have you ever wondered what it feels like to listen to your alignment vs what it feels like to listen to misalignment? How do you understand when you’re misaligned? What if you don’t even know you’re misaligned? How do you figure it out? in today’s clip taken from the rare Alignment trilogy inside of the Lightworker Activation bundle & Alignment reset challenge – We’re breaking it down! Tune in to Listen.

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What’s the difference between alignment vs misalignment?

I feel like when we first start diving into these new concepts, sometimes they can feel really hard to grasp like magnetism for instance. It took me a few years to really even get what that meant.

When it comes to Alignment and feeling aligned, one of the easiest ways i began to understand the difference was when i was in ironically – a deeper state of MISALIGNMENT. 

Being in misalignment feels like an old itchy sweater that you wear for your grandma – it absolutely sucks to wear it – but you decide to wear it anyway for other people to make them feel happy – Misalignment is just like that – It’s the moments you decide to entertain old conditioning that doesn’t even belong to you but you wear it anyway – because you inherited it and feel obligated to keep wearing it. 

When really – you should just wear the damn sweater you want.  MY analogies get weirder and weirder sometimes lol.

When it comes to figuring out how to Listen to your Alignment – this is what it comes back to how do you know the difference between being really misaligned vs aligned? 

How do you understand what alignment MEANS in relationship to your behaviors, your actions, your thoughts Vs being heavily misaligned?

For me this was the ultimate breakthrough – 

the more i looked at the Polarity of Alignment vs Misalignment. 

I could see how listening to my alignment was easier than i was honestly making it out to be and often, 

we make things way harder than necessary – when we’re misaligned. 

Here’s Exactly what I mean, 

Tune in to this week’s video to find out. 

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>>> What it feels like to Listen to Alignment vs Misalignment >>

(this episode is a clip featured from the Alignment trilogy – a rare trilogy series I made as a bonus for the alignment reset challenge. It is only available on The Lightworker Activation bundle and the alignment reset, if you’re interested in the full series) 

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