This is a series so make sure you read Part One first: Manifest Movement: Holiday Magic 

Now it’s the holidays so let’s have fun! My gift to you this Christmas is to get you to embrace your manifesting potential. This is a learning experience for me as much as it is for you. I just finished my ritual yesterday and already have witnessed deep profound change and clarity. Okay you are about to enter a space entirely New! Are you ready?

408980_10151444870709130_1784053484_nDuring Awakening we are encountered with the question:
“How do I change my reality if I am the creator of my subjective experience?”
If you want to create a new reality, you have to start by changing your beliefs and your conditioning around those beliefs by CHANGING YOUR THOUGHTS.


Go Beyond Your Own Resistance. IMAGINE from now, right now. ANYTHING is possible. Stop the worrying, excuses, complaining, belittling or whatever is holding you back. Right now you are BLANK SLATE, Like a newborn adjusting to the world, full of wonder, imagination, and most important of all you haven’t been conditioned yet.

MANTRA: I am grateful for no limitations and anything is possible. Say it, Feel it, Believe it. As much as you need to, every day during this exercise.

STEP 1. Find What You Want & Desire:

I want you to DREAM. I mean it, push your heart into it, Tell me your desires, don’t hold back. Let it all go.

Write them down, a journey, a notebook, post it notes, a vision board or your blog, write them down.

Beautifully visualize these dreams inside your head, maybe you want a new home, to lose weight, more money, a relationship, happiness, a child, a new business, it doesn’t matter continue writing it down.

There is divine power in writing because we are channeling our energy from thoughts into words, ideas and eventually material processed into matter or form. The writing part is important, a thought is empty if you are not giving it feeling, meaning, or visualizing it in your imagination.

The more we start to de-condition ourselves from this negative standpoint of the future, the more we bring power to the present reality. These affirmations we have created have wield and meaning in our life because they change the symbol of what we are projecting into our current experience.

We Are Rebuilding Ourselves and This Has To Start With Us.

Are you up for the challenge? Are you tired of struggling? Are you ready to take it to the next level?

STEP 2: Develop a Ritual to Invoke Subconscious IMPRINTING

If you did your homework in part 1 you have your grateful affirmations created already, make sure they contain gratitude because this INCREASES our potential of receiving. You cannot be in a negative space when you are truly grateful. Hence [Gratitude Challenge] Also make sure they are Present tense not in the future and It must be personal. “I AM” Examples:

I am grateful for having Financial Abundance and Prosperity. It feels wonderful to stop struggling and live free from worry.

I am grateful for attracting my soul mate. he/she is everything I dreamed about in a partner.

I am grateful for becoming a best-selling author. It is amazing to impact so many people through the power of words.

12122794_10153719445948829_5050473123761886714_nNow we are going to imprint them into our subconscious by creating a 5 day Ritual of your choice. I say of your choice because we all have different learning techniques, for me I like writing, others may like chanting, visualizations, sounds, films, or images.

As I stated in the first part, Momentum is the secret key. The most logical way to boost momentum is REPETITION. Energy is infinite, all is thought and vibration. We are going to take the one affirmation you feel strongest about and hone that energetic vibration from the ethereal plane into reality. Subconscious = Imagination. You have to push that energetic vibration so much that your subconscious begins to believe it. You are essentially going to de-condition yourselves through the ritual by a slight self-hypnosis. It’s really cool!

We are going to hone in on this Affirmation like a laser to make it come true into your reality.

Subconscious Imprinting Techniques

Subconscious Imprinting is a Technique that works because you are basically reprogramming your beliefs through a form of Hypnosis. It is powerful so use this with care and especially always stay in a positive place when doing these techniques. “According to Sigmund Freud, we can access the subconscious mind when the brain is in Theta state, so we can easily imprint new beliefs or habits when we are in the Theta state.” [ref][/ref]

