We have now completed the first spiral of Cycles of Healing (32 articles), laying the groundwork for linking the new moon with the Great Year Ages. This second spiral will look at the new and full moon charts. We are looking at the chart of the Winter Solstice too. If you are new to Western Sidereal Astrology, please read this article. I am using charts drawn up for Washington, D.C. and use sidereal whole sign houses. If you want to know how to use the Cycle of Healing with each new moon, read this article.

The Winter Solstice exact at 11:48 pm EST December 21, 2015: These energies will run through the next three months as a general theme collectively. How it affects each individual personally will depend upon your own sidereal natal chart.

The north node is in the first house 2° Virgo conjunct the ascendant by less than 9 arc minutes; the south node in 7th house Pisces. There will be a focus on relationships and balancing needs between self and others. Virgo urges us to heal and balance our own lives by making appropriate changes in our routines, diet, health regimes and general day-to-day goings on. The polar axis to these concerns take us into the compassionate realm of caring for others either through tough love or ministering to others. There are always opportunities toward balance being presented. Seeing beyond our own preconceived ideas of what life should look like (or does look like) is the challenge.

With Black Moon Lilith at 19° Virgo, we are alerted to notice when we may feel banished by self, or exiled for being ourselves and make choices that promote authenticity regardless of how others react to us. This is the first huge lesson of the season. She opposes Uranus at 22.5° Pisces. Something may suddenly transpire collectively or personally that requires thinking on our feet and not acting by fear-default. Seek balance and moderation. Take well thought out risks, but not irresponsible ones.

Jupiter 28° 12th Leo sextiles Venus at 26° 2nd Libra: Expansion of inner peace and connectedness will help us feel secure with our values which will create harmony and a positive feedback loop. Keep aware of the opportunities for growth, expansion and creative ways of moving toward collective healing for Gaia. How do our values add or detract to/from the movement toward simplicity.

Pluto at 20° Sagittarius conjuncts Mercury in the fourth: As Pluto moves through Sagittarius, we are being asked to reassess, and revise our philosophy of life – and change it! The need is from unbridled consumerism toward sustainable simplicity. This will not be an easy shift for Western civilization. We may find our voice during this season to really make a stand for Gaia and Her creatures. Past civilizations have been given the choice to take life-affirming action as we know through myth and story. Will we choose life or will we let Gaia do it by cleaning up our mess? We are on the brink and building our foundation for an unknown future.

There is a little more than a two-degree orb in a square between Pluto and Uranus. We’re not done with the great shifts yet. If we allow the natural transformational energies to occur without fighting it, we will allow the peace and harmony of the Jupiter/Venus aspect to shine. Letting go is difficult, but necessary. It will come one way or another; now or later. What are we each willing to let go of – it starts with the individual.

The moon is 23° Aries in the 8th; the sun 5° Sagittarius in the 4th. If we can let go of the headstrong, individual-at-all-costs legacy, we will have a joyous, adventurous foundation to fuel us. This is a particularly impactful Solstice with the heliacal rising of the Galactic Center on the morning of the 22nd. The seeds we sow will be much more important than just this season’s worth.

Full Moon 9° Gemini 8th, exact at 6:11 am, December 25, 2015. Our mind could be on hyper-drive, and emotions could be mercurial. Investigate what you are curious about learning and experiencing; keep grounded (always difficult for Gemini) and don’t get so distracted with so much to pursue that you end up just spinning your wheels. Choose wisely what you put your mind to. Sleep could be difficult for a couple days. Get out in the fresh air, breath and move your body slowly, gently, easily.

Moon in Gemini is about communicating your deep inner truths (8th house). Quiet the mind through meditation, hemisphere balancing, walking or lying on the ground, etc. When we are quiet, we may also be the recipients of important communications from Goddess, our Holy Mother of the World.

The Gemini full moon so close to the Sagittarius Winter Solstice point makes it extra potent. Tune in and expect good things as we discern what is important to focus on in the coming year, and energize it through the Galactic Center.

On December 26, Uranus stations direct at 22° Pisces 5th house. It has been retrograde since July giving us time to incubate our own inner revolution of self. It will come out of its retrograde shadow April 10, 2016. If we have done our work, we should see outward evidence of change after this time if not before. Maybe even a quantum leap in areas of creativity, romance, or just plain fun.

From December 26 – January 4th we have no planets retrograde! This will be more of an outward time than we have had since December 25, 2011 – January 23, 2012. What was going on for you then out in the world? What is being bookended for you now?

Mercury in second house Sagittarius trines Jupiter in the last degrees of 10th house Leo. A really positive aspect of expansive, joyful communications that perhaps helps to bring something forward regarding our public self and our material security. Be bold and stand out if it is called for. Now is not the time to be a shrinking violet.

So, happy holidays, happy holy days, Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule and I’ll be back with the new moon and Age of Sagittarius energies on January 9th.

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