I don’t know about you but here in the Chicago area it is soooo cold today i walked out to -6 degree weather so.not.fun. – it makes it a little hard to get motivated. All I want is blankets and hot tea!

When it comes to feeling unmotivated with the new year, I understand completely.

While I often talk a lot about energy work & manifestation, I know a lot about what it means to stay committed for the long haul with your goals.

I’ve learned tips on time management, habit stacking, doing first things first, prioritizing, and most importantly knowing how to kick your own ass so you get movin’

I have even went so far as to take courses on productivity just to overcome my own weaknesses ?

Guys I am a procrastinator! So get this when i say I know how to overcome my procrastination – I do and it’s with the tips I’m about to share with you. especially #2 😉

It can be easy to say one thing and do another. It can be sooo easy to set a goal and then keep telling yourself – “i’ll get to it the next day” and then you say that the next day. It can also be incredibly easy to assign yourself too many tasks that you get overwhelmed and freeze into doing nothing.

From the days of burnout, overwhelm, procrastinating, constantly putting my needs last, oooh I get it.

This is why I’m sharing my Top 3 tips I’ve learned on self-motivation so you don’t make the same mistakes I did.

I’ve learned a thing or two since starting on my Intention & Goal setting journey back in 2015. That was when I really got Serious about staying committed to following through and moving forward despite my excuses.

And If I’m honest, I fumbled a lot in the early days, often spending a lot of time in my head about things, procrastinating, being very inconsistent and many times doubting myself about if i could do it.

What it always came back to was this: Learning to be Self – Motivated, encouraging myself even when i didn’t know the “How” and Listening to my body, my intuition in the process.

When it comes to goal setting, following through or just getting started with a new habit, You Need Motivation!

Motivation is the part of us that says: YES I will follow through, YES I will do it anyway despite emotion and YES despite my whiny ego, I stay committed anyway.

Resilience is built through continuously learning to self-motivate ourselves. That is why for our first video of the year I am sharing with you my top 3 tips on how to Boost your Inner Motivation.

While I talk a little about how I use this for business, I just want you to know you can use these tips on anything you desire to work on or any achievement you desire to succeed with.

It begins with your mindset and your ability to Encourage yourself through self-motivation.

If you are ready to start pursuing your goals & Intentions to have your January start off on the right foot, you’ll benefit from this video.

If you try these three tips you are bound to see yourself showing up in a new energy ready to conquer your Achievements, enjoy!

While we frequently talk about energy work, I’d also love to know what are your thoughts about Motivation – what helps you get motivated?

Tune in to the video Below:

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P.S. Want your own Mindset Reset for the New Year? Check out The Alignment Reset Challenge! A 21 Day challenge focused on Increasing your Alignment. Bringing awareness to Alignment and learning how to manifest from a place of Alignment so you easily become an energetic match for your desires.

We often think we need all these fancy tools but we really need to do is learn to work with our Alignment. the Part of us that naturally wants to make things easier, the part of us that desires the path of least resistance and ultimately is connected to activating our natural Flow state 

Here’s what i know – our Mindset is ruled by everything so when we disable the fear-mind (our ego Driven mind) that is holding our mind hostage – we begin to naturally turn on our Alignment.  This is what I teach you in the challenge. We get over the fear-mind and learn to start accessing the various ways we personally activate our Alignment. 

Why is Alignment so special? When we start operating from our natural alignment we begin to work with ourselves. we start to let go of the struggle, the hard path and begin to have perspective shifts knowing there is a new way. 

Alignment naturally allows us to raise our Vibration so we get away from the struggle bus and start to get out of our own way! 

When we are out of our own way – we are WAYYY more open to the possiblities, the opportunities and Receive the solutions we need to move foward. 

This is the perfect challenge to start your New Year from doing your own Mindset Reset! 

Let’s get over our Ego – and start Aligning with what you want. 

It’s time to Get into your Power for this New Year! Interested in learning more, check out the Full Details Below: https://www.theawakenedstate.net/alignment-reset-challenge/



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