energy work is crucial for spiritual awakening

I believe Energy healing Work is vital to Spiritual Awakening. In this week’s episode, let’s explore the connection between energy healing work and how it helps spiritual awakening. I’m going to explain in detail how energy work can help you heal your symptoms and give you back more Peace of Mind.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to effortlessly create positive change in their spiritual awakening life, while others struggle on the path? Whether you’re looking to improve your health, increase your energy levels, or achieve any other goal, energy work is a powerful tool that can help you get there. Let’s explore how energy work can help with your spiritual awakening!

Shadow work is one part of the Healing Journey

I recently got into a discussion about shadow work with someone in the industry and their response kinda shook me to make this episode. They were talking about how they only like to talk about the pain points of shadow work because it’s important to not spiritually bypass them. 

They basically told me, 

“enlightenment is not a process of adding things, positive feelings and mystical visions, it’s a process of removing things which requires the destruction of the old (pain points).”

Talk about a narrow Perspective…. 

After Destruction comes REBIRTH. All pain has a Purpose and yet Beyond Pain comes Duality, Which leads me to say: 

You can believe Enlightenment is simply about pain and suffering to access the God Head.  

OR you can believe that Enlightenment is both about the destruction of the old and not CHOOSING to bask in the suffering to embrace the Rebirthing Process. 

The Transformation Process is also all about Awakening Positive feelings, feeling safe again in your nervous system, having mystical visions and desires, and embracing more; 


This perspective can be so harmful and damaging leaving you chasing shadows in the dark and never quite coming up for air. 

It’s ONE part of the healing process is the destruction of the old self but what happens after destruction? 

What happens after you shed shed shed shed shed 

are you left with an empty house and no furniture?! 

no – you rebuild. 

You rebuild 

and that is why It’s so vital to understand Energy Work and not get lost strictly in shadow work that leaves you with open wounds and bad healing advice. 

Unfortunately – many who talk like this? 


This is why I always like to say 

Shadow work is one part of the process, Releasing work is ONE part of the process. 

What’s more important for Healing is the Repatterning Process

What’s more important is the Repatterning after the clearing takes place 

otherwise you’re simply left with a VOID, an empty hole, or destabilization of the soul at worst. 

Now, THAT is what i’m here to teach, talk on and not shut up about… 🙂

Because if you’re not working with the actual energy, 

You’re just trying to manipulate the past, forgive the past and hope it works out.

I explain more in this week’s episode, 

In this Episode i’m spilling the tea on Why Energy Work is Vital to Spiritual Awakening. 

  • I break down the Benefits of Why Energy Work can help you in your Emotional healing journey with awakening
  • Why Energy work gives you an easy map to heal symptoms of awakening
  • The reason why people ARENT healing on their spiritual awakening journey 

and so much more, 

I hope this new Episode sheds a ton of clarity for you if you’re curious on the benefits fo energy work and why it’s important for your spiritual awakening journey, 

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment, 

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energy healing helps spiritual awakening


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