10 Ways to Raise Your Energy into the Higher Vibrations - Start getting rid of low vibrations by entering the feeling space.

During my time away I’ve been doing a bit of soul homework, going into the depths of frequency. We’ve all heard this term “raising your vibrations” countless times but do we really get what that means?

Frequency is everything. we are living, breathing oscillating energy beings of frequency, tone, and vibration. What you are transmitting is what you are receiving. In this way, I found it peculiar that where we vibe at is where we start attracting into our physical experiences.

Therefore the energy you are holding onto through your mindset is inevitably what you are going to boomerrang into your experiences. This discovery was HUGE for me because it made me realize, it’s much more than changing our thoughts, it’s about changing our core feelings to graviate that energy into our subjective experiences.

Our frequency levels determine our emotional levels. If you’re always operating from a place of fear, worry, stress or blantant negativity, your vibrations get lowered to generating that wavelength.

Here’s the cookie, When we begin to operate from a higher vibrational frequency and begin holding that energy – we’re in tune with Source Energy.

Source energy is the connection piece many of us are missing within our lives, it’s the big kahuna – the infinite within us. When we’re in a higher vibrational frequency our mind becomes clear, receptive, we’re able to physically see our connection to the collective consciousness and most of all we feel our intuition powerfully.

Many of us use our intuition all the time but to allow ourselves to be receptive towards our intuition and let our feelings guide us, that’s where energy starts transforming.

What begins to happen is we allow our energy to open up towards a new awareness by listening to our source energy. We are always connected to the collective unconscious – the Akashic but sometimes we can’t hear the message due to our resistance.

Naturally our lives are not perfect, we’re going to have negative emotions, feelings, behaviors and even actions however we can also learn to transmute that energy into a place of empowerment.

This is the key. We become able to transmute those negative vibrations into a neutral energy by raising our vibrations.

So how do we start getting into this state on a daily basis with all of life’s crazies being flung at us?

We have to start rising above our average frequency levels into the higher vibrations by changing our mindset.

Our Mindset is determined by our focus. Think about this for a minute.

Where is your focus currently?
Is it in a positive or negative place?

If it’s in a negative place how can you start graviating back to peace?

Changing your Mindset.

Here are some ways to start
Raising Your Energy Field into the Higher Vibrations

10 Ways to Raise Your Energy into the Higher Vibrations - Start getting rid of low vibrations by entering the feeling space.


Ultimately being in a state of love will naturally feel amazing for your energy body. Love is the strongest force in the universe. It allows us to feel freedom and joy within our heart. It makes us feel warm and light as air. Remember the feeling of first falling in love? When stuck in a low vibration – begin thinking of loving vibrations such as what you love about yourself, the people you love in your life, regardless of circumstance, love always comes first. Say  I love you everyday even if it’s only to yourself!


Finding your daily joy is one of those ingredients to turning any bad day better, think about something you do for joy each day. If you don’t have a daily joy, this is your sign from the universe to get one and create one. Taking time to find joy within our lives, brings us back to peace. It shows us what’s important, our personal well-being and peace of mind. Take a moment to think about what makes you happy? If this is hard, try to think about what does peace feel like to you?

Right now peace feels like a sandy beach with the sounds of the waves ebbing and flowing into the shore or cotton candy clouds. Take a few deep breaths and visualize a moment of peace, what do you feel?


The energy of gratitude can help change your mood from a sour one to a blissful one. Gratitude holds the energy of abundance. There is so much to be grateful for, when we take even 1 minute out of our day to express gratitude, we’re giving our soul a warm boost of love. sappy yes, but definitely true. Creating a gratitude practice is life-changing and it’s so simple anyone can do it. What are you grateful for?


I love this quote on my notes from the universe deck:

“Do you know what’s a million times better than getting to the top of the mountain? Getting there after having been lost.”

We have all been there. It’s the energy of hope, finding the light within the darkness. There are so many hopeless, lost individuals out there depressed, and feeling alone. When we feel hopeless, we are lost and directionless, we need that spark of hope to bring us back to life. To cultivate a feeling of hope, never give up on your dreams, your passions, what does hope feel like to you?

