Today I would like to share a special post on what to do after you're stuck in a bad mood and need help raising your vibrations. Toxic relationships, arguments and negative comments happen to all of us so what do we do after we're stuck in an energetic funk? Here's some tips and tricks to help you when you need it most. (p.s. I added a happy kitty to help you too ;) ) Enjoy


Toxic relationships and arguments are bound to happen – sometimes for our unconscious benefit so we can learn to grow and leave the past behind.

The main question is though, After we’re feeling drained, energy zapped or just general lack of motivation, how do we rise ourselves up when we’re feeling in such in a low place?

As a sensitive some people can tend to bring our energy into a lower vibration and rather than judge or condemn, we need to forgive and  let that shitz go. We must move forward to allow our energy to start rising back up to the surface.

In reality we must go back to the basics of energy management:

If you’re listening to negative stuff, around negative people or generally surrounded by negativity – this will tune you downward. 
In the same regard you can’t listen to positive or happy conversation without it tuning you upward into a higher vibrational state. 

Therefore when we’re caught in a cycle of resistance whether it’s from a toxic relationship, a bad day or a conversation the easiest way to get your energy back to homebase is to start gravitating back to the positive – instead of replaying the tape over and over again.

A lot of the time we harbor a lot of this empathetic energy that isn’t even ours but we’re attached to the past foundation of it. Therefore we tend to cling to that old energy replaying and feeling the same emotions of our past on repeat.

We ALWAYS have the choice to start rising above that mentality and choose a different vibration.
Therefore when you’re in a low place, the easiest thing you can do is learn to quiet your mind and touch homebase. You basically want to re-connect to your natural home frequency again because often when we’re in a low place we feel disconnected from not just spirit but ourselves.

Our energy is like a container when we decide to let the bucket spill over – we no longer feel like ourselves.

Our empathy can often become overactive or even explosive because as a sensitive you’re harboring all this energy at once instead of releasing it. Like a bottle rocket we must learn to let go of those emotions and choose a different set of them.

Here are some easy ways to do just that.



The most typical practice is to just create breathing space again in your energy field. When we detach from the b.s. in our lives, it allows us to see clearly on what is important and what is an absolute illusion we created through our mind.

Meditation pushes us to be present with those feelings but also like a breeze passing by we just let it go instead of letting these emotions become you. You feel them process them and release them. Just sitting in your own energy can really bring everything to surface so you can let go and move forward.

The Key is feeling it and letting it go with the wind.

Soul Medicine: Establish a weekly meditation practice even if it’s only 5-10 minutes of your day that will be 10 minutes that is peacefully impacting your spirit and reconnecting you!

Inbox the Universe

If you’re in a low place, an anxious place or even a stressed out place, take some time to inbox the universe. Simply write on a sheet of paper “Dear Universe” and start writing down your feelings about the issues at hand.

Then after you’re done releasing, ask the universe to help you find clarity to move forward.

When we release our pain, we’re able to let go from processing and feeling our emotions in the moment, then we’re able to let go fully of the past. The inbox to the universe is always open if we’re ready to talk.

Soul Medicine: Write a “Dear Universe” Letter to release your pain and worries.

Surround your energy with good vibes

Finding the simplicity of daily joy and beauty in our lives can help us when we’re feeling low. What do you appreciate in your life?

When we surround ourselves in the energies of gratitude, joy, peace and loving vibrations, our energy automatically starts feeling good again.

This is actually really easy – what brings you joy?

Play some feel-good music, talk with a friend, laughter, watch an inspiring youtube lecture, or simply just sit down in a park somewhere basking in the sun watching nature. We tend to over complicate everything in our lives, stripping back into the beauty of simplicity can easily surround our energy with good vibes and happiness.

The more you do this, you care about managing your energy and learning what feels good in your surroundings.

Soul Medicine:  Do Something Fun for yourself and personally enjoy it!

Work on the Baby Steps

Both Mike Dooley from Notes from the Universe and Abraham’s Emotional guidance system say that it’s the baby steps that create the momentum for drastic change in our lives.

It’s not the 0-60 we need, it’s learning to start heading in a gradual direction back to Joy.

Negative emotions happen, so do bad days but when we start giving ourselves permission to focus on taking those baby steps in the right direction. It creates the momentum for more positive vibrations and positive experiences into our life.

Even if it’s moving from disappointment to overwhelm or anger to discouragement we’re still gradually shifting our vibrations closer and closer to joy.

