This week I thought we’d go a little bit backward and talk about:

What the heck really is Manifestation?

I talk about manifestation all the time and I’m, i’ll admit a little obsessed with it, with good reason 😉

But What the heck IS manifestation? Like If we were to sit in a room together and I had to just lay out the cards on what manifestation really is about – What would I tell you?

Well This is what I’d tell you –

You may have heard what manifestation is, from “Thoughts create things” and “Be an Energetic Match” or maybe you haven’t and you’re actually brand new to the subject. Welcome to my world, Hi 🙂

I wanted to bring in a new focus on my personal perspective of Quantum Manifestation explained so that even a beginner can walk away knowing what manifestation actually is and what it really is not.

Believe me, you probably haven’t heard it exactly like this before unless you’ve been binging on my challenges where we go deep fast 😉

But Let’s break this down,

What does it really mean to be an energetic match?

It’s time to get over wishing, hoping and wanting, loves.

Let’s Talk QUANTUM

How we do everything in life comes down to what I’m about to share with you today – Pay attention and repeat this video as necessary. It can kinda change your life. If you get this, you get everything.

Summary of Today’s Video:

  • What manifestation is and what it is not.
  • The quantum explanation of manifestation
  • Why you must get out of lack thinking and stay tethered to your outcome.

Wait for that superflow shift at 8 minutes in!

Tune into the Video for the full Download:

When it comes to manifestation where do you most get stuck? Share with me in the comments!

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Sending love, abundance and blessings,

Oh and Next week we’re going to continue on with a New Manifestation Series – I’ll be sharing my top 4 steps to manifest anything you want! Is there a particular topic/subject you’re looking to manifest? Let’s discuss it. – Drop a youtube comment and let me know

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