Ease Ascension Symptoms in Spiritual Awakening

Are you experiencing unusual symptoms like hypersensitivity, overly strong intuition, hearing spirit guides, and even out-of-body experiences? It could be Ascension symptoms!

Ascension Symptoms are a very real phenomenon that happens during Kundalini or Spiritual Awakening reported by over Millions of people across the world. However, Why is no one talking about how to Ease Ascension symptoms and we’re instead just continuously talking about “signs and symptoms of Spiritual awakening”? It’s time to Change the Conversation.

Exploring the Complexity of Ascension Symptoms

After Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening, it’s very common to have what is known in most spiritual circles as “Ascension Symptoms”. These are Symptoms that affect you Mentally, emotionally, and even physically during your Spiritual Awakening. Some of these are very outlandish, such as out of body experiences, psychic phenomena, hypersensitivity to environments, Excessive Empathy while others are a bit more common like physical body aches or Emotional breakdowns(crying out of nowhere).

| You can read more about the More Common ones here: Ascension Symptoms Post- 2013

After Spiritual Awakening Happens: What do you do?

The Elephant in the Room with Spiritual Awakening is Most people don’t know what to do once it starts happening. The Way of learning how to navigate Spiritual Awakening is clouded over and ascension symptoms are often viewed as ‘crazy’ or ‘dramatic’. While ascension symptoms gets overlooked by modern society, it’s still a very real problem in the spiritual community that many fail to address. It leaves many open-ended questions. At the same time, many gifted individuals don’t understand how their intuition works, why they have certain gifts such as channeling, how to use their gifts or in general they don’t know how to navigate their awakening due to the overwhelming response of symptoms making it hard to process. (part of the reason why I’m writing a book on kundalini!)

Over the years, this is an area I’ve continuously found improvement around my kundalini awakening. I’ve learned a lot about how to tame them down, heal them, and learn to understand the psychosomatic response to them. A Big piece of this was learning Energy work and Mind-body Healing with Mindset work through the Chakra System. However, what is often not talked about enough is; What do you do once these things start happening to you? 

How do you begin navigating through Ascension Symptoms? 

In this episode I’m sharing 3 tips from Different Phases of the Spiritual Awakening Journeyfeatured in the roadmap) This will help create more ease and understanding with your symptoms and Inevitably, make your Kundalini awakening journey smoother for your daily Life. 

Want to Know how to create more Ease and Peace of Mind with your Ascension Symptoms as they come up? 

Catch the full Episode on the Youtube or Season 3 of the Podcast on Sunday Morning. 

Here’s a Summary of the Common stages and a quick look into the ascension symptoms that often come up. Note here, that depending on what stage you’re in, you may have different symptoms or you need different healing methods than someone who is a beginner on the journey for example. This is only a taste of what we cover inside of my Spiritual Awakening Roadmap Adventure.

The Beginning Stage of The Journey: the Soul Wanderer

Have you ever felt like your life just flipped upside down? Like you’re questioning everything and suddenly have a million things to “clean up”? If so, you might be experiencing a spiritual awakening and you’re at the beginning stage of the journey!

This awakening can come with a surprising amount of wild symptoms, and it’s easy to feel confused or even scared. But fear not! Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening and how to navigate it.

A Sensory Overload: Heightened Awareness and Chakras

One of the main symptoms of a spiritual awakening is a surge in Conscious awareness, often linked to the activation of your chakras. Think of chakras as energy centers in your body, each with a specific function. When they awaken, it can trigger a cascade of experiences:

  • Out-of-body experiences: An activated crown chakra, associated with spirituality, can lead to feelings of disconnection from the physical body.
  • Empathic overload: An open heart chakra can make you hypersensitive to others’ emotions, feeling overwhelmed by your environment.
  • Psychic abilities: A stimulated third eye chakra, the center of intuition, can bring on bursts of intuition, clairaudience (hearing messages), or even telepathic sensations.

These are just a few examples, and your experience may differ.

Kundalini Awakening: A Powerful Force of Change

Sometimes, a spiritual awakening is triggered by the awakening of Kundalini energy or divine Feminine energy known as Shakti. This powerful energy rises up your spine, activating your higher chakras and bringing a wealth of spiritual insights. However, this excess energy can be taxing on your nervous system, explaining why you might feel so overwhelmed. You’ve never experienced this sensation before so you might not know what is happening or what to do.

