This is a Series, make sure you read Part 1: Holiday Magic and Part 2: The Magic of Manifestation first!

By now if you’ve been following our series you are either in the process or just finished your Subconscious Imprinting Ritual of your choice. I hope you have been witnessing the magick from the ritual. After I completed mine, my brain has been bursting with creative visions and ideas. We are dreaming awake as my friend just told me. 🙂  As promised here is Part Three.

What does this Ritual have to do with the Awakening Experience?

I had this revelation before but I don’t quite think I was ready to apply it yet… I wrote about that in my article The Projector vs. The Creator

There is only ONE mind however we have many states of consciousness to explore in…
To Understand this in a simple manner we are going to explore States of Consciousness. The way I perceive it you have:

  • The Unconscious Mind – Instinct, implicit memory, repressed self, Soul Blueprint, Base of Kundalini  icon-arrow-right Past Self
  • The Conscious Mind – Left-hemisphere, short-term memory, linear time,   icon-arrow-right Everyday self
  • The Subconscious Mind – Right-hemisphere, long-term memory, non-local perception, Intuition   icon-arrow-right Present Self
  • The Superconscious Mind – Merging Sushumna, Godhead, Connect Source-memory, infinite   icon-arrow-right Future Self/Higher Self

When we break it down like this it becomes MUCH easier to understand. I will touch more on this concept in the future.

The unconscious mind and the conscious mind are what most people are mainly familiar with, it is for this reason that many of us manifest on an unconscious autopilot that attracts situations that lead to chaos, drama, and self-destructive patterns. Our job is to remove ourselves out of an Unconscious state into Conscious Awareness. To do this we need to focus on the Subconscious and the Superconscious mind.


The Subconscious is the link to our Imagination. When we go through this divine process, we enable an understanding of the core self where we merge all of these states of consciousness into ONE by merging them into the Superconscious. I like to call this: The Quintessence of Man. Once we are able to grasp this concept, it changes everything about our personal experience within reality.


The Superconscious is our universal collective consciousness, it is omnipresent and our connection to the God-source within all of us. Think of your superconscious as the guiding map that is helping direct you to get to this exact precise moment now, you reading this. Your superconscious got you here. That is how powerful the superconscious actually is… Now when we decide to break the cycle, your Superconscious begins merging into these various states of consciousness. Together as one.

In life you are brought together by thoughts, these thoughts direct your actions through our emotions. They merge together through vibrations that boomerang into the ether and back at you. If you send enough vibrations of the same thought, you start generating that into your reality. Cause and Effect.

You can either be dragged by the chaotic cycle or you can learn to grab the reigns.

Picture a line being drawn by the things that you love and the things that you fear
The Things that are manifested and the things that AREN”T

You are the one in control.

If you stay on the energy state of fear and negative, then the things on the positive side will shift to the negative manifestations. This line in the middle can be crossed in both directions. You want to stay in the positive manifestation view-point  so that the things that haven’t manifested yet will come through into the positive manifestation of bringing your dreams into reality.

If you stay on the side of your fear, you will only drag your manifestations back into negative…This is also extremely important regarding THOUGHT PATTERNS.

You want to use the tools you have gained to remain in a positive state of mind. Start observing more about your preferences and perception, do you want to live in a positive world or a negative world?

Watch your thought patterns. These are your key.

The objective of reinventing ourselves, starts WITHIN and with our thoughts.

So the creation of change will only be started into motion when your thoughts align into the creation of what you want to manifest. By visualization, our thoughts, our feelings, our direction is all illustrated by how we choose to see the world. This is mostly facts we already know but NOW we are learning to put it into conscious action. Cause and Effect, building the foundation of the house you want to create, you want to be able to see it and be it. Visualize it into being.

So not only are we creating these split timelines of various probability we are learning to SEE them and direct them with our divine will and this is the big projection that Spirit is trying to tell us lately.

As we move out of the unconscious shadow, we need to stop recycling within these past emotions and memories to embrace our past-present-future unified self into being! Our new chapter starts here but first we must learn about the Divine Will to bring action to form.

In the Seven rays theory: According to the Ancient Wisdom, the ‘objective existence of the Absolute began’ with just three aspects, ‘His Will or Intention’, His ‘Love or Consciousness’ and His ‘Form’. This was the origin of three evolutionary life forms, the Lords Of Flame, The Lords Of Mind and the Lords of Form, which correspond to the Absolute’s three principles.

To continue the process of evolution, each of his three life forms were again divided by three to allow them to adopt these principles independently from each other, and then into a further four categories to create what we know as ‘physical reality’

Is it coincidence these principles are also a triad? :)


You have initiated the temple, this is only the beginning of the Magick.

Imagine. Believe. Create.

Success always starts from an Idea.

Believe in your own Divinity

Hope you all have a beautiful holiday filled with magick



Featured Image: Atlas by Peter Westermann



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