Never going back – There is only forward.


Inspiration! What sparks the magic and color in your life? This is actually a thread I have in our fb group. Soul Inspiration is a definite way to help transform negative vibrations. Think of the last book that gave you that colorful buzz or the latest pop of wisdom you got from a good video. Whatever it is that moves you, inspiration boosts our mind and shakes our soul awake.  Affirm: I am grateful for soul inspiration guiding me on the path.


A huge chunk of our problems, stresses and resistance is brought together by one thing…lack. If we’re constantly in this worrying, pushing, overwhelming, time-sucking realm of lack. we’re naturally going to feel awful. You’re pushing for something just outside of your reach through an unconscious poverty mindset. When we begin to believe we’re all abundant and full of love, we begin to see there is never lack. Look around you, do you have things, clothes, food, shelter,friends, family,? That’s not lack, that’s abundance energy. Prosperity is an energy and once we begin feeling that god supply within, we surrender to it.


Music is frequency. If you’re listening to depressing, somber, music you bet it’s going to start showing in your reality because it’s reflecting your moods. What music makes you happy and lifts you up? An easy quick fix is to create a playlist of your favorite feel-good music and play it whenever you need a boost.


Not accountable vs being accountable can take on a big difference in your life. When we’re not accountable for our feelings, they feel like heavy baggage and make our day awful. There is an unconscious division between us and them because we have created a separation. we created a point of heirarchy which is an illusion, we are one collective consciousness experiencing itself together. When you begin to take accountability, you begin to see everyone is an angel in disguise, gifting you a lesson from the universe.

When we thank that lesson, bless it with love and compassion, we begin to remove our victim mentality. This is the old you releasing itself. Take accountability and your soul will flourish.


I recently came across this mindblowing video from Mike Dooley. Basically the highlight he said was learn to get rid of the “cursed hows” in your life and don’t obsess about micromanaging your life. When we micromanage we get thrown all over the place with these overwhelming, stressful details. This is for the perfectionists and to-do list people. The “Hows” do not matter because you’re going to get there anyway because you are the one creating it.

These extra details are merely distractions, endless lists, and things we think we need but we don’t really because we’re going to create the best outcome for ourselves anyway. You’re the universe afterall, dream big 🙂


The universe is here to be loving, supportive and give you the help you need, the problem is we don’t see or feel the connection. Instead when things don’t go our way we think the universe has a grudge against us, a vendetta and is sicking karma on us. No that is bullshit.

Your mistakes are lessons too. The universe is playful and showing you the lessons you need to succeed in life.  If you are resisting, you’re just being given the same lesson until you’re ready to get over it. I’m over it, are you? The universe is playful. Watch the stars align for you.


A lesson I learned later in life is we always need to stay in beginners mind. Why? It removes arrogance and limitations we place on ourselves. When we’re not open to receive, we resist situations, insight, people, opportunities, and most of all wisdom we would downright miss because of  pure arrogance. If we’re in the mentality that we know “all the things” about everything, you smack yourself in the face and create a self-sabotaging habit.

However if we’re open, listening and receptive, we create an allowance with our energy to receive the divine clarity we need to see. Letting go of our resistance aka our cognitive dissonance is the secret towards divine clarity within.

Naturally this list could go into infinity. These are just some of the feeling spaces that help raise our vibrations to a better colorful, true you.

Think about the ways you may be holding yourself back by staying in the state of resistance, this is why we all need to let go to embrace the higher vibrations in our life.

Because when we start to embrace the higher vibrations on a daily basis, we see a connection that was once lost with our Higher self, like an old friend coming back to our life.

That’s when the real magic starts happening.



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  1. Wow Amazing ! I have also found that when something does come up like fear or guilt or some childhood memory that maybe not so pleasant (haha), through meditation we can conciously delete it and that pattern or belief starts to dissolve, and you actually start to feel much lighter, and not so dense, and this can really raise your vibration, so you can align with the Divine.

    1. Yes I absolutely agree! It’s part of what I teach, uncreating and deleting old programs is incredibly powerful towards awakening ourselves to the new paradigm. Thanks for sharing this!


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