The energies of today are very peculiar and won’t happen again until 2043! So definitely take time to enjoy this new wave coming in…This is a gateway of equilibrium and intense change. We are finally departing the darkness of winter, where we encountered more of our subconscious energy and faced aspects of our shadow self. When we entered 2015 we had a different shift, one that was built of deep cleansing and eliminating of the old. That energy was merely only the beginning of what we are building as we enter into the Vernal Equinox. A time when the day and night are equal with one another creates a gateway of transition. However not only is this an original equinox we also are entering the portal of Eclipse season. We have the solar eclipse today, march 20th leading up the partial lunar eclipse on April 4th. Plus on top of this energy we have a Super New Moon bringing in very potent energies of manifesting and planting seeds of intention! As Elizabeth Peru says “we are definitely on a cosmic reset” right now.
So let’s break what each of them mean and how the energy affects us

Eclipse Season
First let’s talk about the most dramatic shift happening right now which is the eclipses. Eclipses can be felt up to SIX MONTHS after they occur so what is happening now is only the entrance of what the energy of eclipses can manifest. Eclipses work like a Yin Yang. Solar Eclipses are the Yang energy. They are the Masculine force building external change and motivating us to push forward into new territory. The Lunar Eclipse is Yin Energy. The feminine force transcending our  emotional boundaries and inwardly focused. Especially during lunar eclipses you will notice you will suddenly be very introspective and thinking about your choices. Regardless the theme of any eclipse is CHANGE.  Eclipses can affect our bio- rhythms and send us out of our natural order of routine. Deep feelings, emotional truths, and feeling can run rampant as the energy of eclipse nears.

Solar Eclipse
A Solar Eclipse is when the moon is exactly between the sun and the earth and blocks the light of the sun from the earth. A portion of the complete disc of the sun(as viewed from the earth is temporarily shadowed. It is as if the shadow is blocking out the flow of the sun’s energy to the Earth. Solar eclipses are very powerful New Moons and are known to herald significant endings and beginnings. A metamorphosis is beginning to take hold and if you are in direct alignment with this eclipse your life will change forever in magnificent ways(whether you like it or not ;)) Eclipses are about endings and beginnings. Ultimately the changes in how you see yourself will affect how you’re perceived by others thereby affecting all of your relationships both personal and business. This is all good as you review your life, let go of past aspirations recommit to what works and plant seeds in a new garden of personal goals.

Considering this eclipse is also set in the last degree of pisces, the FINAL degree in the zodiac. This holds tremendous symbolism as we close the door to the emotional watery energy of pisces into the passionate fiery energy of Aries. This degree brings us to a close with major time cycles and change. It can Herd in major life change and patterns that synchronize us with the timetables of the universal flow. If you think about pisces energy it is otherworldly, emotional, chameleon-like and deeply mystical. Aries is more headfirst, passionate, strong and speeds through obstacles.  Aries is a cardinal sign, a primal force that is straightforward and to the point. It’s abut bringing manifestation into material form, head first no repercussions.

Super New Moon
Super moons are when the Moon makes it’s closest approach to the Earth on its elliptical orbit. This is known as the perigee or lunar disk. Therefore the energies of Super moons are vastly potent. If we think about how the tides change, imagine how our bodies feel! New Moons are all about planting seeds of intention, New beginnings, Starting fresh, opening the door to the new and destroying the old. You will also find around new moons you may find yourself doing a subconscious cleaning ritual or maybe suddenly cleaning your entire house out of nowhere. It brings in the energy of releasing the old to awaken the new.

Vernal Equinox
Is a time of fertility, Rebirth, Renewal, change and most definitely New Beginnings. The time where the light replaces darkness and we prepare for the energy of summer. We begin to celebrate the power of the sun, the time of sowing and preparation for the energy of Summer. We break from the subconscious, shadow self we have faced during winter and instead bring what we have learned into our external reality. The vernal equinox is an important marker on the celestial calendar because it is a day that marks the return of the light and rebirth of our spirit.

So the big theme we are pulling in this shift is CHANGE and NEW CYCLES. The combination of all three of these events happening together is making for some ultra potent energy. This is a good time to stay grounded because the shift of this energy is going to be intense emotionally and mentally on the body. It may even bring up ascension symptoms as we are finally leaving the dead of winter. Spring is a beautiful symbol of rebirth and enlightenment of the spirit. Think of the bird shaking off it’s feathers returning to their home to start anew. Manifestation and affirmations are a great idea to unleash today along with divination, healing circles, astral work, etc. It is time we enter the new cycle and embark on various levels of change where we start bringing our dreams into reality.



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