will now be an energetic match – because you brought the unconscious into conscious awareness.

It’s honestly been awhile since I really healed something deep but I was recently having something come up with my teeth simultaneously while I was breaking through some heavy beliefs around being seen in my throat chakra. Seeing this new perspective, I forgot what it is like to be healing something so obvious until I recently broke through a massive throat chakra shift ?

Today, I want to give you a bit of a walkthrough of this process as maybe it can help shed some light on your own healing path.


The thing that a lot of people won’t really say is there is often a buffer zone time between your previous normal and your new normal

This is a weird feeling because it’s like straddling two different worlds but being aware of them at the same time. Yet you also know the old one is dying and you can’t go back.

There’s a ton of sudden shifts where the universe is locked in and loaded to rearrange in your favor.
This could look like lag time but what is really happening is all these sudden shifts are windfalling back into alignment.

So it feels like suddenly,
Things surface in the physical to be healed
Things that were lost are suddenly found
Things you’ve been putting off? Are now front and center

Here’s a little infographic I made for Instagram that goes into some of the more common ones:

The fascinating part of healing and releasing is witnessing yourself slowly, shifting, moving and guiding yourself back to alignment.

That is the true teachers job to guide their clients back to alignment.

But its even funnier when it happens to myself and I can just see it so transparently and energetically

The healing is occurring when we suddenly feel
The alignment coming back Into form
The intense need to do things differently
The neglected parts of you are now being nurtured, loved, accepted and cared for.

Healing can be a moment where you literally witness chaos being put back in order and the the universe rearranging itself in your favor.

How does healing feel to you?

In today’s video, I want to share with you classic signs that you know you’re healing and moving through. As I explained above, I was recently going through something in my throat chakra and I give you a basic walkthrough of what I started to notice as I literally shifted myself back into alignment.

Look at the Signs of healing.

Feel into, How do you approach and see healing? Are you choosing to stay stuck or are you willing to really move through?

Telling ourselves the truth and getting honest about Healing is a moment to recognize we can always move through.

It is simply an illusion to believe otherwise.


As mentioned in the video, The Soul Aligned Manifesting Circle is a deep dive into this work.

If we truly desire to increase our Receiving potential it begins by going into the Energetics of the body,
Overriding the b.s that is keeping you stuck, healing what needs to be healed, and stepping into your Next level of Expansion. Desire. Allowing.

Enter the Circle,
It’s time to do things differently,

This for those committed to deep transformation, to Learn how to Heal & manifest from the inside out.

Ready to join us?

If you are looking for deeper support in this area, claim your spot in the Soul Circle below

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