Signs your lower chakras are out of balance

The Lower Chakras are often some of the most overlooked chakras when it comes to spiritual awakening and yet I find them Essential to heal for our peace of mind. When we look at how the Lower Chakras Behave, we must realize they are holding the most past conditioning as they connect to our ego. In the same regard, this means they have the most emotional baggage, Bad habits, or old patterns for us to clear, heal & reprogram.

The Lower Chakras Help Current Times

Awhile back in 2020 right at the start of the pandemic, I did an interview for a membership training and She asked me a pivotal question around energy work. She said “How do you feel we can apply the chakras to current times?” and I immediately said, ” We need more focus on our Lower Chakras and our Energetic foundation”

Most people like to focus on the third eye chakra or the heart chakra for spiritual awakening. However, we need more emphasis on the Lower chakras, especially when we feel our foundation is shook with so many rapid changes happening in the world over the past few years since the pandemic. began. Many of us have consistently felt our sense of safety, support and even our physical world feeling threatened. There have been job layoffs, recession rumors, inflation, talks of world war three and even numerous things happening overseas that leave our hearts hurting. There is no better time than now to hold strong to our Foundation and that means connecting back to our Lower Chakras.

Its time to buckle down and remember the sacred truth: Regardless of what happens around you, Universal truth still applies. We are always more powerful than circumstance as the inner creates the outer.

I have been returning to this truth over and over again as the months have passed since quarantine began and even now in 2024. I think it’s important to discuss when we heal the lower chakras we heal our survival mind and begin to thrive.

It’s part of our biology to recognize when we have lower chakra imbalances, we are usually triggered by the Fight/flight/Freeze response due to our survival brain. When we begin to heal the lower chakras, we start to move away from just surviving and enter a state where we can thrive.

Overactive Higher chakras, Under-Active Lower chakras during Awakening are very Common.

During the beginning process of spiritual awakening, our kundalini activates the higher chakras and travels upward bringing a ton of energy into these once dormant energy centers. Due to this happening, it’s very common to have Overactive Higher chakras and under-active Lower Chakras due to this fluctuation in energy happening throughout the body.

The kundalini is bringing everything up for healing with the symptoms and at the same time, we have our psychic centers connecting to our higher consciousness beginning to turn on full blast. What happens as a result? Dissociation. Disconnection from spirit. body neglect or escapism, all the symptoms of an imbalanced third eye chakra.

As a result, people waking up their kundalini THINK they need to heal their third eye chakra with meditation but the reality is this chakra is OVERACTIVE. All that excess energy needs to be released and transmuted through those lower chakras.

The Lower Chakras need to be part of the focus for Healing because this is where the past conditioning is triggering the most ungrounding symptoms such as dissociation, depersonalization, hypersensitivity or simply anxiety. In the spiritual community, it’s really common to experience a third eye imbalance because we are often over-compensating in the higher chakras while neglecting our physical world. By doing this, we are neglecting the lower chakras the most.

How do we know If our Lower chakras are out of balance?

But here’s the skinny, How do we know if our Lower Chakras are out of balance?

Do we have any ways we can emotionally or physically indicate to be aware if we have lower chakras imbalances? Yes we do!

I recently did a series on The YouTube podcast covering the Top 3 signs of a Blocked or imbalanced Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra. Let’s Go over All Three chakras that make up your Energetic Foundation.

The Root Chakra

 The root chakra is the first chakra that develops during early childhood and plays an essential role in our sense of stability and security. When your root chakra is imbalanced, you might experience emotional upheaval due to a survival mindset imposed by past conditioning or trauma. It’s this imbalance that can hold you back from manifesting an abundant life especially.

Identifying a Root Chakra Imbalance

So, how can you tell if you have a blocked or imbalanced root chakra? Recognizing the signs is crucial for your spiritual and emotional well-being. An imbalanced chakra might leave you feeling unsettled—constantly in a fear-driven, survivalist mindset. 

Symptoms of a blocked root chakra include:

  • A pervasive sense of fear
  • A lack of trust in the world
  • Disconnection from society
  • Difficulty in feeling grounded or stable

Tools for Root Chakra Healing

To heal your root chakra, start by identifying where you feel disconnected or lack safety and support. Simple reflection can provide better Awareness of direct areas that need healing.

Ask yourself:

– In what areas of my life do I feel a lack of safety and support?

– Where do I feel connected and abundant?

Learn More on the Root Chakra by Checking out the Full Episode here:

The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is our energetic center for emotions, creativity, and pleasure. Located in the lower abdomen, this energy center is associated with the color orange and resonates with our emotional and creative expression.

Common Imbalances in the Sacral Chakra

An imbalance in the sacral chakra can manifest in various ways. Here are some common symptoms:

  1. Suppressed Emotions: Difficulty in regulating emotions such as anger, guilt, and frustration.
  2. Creativity Block: An inability to express oneself creatively or feeling creatively stifled.
  3. Issues with Pleasure and Sensuality: Trouble enjoying life’s pleasures or feeling guilty for indulging in them.
  4. People-Pleasing Tendencies: Prioritizing others’ needs and desires over your own, leading to emotional burnout.

How to Know if Your Sacral Chakra is Balanced

Ask yourself these questions to determine if you might have an imbalance:

  • Do I find it hard to accept compliments or gifts?
  • – Do I often put the needs and desires of others before my own?
  • – Do I feel creatively stifled or blocked?
  • – Do I have trouble regulating my emotions or expressing them?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might be dealing with a sacral chakra imbalance.

Learn More on the Sacral Chakra by listening to the Full episode:

The Solar Plexus Chakra

 The solar plexus chakra is one of the most common chakras where people experience imbalances. This is largely due to societal conditioning and how our first three chakras develop from childhood through adolescence. Here are the Top 3 Signs you might have an imbalanced solar plexus chakra without realizing it!

Sign #1: Struggling to Take Action

One of the core signs that your solar plexus is blocked (or imbalanced) is having difficulty taking action. You may find yourself riddled with excuses, feeling confused, and constantly battling with your mind about what actions to take. This often leads to overthinking and spending more time in your head than actually getting things done, which ultimately causes a loss of motivation.

#2: Controlling Behaviors

Another key indicator is controlling behaviors. You might find yourself trying to control people, your manifested outcome or situations around you excessively. This behavior often stems from a sense of powerlessness. For instance, as a parent, you might try to control your child’s actions out of fear or anxiety, not realizing that this is a reflection of your own need for control. This can also manifest in your professional or personal relationships, or even in your manifestation practices.

Sign #3: Being a Workaholic

A major red flag is if you’re a workaholic. When you never make time for relaxation or play and are always in “work mode,” this indicates a solar plexus imbalance. This often comes from a self-worth belief that you are not doing enough, leading you to work incessantly until you burn out. This constant state of hustling is a sure sign that your solar plexus needs attention.

Why the Solar Plexus is Vital

When the solar plexus is healthy, you have a balanced sense of knowing when to act and when to rest. This balance fosters a natural confidence, bolsters self-esteem, and encourages you to take decisive actions. A healthy solar plexus empowers you to pursue your goals confidently, keep your motivation high, and maintain a positive outlook on life.

Learn more about the Solar Plexus Chakra by listening to this full episode:

 Final Thoughts

The Lower Chakras are often the most under-estimated when it comes to spiritual awakening, yet they are paramount towards having a healthy chakra system! When we have a healthy chakra system, we can dramatically feel healthier and have more peace of mind with our Spiritually Awakened life. In conclusion, as we heal the lower chakras, we step out of survival and begin to Thrive Mentally and Emotionally feeling free in mind body and spirit.

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signs your lower chakras are out of balance



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