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Full Moon in Sidereal Aquarius August 18, 2016

We have now completed the first spiral of Cycles of Healing (32 articles), laying the groundwork for linking the new moon with the Great Year Ages and all that involves. This second spiral will look at the new and full moon charts. If you are new to Western Sidereal Astrology, please read this article. I

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Retrogrode Medicine Running to Stand Still

Retrograde Medicine: Running to Stand Still

It’s raining here today, funny how rain makes everyone slow down. Is it just me or has time been moving bizarre? Mercury Retrograde started April 28th, the energy is stagnant, feeling a bit frozen in time. I have a bunch of projects going on including working for my friend so

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Hey There!

I’m Ashley, As an Empowerment Mindset Coach & Manifestation Expert, I help Soul-Led Leaders Who Struggle with Mind-body healing to Master Manifestation and Emotionally Empower themselves from the inside out so they can Lead a Life Built from their Desires and Finally Attract in the Dreams they are obsessed with.

 The Awakened State is a Place of Empowerment, Divine Support & Guidance helping you on your spiritual journey.


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