  • Affirmations/Mantras – This was step 1. Powerful PRESENT TENSE Affirmations that boost our confidence, exert gratitude, train our brain to believe in ourselves and especially open up the subconscious mind. Don’t underestimate the simplicity of affirmations, when we put out an affirmation to the universe as if we believe we ALREADY received it, your subconscious will take over and begin believing in the new conditioning you created. Your brain will literally imprint these beliefs into new neural pathways.
  • Chanting – Chanting a specific affirmation/mantra through daily repetition increases our belief of what we are chanting because it puts us into a trance-like theta state. This can be fun to do in Song or with music.
  • Visualization – Is a great way to retrain your subconscious mind because it creates the feeling and belief of an experience before you’ve even received it. The conscious mind tends to focus on psychological time, past and future. While the subconscious mind links to our long term memory which is unlimited and free to explore in the present moment. Thus showing us the big picture. You are only as limited as your imagination is which is infinite. When we Visualize what we desire, our mind opens up to a new vibration of energy. If we begin to do this daily repetition, you will begin to see results.
  • Writing your Affirmation Down Daily – Write your affirmation down 50 times a day at once either in the morning or before bed. I know I hear groaning but I PROMISE THIS WORKS. Find the Endurance. You are boosting the momentum through repetition where you enter a channeling state of trance and really hone in on your affirmation energy.
  • Guided Meditation/Pathworking/Binaural beats – When we enter a Meditative state, we naturally relax which brings us in connection to the subliminal state where you can imprint onto your subconscious. Meditation helps because it brings you in tune with your own personal frequency. Here’s the thing: What you do in this space affects your subconscious mind into a ripple from the ethereal plane into reality. Mostly we use this to heal and recharge, NOW we’re using it to manifest, take your affirmation and begin repeating it continously within this space daily.
  • Mind Movies – i like what this woman did, she created mind movies to help her subconscious imprint these ideas she wanted to manifest. Very powerful!


icon-check  Step 1.  Decide what you want and Build a Grateful Affirmation in the Present Tense.
icon-check  Step 2.  Pick a Subconscious Imprint Technique – I recommend Writing or Visualization
icon-check  Step 3.  Pick a Time of day to set aside 20-30 minutes for 5 days to do your Subconscious Technique of your choosing.
icon-check  Step 4. After 5 Days Release your Intention to the Universe and Let go through surrender.
icon-check  Step 5. Watch closely by Paying Attention to signs and Intuitive confirmation. The universe is taking care of you.

Most important of All: Have Fun with it! This is your dream reality, don’t let it be a painful chore! Use your imagination, add visuals, cut out pictures, make a vision board, add relaxing music when you do your ritual, find motivational quotes or more affirmations to empower your current affirmation. “Abundance comes to me in creative and multiple ways”

You have to hone your vibration like a laser to master the thought into materializing in the physical plane. You do this by envisioning or believing you already have the UNIVERSE in your hand, unlimited potential. The present tense is in alignment with the subconscious but you have to believe that you already have it.

It is our EMOTIONS around these beliefs that direct our actions. Once you stop acting from emotional memory[past and future] you can begin creating NEW MEMORIES/NEW MANIFESTATIONS through the vibrational frequency you are emitting in your present experience.

You are bound to face some resistance about this affirmation, especially as you do the ritual for five straight days. You have to just keep that endurance and go beyond the resistance, go beyond the ego and keep on. If you forget a day you have to start from day 1 again because you lose the momentum. The whole point is the repetition of momentum so try your hardest to set aside time each day to do this. You will Thank yourself later. 😉

After the Ritual you have to let go of the affirmation through faith and trust that the universe is going to take care of you and give back in Divine Timing. If we focus on why it hasn’t come to us yet, we put it in a place of lack/negative and thus push the affirmation further away from us. Hope and Faith will take us far if we believe in ourselves.

To create a New Universe you need three components: The Tripod of Life.

Foundation  icon-arrow-left  Initiation   icon-arrow-left  Imagine

First we need to build a foundation within the vibrations we emit by using our imagination and subconscious mind.

Construction icon-arrow-left Integration icon-arrow-left Believe

Then we need to plan by integrating these Beliefs through Affirmation and Subconscious Imprinting.

Completion icon-arrow-left Synthesis icon-arrow-left Create

The Synergy of releasing the mind into the imagination, integrates those beliefs into intentions and inevitably empowers them into your given reality as if by Magic.

Many people experience Anxiety due to energy shifts wouldn’t it be amazing if we could transform that anxiety into creativity?

This only takes 20-30 minutes of your day, imagine if you did this ritual once a month for the next following year and begin implementing these empowering affirmations into your daily life.

Imagine how different your life will change once you begin to believe in yourself and realize you are the creator of your reality.

Are you ready to change your destiny?

It’s in your hands now.


Success always starts from an Idea.

Imagine. Believe. Create.

Stay Tuned for Part 3: Merging the Awakened One into the Creator where we will talk about the implications of this and the Awakening experience.

Featured Image: Atlas By Peter Westermann 



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