The big Kahuna is coming…11.11 bringing in dynamic change as always. This particular date is usually very expansive due to the geometry of the numbers. 11.11 is a gateway number sequence. I have asked guides about this date and what they predict is interesting because it denotes extreme change in particular the nervous system changing. This can also be certain that what many are feeling now is the dark night of the soul collective. We are all one consciousness so if others are being triggered right now, guess what we get triggered too but in a different way…our minds are growing stronger. I can even testify to this from just the bizarre symptoms and experiences I have been having. For example, we were shopping and my eyes locked with another girl, I just knew she was starving herself and her mind said “everyone hates me” another time I was in line and the cashier just looked upset. My mind suddenly thought the words “God I hate my job” now I don’t work at target so why was I suddenly thinking this as I’m checking out? Telepathic communication is getting much much stronger which means our minds are turning into the encyclopedia of collective thought forms. So everything that was inside is transferring out. This is something that is absolutely life changing and it’s only the beginning!

The Cosmic Mirror

098Our relationship with people are a mirror reflection of our internal reality, the cosmic mirror. What you are projecting onto others is nothing more than a projection from our consciousness. These new energies seem to be producing emotional or subconscious triggers into old memories. We noticed this in the past late 2013-2014 during winter (shout out to Ati for helping us figure what that was). If you notice these shifts aren’t exactly weakening,  they are growing stronger just like ourselves. This strong influence on our emotions leads me to believe this is directly effecting our nervous system, our leftover karmic knots, and definitely the subtle energy body.

Usually when our emotions are activated, it’s a direct correlation to our endocrine system aka giving the chakras a good workout. Society seems to be at this point where the systems are crashing and MANY people are just feeling ” I’m done, I’m tired of this, I’m just done to the point where you can stick a fork in me”. This feeling we are beginning to acknowledge is the old paradigm dying. We are shedding the last layers of the past and really telling our consciousness ” hey this is over”. Also many people are reporting they feel as if they have anxiety randomly where they feel as if they are dying or have a thought of dying. This is the minds way of formulating a mini ego death. It is not you, yourself that is dying physically, the old consciousness is dying and the new evolved consciousness is being born. We also seem to be immensely focused on the root chakra these days and the adrenals. The adrenals help regulate the immune system ( flu symptoms) and are directly linked to the base of kundalini. Adrenal fatigue is also linked to chronic stress and cortisol levels. I think what the majority of us are feeling is the ripping away of illusions within the collective consciousness. I’ve always labeled this dark night of the soul collective. This is why I believe this is strongly happening to many people within the stream.

It seems many individuals are projecting INTENSELY on others. This may be due to a healing heart shift but I think it goes deeper than that. You will notice this immense parallel between the solar plexus( will power, control) and heart center (compassion, forgiveness ). The more we dig a little deeper it’s easier to observe that many truths are coming to the surface, big time. Whatever you swept under the rug is now turning on you. There is no rug anymore it’s as if the internal and the external worlds are merged. There is no barrier between the subconscious world and the material reality. However this isn’t all bad this is actually outstanding. This energy can create two things: absolute chaos or nearly instant manifestation. What side you stand on is inevitably your choice. It is very apparent there is this perception of being able to listen to frequencies much clearer which in turn is causing Awakened individuals to be more consciously aware of our actions.

It doesn’t just feel like dualism though, there is a connecting unity to what is going on right now. Its like if you we’re to imagine someone’s dirt is suddenly visible for all to see. It’s a vulnerable and raw energy. All that was once hidden will be revealed upon awakening. So in retrospect that affair you were having is suddenly discovered, that natural demeanor not the false self  you show yourself on Facebook,  instagram, etc. is suddenly not so picture perfect anymore. The egocentric box we once created for comfort and conformity is gone.

Inspiration-Yvan-Feusi-New-Era-992x686This energy is best to be positive, honest, virtuous, compassionate, understanding, forgiving and pure loving otherwise you will inevitably crash and burn. The people who are liars, instigators,  energy manipulators, bullies, energy vampires and everyone else in a negative space are starting to get their karma as everything comes to the surface for all. If we act on negative emotions in this energy,  the repercussions are nearly instant. So it’s best to be on super good behavior, no joke. You might even get a cookie 😉

I remember this ripple started winter 2013 where many people faced their shadow self. Collectively this has grown stronger and I’m willing to bet 11.11 will send us directly into another cosmic trigger. So we need to HOLD STRONG. This time is past for many of us, remember all this pain is illusion for we are eternal.