Grounding Yourself: Calming the Storm

In the beginning phase, The key to managing these intense symptoms is grounding and releasing excess energy in the higher chakras. This means bringing your awareness back to your physical body and releasing that excess energy. Activities like spending time in nature, physical movement and yoga can all be helpful. In the beginning Phase, healing the Lower Chakras are essential as this will help balance out the lower and higher chakras back into alignment.

The Growth Phase of Awakening: The Spiritual Healer

On the other spectrum, we have another common phase such as the Dark Night of the Soul or A Healing Phase. A Healing phase is what we lovingly call a spiritual assignment. We have a situation come up, We get emotionally triggered and it’s bringing it up so we heal it and release it.

Now, in this phase, it might be totally opposite because what is occurring is you actually need to be working on the higher chakras instead of the lower chakras. Instead you might need to focus on How you can cultivate your intuition, Healing your spiritual miscommunication in the throat chakra or Working on your belief systems in the crown chakra. At the same time in a Dark Night of the Soul, You might be needing to do a lot of Shadow work, releasing work and Limited belief work.

Again, the symptoms are not a linear process and it’s important to see them that way.

Navigating the Journey Through Spiritual Burnout

One crucial aspect to consider is the phenomenon of spiritual burnout. This state often arises when individuals seek external validation or rely excessively on external sources for spiritual guidance. Symptoms of spiritual burnout include feelings of detachment, overwhelm, and a sense of being lost in a sea of information.

This is a topic I’ve covered before and it’s very common. It looks like this:

you’re listening to five different channelings that say contradicting information, you’re reading or just buying like 20 to 30 personal development books and you’re signing up for all the things. However, the reality is you’re not integrating any of that information. You’re stuck in spiritual burnout and looking outside of you.

You’re trying to get fixated on the latest guru or healing trend. Unfortunately, what occurs from this is a lost of authenticity where you have forgotten the mundane side of reality. As a result, It enables depersonalization, dissociation from reality and makes you even a bit paranoid. This is an imbalanced Third eye Chakra.

Develop Self-Trust and Detachment To Allow More Spiritual Wisdom

The reality is you can only heal yourself by tuning within and developing self-trust. Ultimately, I always say, When it comes to spiritual burnout, Go do something mundane or silly! Get your head out of the clouds and go do something normal. Stop the psychedelics, stop the excessive meditating, & drop the tarot cards. Drop all of it, and go do something normal, like go shopping, watch a movie, play a board game, play a video game, do something silly, do something grounding like gardening or a day at the beach.

When we suffer from spiritual burnout, we need to allow our mind to detach. I’m telling you, if you are experiencing the soul searcher phase of information( falling down rabbit holes and conspiracies) You’re searching for your intuition.

please go step back, allow, integrate, detach, because This will help you more because it will allow you to tap naturally into your intuition. This is due to Tapping into your Divine Feminine Energy which is all about Allowing! (we covered this recently in the The Soul-Aligned Life Academy Bundle: Divine Feminine Rising)

Embracing the Healing Process

As individuals progress through different phases of their spiritual journey, the focus may shift towards healing past wounds, addressing emotional traumas, and enhancing intuitive abilities. Embracing the healing process involves working on the higher chakras to cultivate intuition and clarity.

For example, these three methods of really looking at how you can start to ease your Ascension symptoms are so much more valuable than me just saying, here’s all the symptoms of spiritual awakening. I want you to take away from this conversation that you can easily start to balance out those symptoms. It’s important to see these symptoms are a result from an incongruence in our energy field due to past wounds, learning to embrace our natural gifts, and releasing past programming.

The more that we can start to look at, what phase am I truly in right now and what does my soul need to Release and heal through this? It becomes easier and easier to embrace your Emotional Healing journey so you can find more Peace of mind with Spiritual Awakening.

What Phase do you think you’re in?

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P.S. Want a Roadmap for Spiritual Awakening? A Lot of These Terms “Soul Wanderer, The Spiritual Healer, and Soul Searcher” are featured archetypes from my Spiritual Awakening Roadmap Series! The Roadmap is designed to help you build confidence with Spiritual Awakening so you can end the overwhelm. Sign up here: http://roadmap.theawakenedstate.net/

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Ascension symptoms 3 tips to ease spiritual awakening symptoms


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