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How To Tune Your Own Frequency

We mentioned frequencies briefly in the crystal article but what many fail to mention is how to understand frequencies. We hear all this talk about different dimensional frequencies and raising our vibrations but we never talk about how do frequencies actually work. After awakening do we truly understand what a

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Musings on Astrology, Change and ‘Coming Out’

I have been studying astrology for many, many years. Since I was a teen in the early 70s, really. I have studied the stars for far longer. I remember, as a very small person, my dad pointing out the Big Dipper to me in a diamond-studded dark-night sky of the

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An Alternative Theory of Precession

Continuing with our new moon articles and laying the groundwork for the Great Year Healing Cycle that will commence at the December new moon, which also happens to be the Winter Solstice this year. According to Lost Star of Myth and Time author, Walter Cruttenden, contemporary science recognizes that most observable stars

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Characteristics of the Great Ages

Although both Hesiod and Plato wrote about the Ages of the Great Year, it is likely they got their information from the Egyptians. The Yugas are mentioned in the Puranas, scriptures of the Vedic culture; the Maya also have a similar concept called ‘Suns’ and ‘Underworlds’ representing the days and nights of

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Introduction to the Great Year

I have been studying the cosmic phenomenon known as the Precession of the Equinoxes now for well over a decade. Just recently its importance has reasserted itself in my life and the concept of locating historical markers within this progression of time has intrigued me. I will be writing more

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Solar flares and the Consciousness Connection

Are you experiencing sleep disturbances, feeling irritable for no reason, anxious, jittery, having visual distortions or feel immensely drained? If so you may be experiencing the effect of Solar Flares. What are Solar Flares and Why are They So Important Towards Awakening? The Earth is composed of a Magnetic field,

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Hey There!

I’m Ashley, As an Empowerment Mindset Coach & Manifestation Expert, I support Spiritual empaths (or Lightworkers) Struggling to Manage their Symptoms of Spiritual awakening. I teach them how to Emotionally heal & Change the way they Think & act, so that they  can confidently Own their Intuitive gifts, Believe in their own Success & Manifest a Soul Aligned Life they are obsessed with

 The Awakened State is a place to help Empower You on your spiritual journey forward. 


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