The best thing about this energy is it is all about choices! Our vibrational frequency we are emitting is powering those intentions into actions. I have noticed there is a huge theme of acting on our emotions instead of our intuition. When we act on emotions we don’t always make the best decisions like that chocolate cake you needed to eat because your boyfriend broke up with you. Hey I get it, everyone loves chocolate but if you’re reaching for sweets because of a bad day instead of dealing with your emotions you are just projecting. When we act on emotions we are trying to fill a void space. It is the same with people when we project our problems onto others we are acting on our emotions or in many cases trying to control others through our actions. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. A classic example is a tailgater. They purposely inch closer trying to get you to move faster so they have this plan if they edge you enough you will magically go faster. This is all manipulating control through our emotions.

We are acting on our emotions when we decide to project on other people our internal problems. This energy is showing us we have a choice: act on love or act on fear, act on compassion through forgiveness or act on emotional fears through insecurities where we try to fill a void space only ourselves can heal. When we try to fill a voice space with other means such as compulsive buying, comfort foods, ideas of love, projecting hate, complaining, worry or bullying other people, we are talking to ourselves. We need to listen and we need to listen deeply!


Whenever we feel cognitive dissonance( fear, anxiety, hate, anger, etc.) It is a sign from the universe that we need to let go. The more we resist letting go of the old the stronger it builds and builds within our reality. Your once acute anxiety suddenly transforms into a full-fledged panic attack. So the key is to surrender and let go of the thoughts that no longer serve your highest good.

This energy is telling us let go or be dragged. The more we resist the turmoil will persist. So when you feel like the recycling loose cannon you need to let go of the resistance inside of you. This shift is massive, we ALL feel it even those still sleeping it is causing many to be erratic, angry, and just plain mean. This is a strong resistance because it is telling us we need to let go of the old energy. Question your ego, question the resistance and most of all question your reality.

Tips to Get Through This New Energy


FOCUS – Stay focused. Don’t let your thoughts stray. The best way to do this is the breath. This is high time to take a break from caffeine and various substances that generate anxious thoughts or cycling behaviors. Alcohol is another one that can make your energy out of control and depleted. Use them wisely or not at all during this time because the energy is meant to work on our nervous system and deep changes within the energy body. So find your center, go back to the breath if it helps and stay focused.

UNPLUG – LESS INTERNET MORE CREATIVITY. Spend each day with at least a few hours “offline” and unplugged. It will be easier to tune into your own body this way. Manifestation is soooo strong, if we have all these various projections online we lose focus and begin projecting on their emotions through words. So use social networking with care. This is also a great time to bust out the creative juices. Spend more time visualizing,  affirmations,  intentions,  gratitude and a positive attitude all will be beneficial. Imagine. Believe. Create.What do you want to create?

MIND DISCIPLINE – We just got into the show Dark Matter and I love what Ryo says about losing focus. ” your acting from your emotions, you need more discipline with your mind”. OBSERVE. Don’t act from emotions. A great affirmation to say: FEEL don’t think. Yoga and meditation are great for this. Although the more consciously aware we are the easier it becomes.

SYMBOL MANIPULATION – The world is build around symbols, start using them to your advantage! Embrace your inner alchemy with words and intentions. Simple actions we do daily are great ways to rid ourselves of old energy and start building the new. Cleansing rituals: take a bath visualizing all the trouble going down the drain, ” cancel, clear, delete” while washing hands, throw things away with intention of getting rid of the old, take a cleansing shower revitalize, get rid of old things, cleaning your house cleans the mind! Spend the day observing what symbols come into your life, animals, deja vu, synchronicity, certain words or themes. Its time to embrace your inner alchemy by letting the symbols help you!

HEALTH – The body is the temple to the soul and this goes with getting stronger. So many people are mentioning detox, find a health routine, and start eating better. If what we are seeing is effecting the nervous system, we are preparing our bodies collectively. Personally been seeing this a lot around family and friends wanting to exercise more, wanting to quit smoking or healthier diets.

GROUNDING – Stay grounded and eats lots of protein. Gaia is urging us to stay linked to the earth during this time. the earth is like a docking station so we need desperately to stay rooted now. It will help with the nausea, dizziness, lightheaded, or even the emotional turmoil.

SELF CARE – Take time to honor your own soul. Do things that make your soul happy and find things to enjoy in your day-to-day rituals.

COMPASSION – LISTEN. Listen to others and acknowledge everyone had a story to tell. When we look people in the eyes with compassion in our hearts and listen to them instead of thinking over them we create a connection through understanding. We begin to see the cosmic mirror within us all. For we are all cosmic mirrors of each other as one. So find that connection through understanding rather than judging.

In closing, listen to your own body! This is a beautiful energy to embrace our innate strength and empower our souls. When we find the strength to let go of the old energy we unleash the magic into our lives.


REMEMBER who you are

Namaste  icon-heart




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