This moment where we allow ourselves to create a sacred pause, a rest and reflect is incredibly nourishing for our soul. It is in these moments where our energy softens in peace and becomes aware of the unfolding of what we truly have accomplished over the past year.

There is something pure and clear that happens when we allow ourselves to stop. We surrender and begin to see our transformations right before our eyes. What we have become, Who have we grown into since Last December and perhaps even where we have travelled since the beginning of the year.

As we honor this moment, it’s incredible to witness our soul, our being, shedding skin and layers, month after month. It is now here we rest, pause and hold space for ourselves as we close 2017.

What has happened?
How have you grown?
Like me, maybe you’re even in a different place or even a different state then when you started this year.

Take a moment and honor yourself here. Celebrate you and whether or not how big or small a victory it was, take this time and celebrate your light, your beingness because at the end of the day, being gentle and holding space for ourselves is really the best way to enter into a New Year.

For the past few years, I always take the time before New Years to do a sacred Reflection Ritual and this year I decided to share it with you.

During this last week of closure, I always take the extra time to get super intentional with where I would like the year to go and how I can start co-creating my life to align with my desires. This past year was a year of learning for me as I’ve been training to step up as a spiritual coach!  Therefore reflecting on this year was really an incredible experience for me because it allowed me to see how much I have learned and truly cleared this year.

This year I decided to combine the best of both worlds and share my two favorite parts of my own personal ritual with you.


In the first part of the ritual, we reflect on the ups and downs of 2017.  Let’s think about how have we grown this year and what were the divine lessons learned.

In the second part of the ritual, we start soul-mapping your intentions in a very grounded and balanced way. I take time to honor both the masculine and the feminine goals this way we carve out special with some power questions and a few extra energy tools to help your energy get charged up for the new year.

As my family is still in holiday recovery mode and my children keep taking me captive to build toys, I will keep this one short and sweet.

If you’d love to try out this soul ritual with me this year. Download the divinely aligned workbook + Sign up for the Visioning Workshop Below:

It’s important to remember we are co-creating our life in each moment whether we are conscious of it or not. Vision boards are one thing but when we get out our pen
and specifically get clear with the universe, we start going into something deeper. When we step up into conscious intention with our goals, dreams, wishes and desires,
we start creating miraculous magic. By miraculous magic I mean, we start transitioning into the miracle mindset where we begin to choose love over fear.

As co-creators of reality we always have the ability to choose again. Let this workbook give you the soul-mapping to step into 2018 with a charged energy of conscious intention and get you pumped with taking aligned actions!

Wishing you so much success, magic and a Divinely Aligned 2018!

See you in the New Year!!!

Love and warm hugs,


How to Close the Year with Intention (FREE WORKBOOK) It is a time to create a sacred pause, a rest and reflect. Let's close out the year with getting intentional with our desires. This is my favorite way to end the year as it helps us witness our transformations we've went through all year. Let this Closure ritual serve you for the highest good



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  1. Greetings, I need a bit of assistance interpreting a dream I had last night. I was in a kitchen and saw the back of a what looked to be a dog in front of the fire place. The fireplace was lit and appeared as if the dog had lit it. The dog suddenly appeared in front of me with a cat face. I was not scared, however, I kept telling the car to “stay”. When I moved the cat kept moving towards me. I made it to the hallway and again just kept telling the cat to “stay”. By the time had gotten to the door the cat was shapeshifting into human form and I kept saying “stay”. Apparently I was telling in my sleep and my friend woke me up. Can anyone interpret this for me? Thank you in advance

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