Eclipse Season is hitting us in waves as we get closer to the Lunar Eclipse on the 31st.  This week I have something totally different, I decided to create a video to talk about the breakdown of Eclipse Season. This is the energetic theme that will be coming up for us in the next few weeks leading into the Full Moon(super blue moon  Total Lunar Eclipse) That’s a mouth full…

Eclipse season can completely create profound transformation in our lives. It takes us off of routine and gets us to ask some of the bigger questions.

In this video I’m breaking down the energy behind what a lunar and solar eclipse can create in our reality.

I really want to bring more connection, humanize The Awakened State

As I began to think about this new step for the Awakened State, I am reminded by what I originally stand for from the beginning.

Empowerment. Divine Support & Practical Spirituality – No filler.

Let’s keep it real,
& Raise those vibes

So begins our youtube journey together.

(If you have topic suggestions you would like me to cover, post them in the comments!)

Confession: I’ve been afraid of doing video for about a year.

This is a huge step for me, even if that seems silly for others. I actually used to be very shy once upon a time…

Our fears are funny like that Right? I have nothing against video, but I would literally get to the point of filming about five to six different videos, then suddenly stop in my executing phase.  The videos sitting in a hidden folder on my computer untouched.

I had a goal to start a youtube channel for about roughly two years, things kept continously getting in the way. Then guidance kept saying, this will be easier for you. Well this year I did something different, I decided to question my fears and do it anyway.

The truth is I was getting stuck in an old time illusion of perfectionism, i didn’t think the lighting was good enough, I didn’t like the background, the colors were off, my voice sounded funny and omg the list continued. Thankfully I’m totally over this now but its funny how ego can trip us without even realizing it.

Video actually helps me get out my thoughts quicker than a long article, this is an easier way to get my message out and be able to help others.

Anyway long story short, I was told by my coach something important that I think we can all benefit from, when we decide to not share our message which can potentially help someone, we can be of disservice to the world.

The most powerful thing we can choose to do is say “eff it ego, i’m doing it anyway”, hit the send button, push publish, pick up the phone, speak up, make the post, whatever it may be.

So if you are currently feeling this way in your own life, You never know if your OWN ripple might be helping someone.

In fact we do this all the time, even when we don’t realize it.

So I invite you to push past the fear and do it anyway.

You will thank yourself later, promise 😉



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