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There are a lot of trends going on with Energy healing work lately. You might even be asking yourself, How do I know which Energy Healing Tool is right for me?! Well you my friend, are in the right place.

You may not know this but I am certified in reiki, I learned a lot of the teachings back in 2012. But I actually learned about the Chakras First FROM a reiki master teacher  – #irony.  

There’s been a lot of hooplah in different modalities and trends around What works and what doesn’t.

BUT – I’d like to offer you a different perspective, There’s often different Energy Tools for Different Energy & Conscious Awareness Needs. Let me explain.

Let’s Go Over a Few Of them: 

If you’d prefer to Listen instead of Read, check out the In-depth Podcast Episode:

Human Design: Energy Awareness Tool

Human Design is causing a massive uprising in the Personal Development space along with the Spiritual Business environment. People are redesigning their careers/businesses, changing their productivity routines, dropping relationships and reinventing themselves all because they downloaded a new personality test from their birth chart 🙂 

Human design is a great Energy Tool to understand yourself and your Body’s rhythms. It can be a deconditioning tool but in my research, i have found this is where it gets a little lost in communication.

It feels like playing with a neuro-puzzle: Looking up gene keys, decyphering gates, having to translate different body types of authority and it gets really really complicated unless you are a prof, it’s a lot more difficult to do the deconditioning experiment. If interested in human design I recommend shopping around and doing research to find a certified teacher. 

Best  Energy Tool For: Body Awareness, Knowing your Energy Type, Your Productivity and Workflows, Habit creation,  How your personal energy Operates, Managing your Menstrual cycle better and Understanding if you’re an defined sacral or undefined sacral helps your physical/mental health. 

Human design chart I recommend: Mybodygraph

Clearing Tool

Emotional Freedom Technique is a great tool for Emotional Triggers or anyone who has suffered from trauma, depression or anxiety. It’s a clearing tool that focuses on certain energy meridians in the body. Personally, I don’t use EFT that often because I find it’s only good for releasing work not repatterning, but if it works for you, that’s great! Keep doing it! 

Energy Tool: Best for Clearing Work and Releasing Triggers or limited beliefs from the body 

Breathwork: Self-Regulation Tool

Breathwork is a great tool for Body Regulation and self-regulation of one’s nervous system. It helps with regulating blood flow and oxygen to one’s brain along with getting us out of the fight/flight response. There are numerous forms of Breathwork ranging from Yogic breathwork such as pranayama or breathe of fire with kundalini yoga. Then there are newer practices that focus on extended breathwork for trauma release or deep-seated wounds. there are tons of different forms of breathwork. 

I am personally more prone to traditional yogi styles, as I’ve already done a lot of self-healing and coaching. I find some breathwork practices to be a little bit extreme and not remotely necessary for clearing work.  It’s best to find the practice that serves you. 

Energy Tool: Self-Regulation, Relaxation, recalibrating energy field and if doing extended breathwork workshops: releasing stored trauma. 

Reiki: The Realignment Tool

Reiki has been around for awhile and it’s been popular since the age of Aquarius started. It’s often a great healing tool for people who are looking for more of a Realignment Process or Basic Healing sessions working on the entire energy body. 

I’ve actually done an episode on my thoughts on Reiki here:

Energy Tool: Reiki is amazing for Healing the entire energy body. It is perfect for Re-alignment or Re-calibrating your energy just like an effective meditation practice. 

Crystal Healing: The Energy Amplifier

Crystals are a beautiful tool to use in your healing session or practice to help with clients who need something particular. They are great for working with the Chakras, meditation or Reiki practices.I find crystals to work as Energetic Amplifiers that help us intuitively heal, guiding us towards what we need to heal subconsciously. They often act as a subconscious guide towards directing us to what needs healing. Observing your thoughts while holding a crystal or asking yourself questions helps with the process.  Crystals are a great external tool for Amplifying your healing process but should be used with other Internal practices or working with a crystal certified healer as well for maximum results. 

Energy Tool: 
Amplifier for the energy field and assistant in your healing journey. Great for Altars, working with Rituals, reiki sessions, and raising consciousness. 

The Chakra System: Knowing Your Energy Systems
The Chakras have been an ancient practice that have been part of eastern medicine since the upanishads, better known as the Vedas. It is NOT a new age concept of western design like most people believe today.  

The Chakra System focuses on each Mental, Emotional, and behavioral system in the body, connecting to our endocrine system. 

I consider the Chakras to be like an Energetic psychological Map system to understanding your entire Energy Network. 

They Connect the Mind to the body merging both Limited Belief work, Emotional Healing and Repatterning Techniques that promote sustainable healing. 

The chakra have been my bread and butter for years on my healing journey.  I continously come back to the chakras.

They have especially helped me put a name to what was happening to me in my spiritual awakening.

it also helped produce so much emotional healing, release many symptoms  and helped me even rewire beliefs for manifesting successfully in my life. 

Energy Tool: Emotional Mind-Body Healing, Healing Ascension Symptoms, Releasing trapped emotion in the body, Promotes Emotional Health and Mental Health, helps with successful Manifestation

The Chakras Go Beyond the Surface Level into your Energy Systems

My understanding of the chakras has been different from the get-go. I am so grateful that I learned the chakras in such a unique way that focused on the Law of attraction as it’s helped me develop my framework inside of The Ultimate Chakra Academy. 

Most chakra teachings are very textbook and surface level. It isn’t unlikely to come across healing methods that focus on color therapy, crystals, doing yoga asanas or god forbid someone saying to go lay in nature to heal your chakras.  – 

this barely scratches the surface of the deep seeded Internal work you are capable of doing with the chakra system – I honestly have to roll my eyes a little…

As I’ve expanded my studies on subconscious reprogramming, I began creating my own system of Merging Limited belief work WITH Emotional healing in the chakra system. 

if you’ve ever asked yourself ‘what the heck is a light body?’ or “how do i understand my energy?” 

The Chakras are a Great Energy Healing Tool to understand your how your Energy body works, your personal Limited beliefs, the deconditioning mindset work, how to manifest better and even Know your Authentic Self.

Which energy tool most resonates with you? Let me know in the comments!

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how to know which energy healing tool is right for you


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