This also starts to take the pressure off ourselves because we’re being gentle towards our emotional well-being.

Soul Medicine: What is one thing you can do to step in the right direction towards joy? What would make you feel just a tad better than before?

Focus on the Flow

Learn to detach from past or future time illusions. When we’re not in flow, we enter a lower vibrational place of chaos and dissonance. Therefore if you’re spinning in the tornado, the best thing you can do for yourself is to STOP. pause. and take a few deep breaths by focusing on the flow.

The present moment of now.

Remove yourself from the depths of psychological time. The most liberating thing to realize is that a lot of the lower vibrational feelings we create are truthfully just a memory we need to let go of dug up from the past. When we allow that openness through the power of the Present Flow. We can all breath easier, one moment at a time.

Soul Medicine: Detach from the past and future time illusions. Come back to the breath and focus on the present moment right here, right now.

Remove Victim Consciousness

It’s time to take 100% accountablity for your life. In my perception Victim consciousness can be summarized into three limited words “I am right”.

When we play the victim we unconsciously feel powerless and live our life on autopilot mode – letting the programming we’ve been feeding all of our lives run the script instead of grabbing the wheel back in our lives.

People who are in a victim consciousness will always be in a lower vibrational state because they choose to not take accountability or responsibility for their actions, words, behaviors or even opinions they project onto other people. When we let go of what is outside of our control and instead take 100% responsibility for our life, our consciousness can miraculously change for the better.

Instead of leaning towards being right vs. wrong or throwing down the pity card, we rise above it and choose a better reality, a better response instead of choosing to  live in fear.

Soul Medicine: It’s not always easy but it’s worth it!  Say this invocation to  the universe to start transforming your mentality:

“I release all victimhood and claim full responsibility over my life.”


There is simple empowerment when we take the time to forgive and release our pain from our lives. Self-forgiveness and also forgiving others can help us release years of baggage that we hold onto to keep the mind happy with resentment or even vengeance.

When we forgive, we open ourselves to more possibility and allow our energy to surrender and release.

Forgiveness no matter how hard it is will always set you free because by forgiving others, you’re also forgiving yourself.

Soul Medicine: Take some time to think about: Who Do I need to forgive right now? Spend a few moments focusing on the energy of forgiving and releasing.

Get your body moving & doing something – Anything

This is general psychology advice – get out of your head and into your body. Nothing can be more simple than getting out of your head and reconnecting to your physical body.

If you’re feeling yourself drifting or unmotivated, you’re probably over-thinking by spending too much time reliving the memories in your head rather than pushing your body to be present with itself.

Light walking, exercise, dancing, cleaning, driving, or even going to a store you love are all great ways to get you out of your head and into your present mindset of the heart.

Soul Medicine: Stop sitting there and Go Do something! Get your body movin’ and groovin’

Give Yourself Permission

By far the most important – Give yourself permission to Rest and Re-calibrate your energy. When we’re in a lower vibrational place it can make our energy feel polarized and separated from who we truly are. Take a moment to give yourself permission to Rest, Recharge your energy and Find your happy place again.

Soul Medicine: Give yourself Permission to be gentle to yourself during the transition and Rest.

It’s not always easy but energy management is a lifesaver for helping us reconnect back to our natural spiritual selves.

In this way you’re not beating yourself up or falling in a downward spiral, you’re learning that it’s okay to feel resistance, accept it and move on.

The ebb and flow we create helps our lives transform and we end up rising above it all to reconnect back to our home frequency – our divine link to source energy and the limitless flow of the universe running through us.

Let yourself slowly rise up!

Share your aha moments in the comments

Today I would like to share a special post on what to do after you're stuck in a bad mood and need help raising your vibrations. Toxic relationships, arguments and negative comments happen to all of us so what do we do after we're stuck in an energetic funk? Here's some tips and tricks to help you when you need it most. (p.s. I added a happy kitty to help you too ;) ) Enjoy <3



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  1. Hi first time here love your writings very helpful, I just went through years of the birth g pains so to speak I was majorly depressed but could not really say why it wouldn’t get better I have been searching and changing for a very long time .All of a sudden I came out of all confusion and found joy , things were brought to me from listening to my spirit.I am was blown awsy by the way everything came together. I am trying to do and listen to spirit directions as they’re never wrong for me.. I am now confirmed about everything I thought .I feel the awakening its palatable..Thank you for your words ,,?✨✨??

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